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Reminiscing Noches de Colombia in NJ

Sorry for being MIA for almost a week. To be fair, it has been a crazy, fun, and full of surprises week for my little boy and I. Plus I just never had the chance to even sit down and think, let alone write. Basically, he now has the strength and courage to climb everything that’s climbable. He starts to dislike being confined in his crib, unless of course you have something interesting for him on TV. And since he’s figured out how to open our living room’s door, he now comes and goes whenever he pleases.

It’s definitely a fun, full of chasing week! But what’s more shockingly surprising was his Dad paying us a surprise visit! He turned up at our front door the very first thing in the morning, when I thought all along he was in the US fast asleep! I had to ask him to pinch me, just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. So yes, the three of us had fun strolling together in town even in the cold, windy weather. And basically, he did most of the chasing of our little boy this time. 🙂

After he flew back over the weekend, (sadly :-() I went through some old photos and stumbled upon these. Little memories came flooding in — glorious food memories. I think we took this almost three years ago at this vibrant restaurant called Noches de Colombia, in Englewood NJ.

Serving for one person!

My jaw literally dropped, when this was served on our table.

This humungous plate consisted of (in fact we had to ask for an extra plate to put the rest of the food separetly!) white rice, arepa, beans, avocado, two fried eggs, beef (!), fried plantains, and last but definitely not the least, the oh-so-delicious CHICARON! This is a serving for one person and is called bandeja de paisa.  Price? $13! OMG. I would never get this many here for $13 ( or £8.50) in the UK, I tell  you that much.

These pictures were taken during our first visit and without a doubt, I fell in love with this place right away. As a matter of fact, I had most of my food cravings here when I was pregnant of our little boy. I just loved their hot chocolate here, which I would normally order with my breakfast :-). And yes, they’re massive too! It’s that big that it’s good enough for two people!


My other half and I aren’t what you called big pork eaters although, we do have our moments when we just drive to this restaurant and order the chicaron, either to eat in or to take out. Or for my parents, who spent their holiday back in my hometown, they didn’t just go for chicaron, I can assure you that. They went for lechon! As The Hungry Giant (one of my favourite food blogs on Filipino delicacies) said, lechon spells something grand, and more or less means a big celebration!

Served during my Dad’s birthday.

Now let’s get away from the crunchiness for now.

We also love  the arepas (a ground corn dough or cooked flour) here, which you could actually make at home if you’re not too lazy to do it. My other half has perfected the arepa-making at home already, that I love his version of it.

Maracuja is to die for at this place. I love passion fruit and could eat it as it is. But the ones they have here, something like a smoothie-juice type  is much, much more thirst quenching and so refreshing. Sometimes we would end up ordering another one!

And wow! Don’t you just love a lively music in the background while feasting on mouth-watering foods? I love the atmosphere and vibe at Noches de Colombia. It gets you into the mood of eating more! Ha ha :-D. It can get easily packed especially on a Friday or over the weekend, so sometimes we would double check over the phone to avoid any disappointment or waiting for long. We normally would go there on a Sunday morning since it can still be quiet, since by lunch time, rush hour normally hits.

I really have very good memories being in this place.

I can’t wait to go there again, now with our little boy. 🙂

Good times.

What’s your favourite food place? Or dish perhaps?


2 thoughts on “Reminiscing Noches de Colombia in NJ

    • I know right. Always makes me hungry looking at the lechon! I should have asked the after pic of this, just to see how much they’ve enjoyed it. lol.

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