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Happy Sunday-licious

Gloomy sky. Pouring rain (April showers apparently). Gusty wind. Thank goodness I am inside the house.

My baby and I decided to visit my parents this weekend. AJ loves Grandma and Grandpa. They spoil him you see. He gets all the attention he wants in the world for as long as he wants it. And it makes me very happy to see him running around and giggling to his heart’s content. When I think about it, since I had AJ, my Mom and I have actually become even closer. It must be the ‘we are now both Mothers’ connection kind of thing — which would make sense. So the other day when she phoned me at home, we started talking about food and normally on a weekend, especially on a Sunday, she and my Dad always have something very delicious laid out on the table. So I proposed to her that a Sunday roast seems very fitting for this weekend plus we’ve not had it for a long time since they got back from there two months holiday. Yes, both of them had been jet-setting for that long.

And so this is what went down (literally for that matter) earlier.

The presentation might look like a battlefield of defeat to you but the taste was definitely a victory. 🙂

[Marinated] Roast (shoulder) lamb with its ‘just right’ golden crusty outer layer and tender-licious meat inside with an array of vegetables from baked flavorful potatoes, boiled carrots, broccoli, cauliflower cooked to perfection (which my son and I love so much) to Brussels sprouts (the not-so-liked-by-me veggie but somehow always end up on my plate anyway). With gravy being poured wholeheartedly all over the vegetables while an optional scoop of mint jelly to complete the production of a hearty meal. Not that the roast lamb needed any more entourage to be honest as I would happily just feast on it on its own.

I know these pictures definitely don’t do our dinner justice but believe me, I was taking these pics in such a rush just so I could dive in to my share. Mouth-watering glorious food. There’s just something very homely about my Mom’s cooking. For a moment there, I actually forgot how cold and chaotic was outside. And of course, my little man had the best meal today too. He ate very well and in fact he would constantly grab my arm so I would hurry giving him more food. And it was no wonder, because our dinner was simply ‘the meal’ today and what’s more was the fact that we shared it together as a family. I would never miss my Mom’s Sunday roast dinner or her excellent cooking for that matter. I could probably try to cook one at home, but my Mom just does it best.

What was your best Sunday hearty meal?


2 thoughts on “Happy Sunday-licious

  1. That’s a lovely looking roast! I’m sure it’s delish 🙂 I always enjoy family get-togethers especially the food and the laughter. I enjoyed your post 🙂

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