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Physicians Formula: Pink Organic Blush, Love or Hate it?

This was one of the mini-finds I had during our last minute trip into town last week. It was one of those ‘let’s just get on the bus while the weather is favourable to us’ kind of trip. It was worth it though, plus baby behaved liked an angel as well!

One of the things I really wanted to buy was a baby diaper bag. I saw one last time while at TKMaxx, and I thought, I better buy it now. And wouldn’t you know, it wasn’t there anymore! So typical, right? I ended up buying a teapot, table mats and super-soft bath mat instead! [That should make me feel a lot better.] On our way out, I spotted this little thing that really caught my attention.

It’s Physicians Formula Organic Wear Blush (with 100% Natural Origin) in Pink Organics [2163]. I came across this brand while I was in America before, but I never bought any of their products. (I wonder why?)

Pink Organics

Left bottom pic with flash: shows you more or less the finish color when applied on my cheek.

So let’s talk about The Good:

Since I knew about the brand before, although not tried any of their products, I was more than willing to give it a try. Plus you have all the 100% free of Harsh Chemicals, Parabens and Synthetic Preservatives written all over it, so it more or less sold to me already at this point. In addition to this, here are just some of the things written on the back of the packaging:

100% Free of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)
100% Free of Synthetic Colors
100% Free of Synthetic Fragrances
100% Cruelty-free

It’s two shades blend as one to give you the most natural finish. And product claims to naturally perfects and protects.

Since I became a Mom, I’ve become more conscious on certain beauty products and have been trying my utmost best to go for the ones with all the natural goodness. And wow, the color I like a lot. It says Pink Organics and although, it looks darker here, once on your skin, it does give you that pinkish finish which seems like a good idea for my skin tone which is between light and fair. I love the natural-looking effect it gives my cheeks.[Sorry for not including a pic of my cheek here, when I normally would to show you what I’m talking about, but I guess you’ll understand just before you finish reading this post.]

I also love the fact that this little blusher has a brush and mirror included on the other side. Although, some might find this a bit fiddly when switching back and forth when applying the blusher. Personally, I don’t see this as a problem. (as I have bigger issues later on The Bad side of this) And hey, I only pay £4.99 for this! Around $8.00 which I just checked online, is quite a decent price for PF’s products.

Now for The Bad:

I was loving this product already, until I opened it and applied it on my cheeks. Oh my, what is that smell??? They certainly forgot to mention about the lingering smell/scent/fragrance that follows you around and suffocates you! Seriously, to some, this might be an exaggeration but how on earth did you get passed the smell? One described it as having a ‘sandy rocks’  or to me, more like a sandy musky smell. Honestly, my first thought was, it reminded me of a ‘hospital-like’ 🙂 smell. It’s just too overpowering. And that’s the last thing I want in a product. I am all for the naturals and 100% free of so and so, but seriously, do something about the smell please. Some actually love this product. I just don’t. And I don’t think I would ever use this unless I ended up having a very bad case of cold. 

Final thoughts:

This product is certainly one of those where you either Love It, or Hate it product. Perfect in creating a pinkish natural-finish look for lighter or fairer skin tone. It’s not too powdery or pigmented, so you might need to swirl a bit more to build up the color. And if you can get pass the smell, then kudos to you! This little product might just become one of your favourites. For me, I don’t think so. I don’t actually know what to do with it now, to be honest.

P.S. Find more different reactions here on this product.


What your all time favorite all-natural beauty product/s?

Any experience on Physician Formula’s products? 


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