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Mizon Blooming Lipt Tint in Milky Pink

Mizon OHMU Multi Stage Blooming Tint. This was my risk-it purchase included in my Mizon haul last time. I don’t necessarily need it as my Etude House Tangerine and I have more or less settled down already and there’s the helping balm goodness of Burt Bees, so this was just a try out and see what happens. Plus it’s a two usage in one product! Who doesn’t love to pay for one and get two out of it?

Packaging. Not that it mattered or influence my purchase, but it is pretty and fitting to the whole blooming tint theme. The container itself looks like your mini nail polish, don’t you think?  And I love the idea that’s it an almost clear container because then you can see how much stash you’ve got left, no? So basically you know when to buy a new one before it runs out on you.

Scent/Smell. So I’ve picked the Milky pink instead of the other two colors available. (Milky Peach and Jelly Rose) At first, I wasn’t really sure why milky but as soon as I opened it and tried it on I said, oh milkshake! I don’t know, but it has this scent that triggered my rusty memory of drinking a strawberry milkshake. Cooling sensation when applied and it settles in your lips almost right away (and no lingering scent after). I don’t think lip tints or lip stains are ‘the one’ for me to be honest as I like the moisture feeling more on my lips rather than seeing them stained. But I am not saying I’ve given up on this pretty little thing yet. I can probably just improvised with the help of my Burt’s Bees, sidekick to most of my lip products.

Now the other function, cheek blush.  I am not quibbling so much about the result since I like a subtle finish and also a natural-look effect blush. And seeing the outcome, I think I actually like this. I hate those colors that give you the you’ve just been slapped hard on the face effect. So perhaps for this purpose, this tint might be useful for me.

Update: 21.05.12 – Wow, I really am loving this product as a cheek blush/tint! It just gives me that healthy pinkish glow! Perfect for this summer. Tip, after applying my BB cream, I would almost right apply the tint on my cheek and it blends very well, and appears oh-so-natural looking! 🙂

So now, would I buy it again? Not this color but I might actually try the  Milky Peach since my friend asked me to buy some snail creams for her (she’s liking the idea of  it giving you a ‘beautiful skin!’) so I might as well include this product in my next haul. 

Price wise, it’s definitely not bad at $9 for what it does, but if you factor the shipping cost, which is another $5 then buying this on its own might have been a little bit too much for me. Luckily, with this purchase, I managed to get a discount on shipping since this was part of a big haul and the woman from Mizoncorp was ever so nice, honestly. 🙂

I bought mine from Mizoncorp on Ebay but this product is also available on Gmarket from the same seller!

Is this color you? Do you have a lip tint close to your heart? Any lip tints or stains purchase mistakes? Do share.

P.S. Experimented with my Burt’s Bees lip balm (pomegranate) and I think I like it!


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