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The Saem’s Snail Hand Cream in Lily (Korean Brand)

Do I really love snails (on beauty products, that is)? Perhaps.

Once again, I’ve welcomed one slimey little friend into my skin care collection. This time from The Saem brand. It’s the Snail Trio Hand Cream #2 Lily. This brand endorsed by (my favorite) Lee Seung Gi,  whom by the way, I am loving even more in King 2 hearts. Also, this product is probably one of the cutest and happiest baby blue snail (packaging) I’ve ever seen so far, and obviously, it has snail mucin goodness in it. I could not wait to get my hands on this cream!

I got this through an Ebay auction for $8.40 (£5.32), which I thought was quite good especially since it included shipping. To be honest, I was going to buy this via Gmarket, since at that time they had the 30% offer on many of their products, but what’s with the hefty shipping COST? Honestly, it ALWAYS puts me off every single time. I don’t know when I would really have the courage to buy there. I guess when money is not an issue anymore. he he.
No samples from the seller. aw 😦


I didn’t even get the chance to really look into this before I bought it. The snail extract and Lee Seung Gi pretty much sold this to me already. LOL. And while writing this post, I quickly rummaged through the net to find information and couldn’t find one?? Luckily, I stumbled upon hope-inablog’s post with some info! Hope to the rescue!

While reading hope-in a blog’s post, it dawned on me that I, in fact, made a very good buy. Paraben and alcohol free product! Apart from containing the snail mucin, it also has adenosine,  and niacin that gives anti-wrinkle benefits (which I am pretty sure I would be needing soon. =))

I love the fact that this little tub or jar comes in sealed. Just a little something that gives you that peace of mind knowing that this product has not been tampered or messed about. 

Texture, Smell

And just look at the richness! This really makes me think that’s this is not just your ‘mere’ hand cream. This cream is just so rich and has a very pleasant smell, a lovely flowery scent which is very pleasant to the nose and not overpowering.

If there’s something that I dislike about this product, well, it’s the dipping part. And I am just being honest. I really wish that I could just get my hands creamed without dipping my finger/s to get the cream! Why couldn’t they just put this in a tube or a cutesy bottle with a snail cap or something? I guess, that wouldn’t be as appealing compare to this packaging now, would it? Oh well, just a thought.


Just like my experience with my All In One Snail cream , this absorbs into your skin quickly. It doesn’t have the ‘sticky’ feeling during application nor the feeling of greasiness afterwards. My hands just feel smooth and oh-so-soft. The smell lingers for a while, but it’s that pleasant that I actually don’t mind if it’s there forever. 🙂

For 40ml, the price was just right, and since you only need a little for both hands, this would last you long.

This cream came in three different scents – Freesia, Cherry Blossom, and the one I got, Lily. I am thinking of applying this cream just before bedtime (since I tend to wash my hands a lot during the day) then the snail mucin can work its wonder on my skin for longer!


Image via Gmarket’s The Saem’s site

(Gmarket currently sells this for $5.21 plus shipping).

What’s your favourite hand cream?


10 thoughts on “The Saem’s Snail Hand Cream in Lily (Korean Brand)

  1. I got the cherry blossom one when I went to Korea but it was for a friend so I really regretted not getting one for myself. I never knew it has snail mucin in it, I thought it was just a pretty snail packaging. Had I known (since I’m a s*cker for snails…oopps pun unintended), I’d get one too… I’m not sure if it’s available at the newly-opened The Saem here which I have yet to visit. I’d definitely check all the others out 🙂

    • Aw, that was your chance there already, just slithered away :-P. Oh they might have it there. I checked the seller that sold me this but they currently have none left. I think it’s worth having to care for your hands. Let me know if you did decide to get one in the end:-)

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  3. Gmarket is great, I love it! I think the more you buy, the shipping becomes worth it since you are getting your items for quite a cheap price.

    I was thinking of buying this because of firstly: the adorable packaging, secondly: i’m a lee seung gi fan too, and thirdly: i’ve yet to try a snail product.

    I’m defs gonna give this hand cream a go though! 🙂

    • Hi! I know, a lot of people say the same thing. I’ve not shopped there yet though since I always changed my mind at the last minute. Plus I always get paranoid about hefty custom charges since here in the UK, it can be really expensive.
      The packaging is definitely cute on this one plus it has a really love (not distracting) smell. And yes Lee Seung Gi fan right here! ;-). (pssst… did you like Kings 2 Hearts?) Can’t wait for his next project, can you?

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