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Snail Repair BB Cream by Mizon. With Light Coverage & Great Sun Protection

I’m telling you, skincare companies have definitely covered all areas when it comes to using snail mucin in our products. If it works, then who am I to complain? This Momma is more than happy to embrace this ancient ingredient.

So what’s so special about this particular BB cream? Well, it has your renowned snail mucin in it, at least 45%.

Based on the Battle of the Snail BB Creams post by hope-inablog, Mizon’s Snail Repair BB Cream has a high percentage of snail mucin, a rather high SPF and is one of the cheapest out there. Wow, I never knew that everyone has totally embraced our slimey little friends until recently.

Note: I just noticed that they have their ingredients written both in Korean and English, which is pretty good since most Korean products I’ve purchased in the past don’t really have it like this.

So here’s what’s written on the box: (attempted to take a pic but the writings were to tiny, my phone camera could not capture it properly or at least not all of them.)
“… Mizon Snail Repair BB is a high-performance bb cream which protects damaged skin by various problems and helps its quick recovery. It also helps correct skin tone and cover imperfection. Certified for anti-wrinkles, whitening, and UV  protection improving melasma, freckles, pigmentation, fine lines and protecting skin from UV rays.”

Please hover on the pic to view the long list of ingredients. 🙂


Lovely glossy golden-brown tube container in a flat-like shape, which I actually like because it doesn’t take up much of a space in my baby changing bag. I just slide it in one of the side pockets and that’s it! So easy to carry around.


This was part of the Snail Cream set I bought for $55.00 in my first haul. You get this BB cream, Snail All in One cream and the Snail Eye cream. Yes, a lot of snail-ing. So I am one happy bunny with the price! (Or on its own, it’s $13.00 plus shipping, click here.)

So let’s get started.

Please note that I’ve used this probably five times since I bought it because I still have my other BB cream that I still would like to finish.

It’s light beige, has silky rich texture to touch, which is basically just right for my skin tone.

Application’s first impression:

I dabbed the BB cream (2-3 big dots) on one cheek using my fingers to start off, and I noticed something I am not very keen on right away when spreading the cream. It’s not what you would called a smooth application since you get this ‘dryness’ feeling somehow, and I think that if you have dry skin or have not moisturized your skin enough or properly, you get a ‘patchy’ or uneven finish.

I had to apply more than the usual amount that I would normally put on my face because of this experience. I am no BB cream expert, but I’ve tried other BB creams or foundations before where your fingers more or less just glide on your skin, giving you an effortless application and lovely finish. 

So what’s the outcome? 

You get a more matte finish instead of dewy, which I would have preferred. Although I still like the fact that it has provided me some sort of coverage and it doesn’t feel heavy on your face. This BB cream is trying to even out your skin tone and give you that natural-looking effect. Just one of the reasons why I must prefer BB creams than foundations. BB creams are not heavy, have the added benefits to your skin whereas foundation is simply for light/medium/heavy coverage and some don’t even have SPF (sun protection) or has a very low one.

Plus you’ll be pleased to know that it doesn’t have any overpowering smell, just something very pleasant and light — almost floral-type.

Another good thing I should point out is that, I never get this ‘greasy feeling’ later on the day while wearing this Snail BB cream. In the past, I’ve noticed this with some foundations/BB creams and I really hate that oily-grease-type smell you get. 

I’ve also taken the liberty to actually apply this cream using a (slightly wet) latex-free sponge, just to see the different finish it would give. I know there’s this ‘rule’ that BB creams are best applied with your fingers but hey, there’s no harm in trying right? Anywho, I am happy with the result so that’s what matters the most in the end! Right?


May 29,2012:

As we are now getting a hot and humid weather, with the summer season literally round the corner, I wondered how this Snail BB cream would perform under the sun. So here’s the before and after being exposed under the sun pics.

First top pics: Taken before sun exposure with a hint of Etude House Blush Pink
Bottom pics : Taken after 4-5 hours of sun exposure plus activity.


Love it! No touch-ups or powder pact reinforcements, but still my face doesn’t look like it’s melting! The last two bottom pics were taken just after 4-5 hours of sun exposure and running around the park with my little guy. What do you think? Impressed?

What’s your favourite BB cream? Would you like to try this Snail BB cream? 


10 thoughts on “Snail Repair BB Cream by Mizon. With Light Coverage & Great Sun Protection

  1. can you do a post on snail mucin? I am so baffled ! Must be popular in Asian beauty world no? I’ve never heard about this, but it certainly doesn’t surprise me! Asian beauty is always so creative and wild! Which is why I love it so much! They’re such pioneers in the beauty industry! x

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