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Skincare Haul: Mizon Korean Brand – and lots of samples!

What delight! After just a week of waiting, my order finally came from Korea. Exciting!

Warning: Picture-filled post. Enjoy!

The box was sent as special delivery which was pretty amazing actually since some of the purchases I’ve made online via an international seller before, they would just send it as standard delivery. So, you know what? I am loving this seller already. Click here if you want to visit their shop on Ebay. Now let’s take a peek! It wasn’t just any box. 


It was the box with Mizon’s brand name with its smiley winky face? Clever huh? All products were carefully bubble wrapped and all placed together safe and secure.

And OMG! I actually blurted this out when I saw everything after I unwrapped them all patiently. I still remember what I bought but oh my, lots of freebies! And I LOVE FREEBIES! Who wouldn’t? Did I say this seller is awesome?

Like I mentioned, this wasn’t my first online purchase so I do have my fair share  of experience when it comes to samples online sellers would shower you. And believe me they’re not a lot. But this? Just see for yourself.

So, the ones I’ve paid for, I should say, are:

(From left to right order)

  • Snail Set Cream x 3 (All in One Snail Repair Cream 75g, Snail Repair Eye Cream 25g,
  • Snail BB Cream 50g) > $55.00
  • Pore Refine Deep Cleansing Foam 120ml > $7.00
  • Good Night Cool Sleeping Pack 80ml > $14.00,    Acence Derma Clearing Toner 150ml > $12.00
  • Multi Stage Blooming Lip Tint – Milky Pink > $9.00 (2  more colors available, Milky Peach and Jelly Rose)

Last but not the least, seller’s very generous freebies/samples.

From my previous Ebay-ing experience with international sellers, they don’t normally give the full size products, just the ones in cute sachets as you can also see here. However, notice the other two tubes?

They’re both 50ml, one cream, and another one is a pore clearing volcanic mask full of Jeju’s goodness.  

Hannavi Sun BB Cream

Also, as part of the Snail Cream Set offer, I got the Hannavi Sun BB Cream which I can’t wait to try out. ‘No make up’ look effect here I come! 

I won’t get into the nitty-gritty of each product as of yet. I want to try all of them first, one at a time of course. This was my ‘splurge’ for this month and I just feel that this was definitely worth it.

P.S. In case you wonder as to how much I got charged for the shipping, it costed me $12.50 altogether! And no hefty custom charges when the package arrived here in the UK either. Now that’s something to feel happier about.

What beauty products do you buy online? Any experience with lovely sellers that really just make your day?


12 thoughts on “Skincare Haul: Mizon Korean Brand – and lots of samples!

  1. Love your haul! I’m using Mizon’s snail cream, too and I like it 🙂 Will be purchasing more snail creams from them 🙂 The Pore Refine Deep Cleansing Foam seems interesting, too; I can’t wait for your review 😉

    • Hello, thanks for dropping by. Yes I know I am really loving their snail cream. I’ll see what happens in a week or so and I guess it’s time for a product review. Have a great day!

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    • Hi Syliva, Yes I have tried indeed. In fact, I am in the middle of making a review of this product, just never had the time to sort pics and whatnot. I like the almost liquid-y consistency of this product since it means easier and smooth application for me. There’s no distracting smell as well so it’s always a plus. I would say coverage is light and color is more or less light beige. Oh, it does give you a dewy look finish which I LOVE in a BB or foundation to be honest. I’ve not really tried this on a hot summer day so I can’t say much about whether this could withstand the heat before I start to feel myself as if it’s melting already. 🙂 Hope that helps and just look out for the review which hopefully would be on here this week. 🙂

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