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No7 Nourishing Lip Shine in Peach – Summer Edition

Summer is in the air! Wow, for the firs time today, I really felt the heat of the sun and the oh-so-annoying brightness on our way home, since I never really thought that I would need my sunglasses this soon. I don’t trust the UK weather.

So while browsing my local Boots shop, I came across this lovely looking lip gloss.

I was looking at this for a while before grabbing it. This came in two colors, Peach (the one I got) and Pink. And I thought to myself, I think I NEED a peach lip gloss. 🙂 And this was the last one there as well until next delivery apparently, as they’ve been flying off the shelves due to it being limited edition. This is No 7’s Summer Edition.

Just look at the packaging. So summer-y, cute, and pretty. And what was so tempting with this purchase was my possession of the No 7 £5 off voucher! And there’s more, they currently have the 3 for 2 offer on No 7 products! Honestly, I wanted to buy their nail polish and remover (this was my main agenda for going in there) and just thought, you know what, I am going to grab this lip gloss as well. Normally, this lip gloss would cost £10.50 ($16.50) and then minus £5 if you have the No 7 voucher.

I love the peach color. In fact, I started liking it when I first had my Etude House Fresh Cherry Lip Tint in Peach, of which I handed over to my Mom as she really liked the color. So now, I’m peach-less. And what great timing for this lip gloss to appear at my local Boots shop, right?

In a peach-y tube packaging with sponge-like applicator, where you squeeze the tube to get the gloss out for application. Very handy to carry in your purse and it doesn’t take up any space at all.

Here’s what’s written at about this product:

This genius low-key no fuss product has everything you need to achieve fabulous looking lips.

Enriched with liquorice to smooth and nourish, the glossy balm will give your lips a gorgeous hint of colour, which is perfect for achieving the ultimate summer pout.

Honestly, who doesn’t want a summer pout? 🙂

Close up look on the color and its consistency.
It looks rich, and feels rich and definitely very generous when it comes to the glossy goodness.

As for hint of color, say peach? I am not so sure about that.

Excuse my very dry lips, but I thought it was just fitting to put this lip gloss to the  ultimate test of whether it would nourish my lips and give them a hint of color.

I definitely achieved the glossy finish and definitely lots of moisture on my lips, bringing them back to life! As for the hint of peach, I am afraid I am not seeing it :-(. Can you?
It does feel a little bit on the sticky side but if you can get passed the stickiness, then perhaps you might end up loving this little thing.

Would I buy this again? Or try the pink one? Truthfully? No. If the offer wasn’t on and I didn’t have the No 7 voucher, I wouldn’t purchase this. But since I had access to all these special offers and discounts, I thought it was worth taking the risk. I am sure my Mom would love this though if I give this to her.

What’s your must-have summer beauty product? What’s your favourite lip gloss? 


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