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Prawn & Chinese Mushroom Dish On a Lazy Day…

I was hungry. But was also lazy. Hungry and lazy definitely don’t go very well together, especially when you have another mouth to feed.  And by saying so, I would never get tired blaming the terrible weather  that we’ve been experiencing in the last few days, of which I firmly believe by the way, is the cause of my laziness syndrome attack these days.

You basically sleep and wake up with the rain. And its that gloomy sky that’s bringing darkness that always makes me feel like I should still be in bed, curled up like a baby. But then, it’s mid-afternoon! And I realized, before my little boy started throwing a tantrum, I better get a move on, lazy or not.

I love rice [let me just get that out of my system], and some of you might have already come across my previous post about this. I just think that its in my blood. I’m a rice eating mom’ster! My little one had his food already in the fridge just waiting to be served; my Mom’s home-made non-spicy lamb curry.

I can’t believe how much my one year old loves curry, or lamb for that matter. I thought of just making fried rice with prawns — quick and very easy to make (plus I was really getting hungry at this point!).

However, at the last minute, I changed my mind after thoroughly checking the contents of my small fridge. So anyway, I ended up making this instead.

I know what you’re thinking, “What on earth is that?” It’s not as confusing as it looks, honest.

I call this Prawns and Chinese mushrooms* stir fry. In fact, I should say a much healthier version of a stir fry :-D. The Chinese mushrooms added more flavor to the dish plus I just love the taste and its crunchiness! A great combo with the succulent, mouth-watering prawns.

Included are, chopped fresh parsley, baby spinach, garlic, and spring onions[scallions]. To be honest, I just whacked everything into the wok, apart from garlic and prawns, which I had to sauté and cook first. I opted for sesame oil as well due to its lovely aroma, instead of my usual suspect olive oil. I added a little bit of black pepper and finished it off with a dash of soy sauce to taste. And what’s the best way to eat this dish?

Of course!

With rice! To me, that’s a given. 🙂 Verdict? I definitely felt better after. My Mom said it was good too.

What’s your all time favorite prawn dish? 

*Chinese mushrooms – I used the dried version where you just soak them up in boiled water for 20 minutes and that’s it, you’re done. My friend Jenny and I love to include this with our Visayan Humba Pork dish too!  

*And here’s another dish that I can’t wait to try with Chinese mushrooms, from the amazing Ranting Chef.


2 thoughts on “Prawn & Chinese Mushroom Dish On a Lazy Day…

  1. sautéed shrimp with loads of coriander 😉 and of course with rice!! my 2 year old daughter loves rice with shrimp paste.

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