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Beauty & The Snail

Why do I get the feeling that I am waaaaay behind this already? I’ve just been browsing the world wide web and people have been buzzing here and there about snails’ sliming goodness for a while now . Where was I then? Oh, must have been really busy or perhaps, here in the UK, we’re just a few years behind when it comes to these things? Apparently, one of the comments I’ve read about a snail-related article, Holland and Barrett has snail creams already? Really? Off to my local store tomorrow to check.

Anyway going back to all this slime-ness. I placed my skincare products order at Mizoncorp on Ebay a while ago. After considering for days whether I should give Gmarket a go for the first time or just stick to E-ver so convenient-bay, well, in the end, I chose convenience. Gmarket, you are definitely tempting but you’ll just have to wait for now.

First seller impression? Excellent communication. Quick turnaround. Plus I got a discount on shipping costs too! I always love to negotiate prices before buying online, if at all possible. I mean, there’s no harm in asking right? So I felt lucky after finally confirming my full order and clicking payment.

On to my order list, all Mizon products:

  •  Snail Cream set (3 x products, ranging from facial cream, eye cream and BB cream)
  • Acence Toner
  • Deep cleansing pore refining foam
  • Blooming tint (Milky pink)
  • Good night sleeping pack

And currently this seller offers free Hannavi Sun BB Cream SPF32 for those orders of $50 or more. I am looking forward to this one actually since as it claims that its formula provides that ‘no make up’ look and feel plus this would be good this summer! Yay!

Why Mizon products? Well, after carefully searching online and jumping from blog to another beauty blog, their products seem to be getting good reviews and price wise, competitive. So into their beauty wagon I go! Not sure how long others have come across these products but the first glimpse I had was not long ago and was through  Shine’s 8 grossest Spa Treatments page. I am under the impression that this picture was derived from one of the spa in the Siberian city of Krasynoyars which uses snails as part of their treatments. This really caught me off guard due to the snail slithering across her forehead??? Wouldn’t you?


I got curious, so I clicked it. And boy was I wrong. Kudos to the brave who opted for this type of treatment. Apparently as the article claimed, their secretions are believed to reduce wrinkles, signs of aging and scars. So I thought to myself, would this mean that if I throw in a few snails all over my belly, my stretch marks would eventually vanish? Now, this sounds somewhat very persuading to me since I still am searching for that right lotion, cream, oil, ointment, you name it, to help my stretch marks be gone. Just a thought.

So hopefully my order will get here safe and sound. Fingers-crossed.

So, when was your first snail cream moment? Better yet, would you dare to slime?

Photo credit:
Source: mizoncorp EbaY 


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