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Mizon All-In-One Snail Repair Cream, My Spot Zapper!

I finally managed to put the pics to use for this post together and decided to start writing things up. I feel that it’s time to share my experience with Mizon’s All in One Snail Cream, which I have been using (although not religiously) for a few weeks since I bought it.

You might be thinking, snail?!! eww. I don’t blame you. This was pretty much my reaction at first but all of that changed once you read what this cream can do for you. And guaranteed, it doesn’t smell yucky, eww-y etc, whatever the smell of snail is.


I love how the packaging gives that ‘ancient’ or old-y type of feel with its two-toned color. In fact, this jar looks like what my Grandma would use to store her beauty cream stash, if ever she’s used one then.

It looks and feel sturdy so I have a feeling that it won’t just shatter into pieces if you drop it. Although I’ve not tried it!

The unscrew lid made of hard plastic is also quite easy to take off and no need a lot of effort to unscrew it, but it still feels secure on top.

Quantity & Price

I wanted to try out this cream, so I was lucky enough to get a hold of this as part of a set, since it worked out a lot cheaper! The set consisting of the Snail Eye Cream, Snail BB Cream, and this, All In One Snail Repair Cream, costs me $55! I really thought was a fantastic bargain for three full-sized products. And finding an ingredient in a product which was and has been used by our ancestors (proven to work), I always keep an open mind and feel hopeful about it. Same thing goes for this cream.

You can purchase this cream on its own- click here.

Here are the ingredients I managed to capture with my camera phone. I hope they’re visible enough.

First Impressions:

  • The dipping part.

Seriously I am not a fan of this at all, and it’s not only because of hygiene, it’s also because of convenience. Plus if you have long nails, can you imagine the cream getting stuck under your nails, every single time you slather yourself?

That being said, I do keep my nails very short since I feel that it’s just better and safer with baby around. (And I don’t have to worry about getting a manicure and stuff!) If you have a spatula — and one blog I came across a while ago suggested a (stainless steel) teaspoon — which is supposed to be more hygienic, then this could be another option of getting the cream out.

But if you’re a busy mom like me, who is more or less in a rush all the time so I could tend to my baby’s demands, I need something quick and super convenient. Hence, I prefer to tip! Tipping the jar on my clean palm to access the cream, is what I prefer the most. I find it much easier, and since I’ve been doing it for a while, well, I’ve mastered the tipping technique of getting just the right amount I need! And you don’t need a lot, believe me.

Excuse how the jar’s edges look so messy, was just using it and due to be cleaned.

  • First application:

It wasn’t all smooth snail-ing for me at first, and this is me just being honest. The cream definitely has no overpowering smell so it was good to start off. But, maybe because it was the first time my skin experienced this cream, [I applied it at night for the first time] my skin felt rather oily later on that night.

The cream is very rich and its packed of moisture, but as soon as you smear it on your skin, it absorbs instantly, and your skin feels kind of dry. So it worried me a little because my skin gets really irritated and itchy when it’s dry. Luckily, this didn’t happen.

And after this experience, I thought I would just have to endure this ‘oiliness’ after each application, but I was wrong. After a couple of days of using this day and night, I didn’t feel the ‘oiliness’ anymore. It’s strange, but it’s good as well, right?

With and without camera flash

  • Good points

This cream has a cooling effect, which is a nice treat for tired skin or flared up ones. I find it reviving. And the no-lingering smell once on your skin, is definitely a plus. The scent on this cream is just very light and pleasant. I am not keen on overpowering smells that follow me around.

When I got up in the morning after using this the first time, I noticed right away the first wonder this snail cream brought my skin upon. My skin felt so smooth to touch! No breakouts or oiliness!

  • Spot zapper!

Routine, when it comes to my skin, is one of the things that I have a hard time keeping up with. I think it’s because I don’t see this anymore as my main priority since my son comes first before anything else. The only routine I have been keeping up since the day he was born was putting lotion on him. Day and night, and sometimes in between especially when his legs look flared up. Eczema, indeed is a serious itchy business.

During the days when I wasn’t able to keep up with the creaming, my skin really suffered. And excuse the horrible pic.

Honestly, few more dots here and there, and you could almost see Big Dipper on my face. LOL (taken May 2, 2012)

Snail cream, to the rescue! As soon as I started applying it on my skin, first thing in the morning and before bedtime, just after a day (!), the spots vanished. It was like they withered and just died! Wow! I was so amazed, because normally before I would have to endure the breakouts for a few more days even with Proactiv (bought from UK branch), which is considered to be a baddie against spots and acne issues. But Mizon’s Snail cream knocked them out in just a day?!

No more spots, is definitely something to smile about. 🙂 (taken May 3, 2012)

So yes, I do plan to use this cream all up, as you can see I am half way there already. I just want to see what other good stuff this would bring my skin.

