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Dear Jules @GoGuiltyPleasures,

Hello Jules,

First of, I just want to say that I looove your site. I’m a newbie here and the first time I joined, I came across your very hilarious post about fortune cookies. I laughed my little heart out that my 1-year old boy stopped what he’s doing and gave me the ‘I think Mommy’s going crazy’ look.

Well,  know I don’t qualify for this one since right now I am in the UK although, my husband is in the US , (light bulb flickering) hmmm, would you willingly send him my loot if I win the chipmunky-ness award for this competition? Wishful thinking.

So about my goguiltypleasures entrée, it was when I was pregnant, of my little boy now. My husband (who’s a little bit of a health freak) and I were so careful about what I ate. So every single thing I loved had now it’s healthier substitute, best way of putting it. For instance, carbonated drinks out, 100% pure squeezed juice in. Yummy ice cream to seemingly delicious (not) yogurt.  Pancakes to whole wheat waffles (otherwise no waffles). Bag of chips to just bag of plain popcorn (since apparently it’s still good for you when pregnant, my husband used to say). I wasn’t a coffee drinker so this was an easy crossed off the list. However, there was one thing we or I could not substitute. Hot chocolate. As always, my husband helped me limit my intake. Therefore, whenever we would go to our favorite Colombian restaurant in Englewood New Jersey for breakfast, it was almost like a special treat for me that I get to taste their humongous mug of guilty pleasure — hot chocolate.

So when I came back to the UK as we decided I should give birth here, my husband was left behind due to work but he would join me just before my due date. While the cat’s away, the mouse will … in my case, drink hot coco! And wouldn’t you know, a new cafe opened right in town, just 5 minutes away from my house! Bliss. I would waddle (heavily pregnant lady) my way to the cafe called Muffin Break with my Mom. It’s raining muffins in there alright. The first time I ordered, I asked for a regular hot chocolate since you know, drink moderately. I was then asked, ‘would you like sprinkles on it? I said, what’s that? ‘Oh just chocolate powder sprinkled on top of your drink,’ she said. I paused. And I said, no, thank you. I am not sure what it was but somehow declining the choco powder goodness on my drink made me feel less guilty about having the hot chocolate. Not that it made the hot chocolate’s contents any less than what they were.  But I just couldn’t resist its aroma and every single time I took a sip, it felt like a hug in a mug. Mmmm.

You could say I had my fair share of this guilty pleasure during my pregnancy that whenever I would pay my visit, the staff would just give me a smile and a nod and served me my hot chocolate with no sprinkles!

Looking back, could it be that one of the reasons why my little one is uber active since he was born were because of those mugs of hot cocos I had? Now, that would make perfect sense!

Sorry for this long letter/story Jules. But you inspired me to write this. Be assured that I’d be following your site to get my daily dose of goguiltypleasures.

Stay beautyful as always Jules!

Yours (and your chipmunks) truly,
AJ’s Mom

Sorry, the only pic, with their name visible enough, I could find online somehow. (oh, they give you marshmallows too but I happily declined 🙂

6 thoughts on “Dear Jules @GoGuiltyPleasures,

  1. Your story is almost like my daughter’s, but in reverse. She just returned to Canada with her Brit husband to have a baby, after living in England for 7 years! And she can’t eat anything good either!

    • I can definitely understand. Plus the morning sickness! Oh my. But then once you’re over that part, things seem to get better, in fact my sense of taste I should say came back during my 2nd trimester. But yes, pregnancy does all this somewhat weird things to you.

  2. WOW! What a kick-[chipmunk]tail entry!!! I love the creativity and thought you put into this, and the guilty pleasureiness (totally a word) is delicious. It’s making me want hot chocolate right now! And you even added a shout-out for Jersey diners (I’m from Jersey)! Thank you SO much for this *wonderful* submission, and for your kind words! I really have my work cut out for me trying to narrow down the winners! I can’t thank you enough 🙂

    • (with open arms) Jules!!! What an honor to actually see you her on my page! tear* And thank you for appreciating my entry. It’s a small world after all! Can’t believe you’re in Jersey. You would love that restaurant in Englewood Jules. Their hot cocos are to die for.

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