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Some Great Biblical Love Advice

I found this on Facebook today, and what a great message! Too often we settle for second best, third best or even fifth best. Call me a romantic, but I know God has someone special for each one of us. We just need to be patient, God works in his own time.

So here’s some advice:

To all the girls who are in a hurry to have a boyfriend or get married, a piece of Biblical advice: “Ruth patiently waited for her mate Boaz.” While you are waiting on YOUR Boaz, don’t settle for any of his relatives: Broke-az, Po-az, Lyin-az, Cheatin-az, Dumb-az, Drunk-az, Cheap-az, Lockedup-az, Goodfornothin-az, Lazy-az, and especially his third cousin Beatinyo-az. Wait on your Boaz and make sure he respects Yoaz.”

How great is that??

Have a great Thursday everyone, and thank you SO much for dropping by this new blog!

♥ Much love! ♥


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