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Mizon Pore Refine Deep Cleansing Foam (Korean brand)

Here’s what I thought and feel about Mizon’s Pore Refine Deep Cleansing Foam

What it says on the box..
Mizon Pore Refine Deep Cleansing Foam is a deep cleansing foam that helps to purify your deep pores clearly as well as to suppress excessive production of sebum. It cools down skin temperature and gives refresh dull skin with plentiful foams, perfect cleansing and cool mint fragrance.

There’s no cuteness or anything fancy about the packaging itself, instead it’s more of an earthy two-toned color which actually looks more appealing to me. I feel like I’ve chosen something very natural. Nonetheless, what’s inside is more important.

It has a very subtle smell, I mean when I first tried it, it wasn’t one of those overpowering smells that you couldn’t wait but rinse right away. This was more refreshing. Yes, in fact minty-ly refreshing with a cooling effect. Ah, bliss.

You could definitely feel all the goodness in this foam cleanser working their way into your skin delicately.

After rinsing with lukewarm water, you’ll feel much lighter (it’s like a big weight of impurities just came off from your face – best way of putting it), brighter, cooler and happier! I am not making this up at all. I always feel happier every time I use this foam. I supposed it’s also the knowledge that I am using lots of good stuff on my skin. Guilt-free feeling! Yay. My skin has seen better days. But anyway, as you can see, I have large pores and very sensitive skin hence all the redness and remnants of one crazy breakout! After the cleanser, pores are smaller and redness has calmed down a little bit. 

So what are these good stuff I am talking about? 

Main Ingredients:

•        Kaolin/Charcoal  – for waste elimination, sebum control, pore cleansing
•         Beta-glucan, sodium hyaluronate – for protecting moisture film 

•         Hydrolyzed extensin / Collagen – improving skin elasticity 
•         Papaya fruit extract, Paniculata root extract, Yarrow extract – Fine exfoliation

For more details on the product, please click here.

This was part of my Mizon Skin Care Haul and to me the price was right at $7!(bought from mizoncorp on Ebay). You don’t really need to use a lot since it lathers perfectly, so 120ml will go a long way.

What’s your favourite foam cleanser? Do you have special beauty routine?  

Photo credits: #2, 3, 4 are created using PicsArt for Android ( amazing app!)


4 thoughts on “Mizon Pore Refine Deep Cleansing Foam (Korean brand)

    • No probs at all. It was a risk for me when I bought it since I couldn’t find any reviews for some reason about this product. But glad I took the risk.

  1. I was hesitate to buy this foam cleanser, thus looking for some user review and I found u. It does help me to make my decision. Thanks……. 🙂

    • Hi, I was hesitant to buy this at first myself as I could not find any reviews of this then but I thought I would give this a go and the price wasn’t that bad either. In the end, I am glad I did. 🙂

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