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Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer & Rosee Waterproof Mascara: Couldn’t be better 2gether!

I am pretty sure most of you have already encountered these products. I am a little bit behind on this, or should I say that I have only started indulging myself to Korean beauty products after I had my baby. Priorities, priorities, you see. So let’s dive in.

♥ Rosee Waterproof Mascara

Rosee Waterproof Mascara (Curl and Volume Mascara). My first Ebay Korean product purchase at $2.70* (£1.80)!
Get in! First, I liked the fact that this is a Korean brand and second, the price was just amazingly tempting with free shipping!
*Price on the link given is different since the seller where I bought mine from, no longer has this.


Acacia collagen provides  nutrition and elasticity to eyelashes and improves their health and beauty by coating them.
Phytogenic wax strongly fixes eyelashes curled by special curling-up polymer to stand long -hours.

Color: Black, 7ml

No fanciness in packaging. It looks just like your everyday wateproof mascara which claims to give you that added curl and volume to your lashes. Brush looks pretty normal to me as well.. but wait.. wait for it..  this thing actually works! It certainly did for me, hence my raving post here. Easy application, no clumping, dries almost immediately, so no more waiting or annoying streaks residue!
Also I read somewhere from a blog that this is a ‘dry mascara’? I actually disagree. I am not sure as to what degree you would call a mascara dry, but this one certainly isn’t. Although it’s not as creamy (as you could say) compare to most mascaras but you do get the chance to smear the second coat on top of the first one , without it drying right away. No overpowering smell. And what I like about this, is the fact that it doesn’t irritate my eyes. I had one bad experience before with this so-called mascara that’s supposed to be for sensitive eyes but was actually irritating mine more that I would end up in tears! Yes, No 7 Sensitive Eyes Mascara, I am talking about you. 
So Rosee Waterproof Mascara, is definitely an addition to my Korean beauty products collection.

♥ Etude House Dr Mascara Fixer

Now for the second part, Etude House Dr Mascara Fixer.  After I ditched all my cosmetic products post-baby, I decided to venture towards Etude House and see what they’ve got.
Cosmetic-love had many offers back then that I actually made a long list before ordering but then ended up adding more to it while I was purchasing online. This Dr Mascara Fixer was one of them.  They definitely got this right. (This product doesn’t even require further introduction anymore) 
I am sure you got one already in your bag and if not, I think you should reconsider. For $8.09 (£4.00), I just thought this was worth it, especially when I saw the result.

Being a busy Mom, staying in front of the mirror for a long time isn’t really my forte anymore. So basically, I need something that I could just instantly apply ‘willy nilly’ on my face, but still works wonders on me. Something that lives up to its name. And these two products, Rosee Mascara and Dr Fixer, do just that. Plus I can easily fit them in one of the little pockets of my baby changing bag with no problem.  So what more can a busy Mom asks for? 🙂
So you could say I am one impressed Mom. In fact, the mascara would do just fine for me but having the two together, they’re even better! [and don’t forget how affordable these products are!)

So what’s your day-to-day mascara? Do you have an all time favorite? 


9 thoughts on “Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer & Rosee Waterproof Mascara: Couldn’t be better 2gether!

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      • It’s amazinngggg Haha I vaguely reviewed it, but more or less raved in a post about it haha. You can search my blog under “the things it has done to my lashes” haha.

        yeah for sure, the Kanti Organics Soy & Lavender Polish Remover is lovely. Smells just like lavender. Though if you’re not a fan , they also have unscented and tea tree varieties. I reviewed the lavender one along with some of their polishes just search “kanti organics” and it will come up. It’s pretty cheap too ( I think its $10 or $15 or something ) Hope this helps! xx

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