Please do have a look at the ingredients which I am hoping would be visible enough for you to see if you zoom the pic. This has paraben in it, among other things. So if you’re trying to avoid this type of ingredients if your skin is sensitive to this, perhaps this cream isn’t for you.

Mind you, I’m sure you won’t have issues finding ‘the snail cream’ for you as there are so many on the market right now.

If you want to check this cream out, feel free to vist mizoncorp on Ebay. If you’re worried about the shipping cost, you can always drop them an email to enquire about combined postage if you’re buying more. I did, and it was definitely worth asking.

What’s your snail cream experience? Would you care to try this one out?


19 thoughts on “Mizon All-In-One Snail Repair Cream, My Spot Zapper!

  1. I already plan to buy this cream but unfortunately it was out of stock at the moment. Your review add a bonus to my buying decision.

  2. thanks for the review! just ordered mine. i wanted to add that i had eczema too as a child (it was horrible). and you may kno all about it, but ive had the skin disease for a lengthy period and wanted to give u some tips. you probably know the basiacs like 100% cotton sheets/clothes, no kind of cream (even tropical creams) can heal eczema,, suprisingly its internal) and etc. what healed me was not consuming the foods that trigerred the reactions, and detoxing. youre baby’s probably too young for this tho. as u may kno eczema’s linked to the immune system and scratching is the result of the allergic reaction. so i cut off all foods like dairy products(or anything with diary), citrus fruits(even strawberries), chocolate, meat (although once in a while is healthy, but stick with white meat), sugar(no junk food at all :(…), and i stuck with salads, smoothies (healthy and detoxes my body, but noncitrus fruits), rice with vegetable side dishes, fish, and soup. eventually my eczema faded and i was able to eat other foods, but even till this day i have to be careful of what i eat. like i still dont eat dairy (no milk… but since ur son so young, you should wait), chocolate, etc. but now i can consume more types of food (like eatin a bag of chips bout 3 times a week is fine). from my experience, tropical/chemical creams work only temprary and once my skin got immune to them. my doc wud prescribe stronger creams, and it goes on until no cream can actually heal you… try healing naturally and internally, but if its minor eczema then creams should do it. mine was major so creams didnt cut it for me (its also not really healthy to apply such strong creams daily) yeah just wanted to add my 2 cents cuz i kno how hard it is. if you have any questions feel free to email me.

    • Wow, thanks for these amazing tips. It was indeed very hard for us when he first had it since I wasn’t sure with all the creams that the doctor prescribed us and I was still skeptical about hydrocortisone and the effect it might have on him. Luckily, the worst part of it seemed to have passed already. I’ve just been very careful with what he eats now and also just started introducing cow’s milk (along with breast milk still) at 10 months only at meal times or in the morning. I was happy that he didn’t any reaction of this when first tried. As for me, I only seem to get eczema during the summer months, over the winter or when the weather gets a little bit cooler, I don’t seem to get it or they seem to have calmed down. You’re right about the creams as well, you seem to get immune to it because at one point this happened to me and I had to ask for a stronger one since the older one I had, wasn’t working anymore. Eating healthy foods and avoiding the ones that could trigger it seem a really good idea. I don’t eat a lot of seafood and I tend to go easy on eggs and chicken as well! I used to get a really bad reaction (like swollen face and fingers etc) when I was very young if I would eat them. Thank you and I am glad things are much better with you now. Really appreciate your tips here. Hope you get on well with the snail cream too 🙂

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    • I definitely agreed to that. So hard to find the right ones and you end up wasting money on ones that just don’t work. I was skeptical about this at first, since nowadays a lot would claim they work wonders but once you’re using it, well, they don’t seem to live up to their claims. Glad this one worked for me.

      • I know! There are products that promises to perform miracles – with your skin. Then fail to live up to those promises. Even dermatologists sometimes fail in regards of advising. So that´s good that you found a product that works for you.

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  7. Hi AJ’s mum, I’m interested in this snail cream, especially its effect on pimples. Does it still continue to work as well, now that you’ve used it for some months? I have oily, acne prone (easily clogged) skin that’s slightly sensitive. TIA.

    • Hello there! Thanks for dropping by. This snail cream really did help with my spots before, just like the picture shown, and I probably used it for a few months until I switched to a new one – Elisha Coy Snail Cream. To be honest, I don’t get that many spots anymore since I started using Korean products! I, too, am acne prone, combo skin and very sensitive. Whenever, I would notice a bump or spots just brewing on my face, I’d apply the snail cream and that would do the job! The difference between Mizon & Elisha brand is that, when I first applied the Elisha Coy, I didn’t have the tingling sensation nor oiliness in the morning, my skin just felt fine and soft, although Mizon did have that tingling sensation at first, and made my skin a little bit dry then oily later, but no breakouts. Hope that helps! 🙂 xx D

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