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I’ve been wanting to review this product for a while now but never really had the chance to sit quietly and process my thoughts properly. Reason being, my little one is now fully mobile and basically he’s in his exploration mode. So, basically when’s he’s resting, I do try to take one too. Believe me, you need to recharge whenever you get a chance after a day of running around after him or stopping him from climbing, among other things. 

Now for the review.I should point out that we live in the UK and this particular design, Potter, for some reason is currently not available either on Amazon UK or  any in-store  or online shops that are UK-based. Luckily, I stumbled upon this highchair, after my long search online, on  Ah, it was a mind boggling search, of which I think is always the case when looking for the best baby gears.

This particular Graco range, the Contempo, had at least 200 reviews at that time of view, with lots of pictures and notes from owners for referrals. Lots of good reviews and just a few cons to ponder upon. I rooted for this highchair in the end, and as luck would have it, we were told that this can be delivered to the UK. Would you believe that they only charged me $11 (that’s £8) for shipping? I really expected more due to this item being bulky and shipped from the US. The product price was marked down as well to $89.99 (£58.99), normally $119.99. It only took one week for this to arrive. It was definitely a good shopping experience from Amazon. 

Baby was sleeping so had to let helpful Teddy take the seat instead. 🙂

And I was in for another surprise apparently. This came preassembled! And there I was worrying that I would have to put all the pieces together, since when I first saw the box this came in, I though, oh boy, they’re in pieces. But no, all I did was literally took it out of the box! All you really need to do is attach the tray. And because this travelled far, I made sure that there were no cracks or other damages. Thankfully, there was none.

Now for a quick look on its features:

  1. Many designs to complement any home decor
  2. Multi-position tray with dishwasher-safe insert and 1-hand release
  3. 3-position reclining seat
  4. Child’s footrest
  5. Easy-to-clean, machine washable seat pad
  6. One-handed removable tray with dishwasher-safe insert
  7. 3 or 5-point safety harness
  8. Lockable front wheels (castors)
  9. Slimmest fold in the Graco line
  10. 6-position adjustable height
  11. Weight limit: Up to 40 lbs.
  12. Product Dimensions: 41″H x 22½”W x 29″D
  13. Product Weight: 31.8 lbs.
  14. JPMA certified (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association)
details from (where you can also find more reviews on this product)


Highest seat position

I love the grey checkered color, with orange piping on the edges design of this highchair. I thought this color would be more practical with a messy baby eater, who would probably splash food all over him than put it in his mouth. Plus it’s not your bright, in-your-face color that screams for attention in our living room. It just more or less blends in. 

Lowest seat position

Ease of use

Buttons for different adjustments

This was preassembled so setting up was a piece of cake. The multi-height position (6-position) is also very convenient when you want your baby closer to the table with height difference. And with its front legs having castors, (which are also lockable) you can easily move this from room to room without having to fold and carry it. One thing I should point out though is that, the lockable wheels seem to only work (grip wise) better on hard floors, not carpet. Although, this isn’t a safety issue for us since the highchair doesn’t move about on our carpet. It still looks sturdy while staying in place, regardless of how active my baby can be sometimes while sitting down! 

It comes with a one-hand removable tray, which is convenient for easy cleaning. The insert, is also a good addition since it means that when this gets dirty, you can just take it off, and still have a back-up. Plus, it’s dishwasher friendly.

When it comes to many things, especially baby gears, safety is main priority.

This particular model appealed to me due to the fact that this was one of the newest version, in the form of the extended armrests, which you probably would notice that other Contempo range don’t have.

A few reviews on Amazon and other online sources, pointed out that their babies’ arm can sometimes get stuck between the seat and leg of chair especially when babies lean more towards the side while sitting down.
Of which , I could definitely see happening since there’s a little gap between the seat area and the legs. This entrapment would probably happen more if the highchair is in its lower or lowest position. And of course, with our LO’s (and their little arms) curiosity on many things, anything seems possible. So I was glad to receive the upgraded version.

This has 5-point safety harness, adds more security and great for babies who are just learning to sit unaided. Or, you can opt for the 3-point lap belt version when your child is a little bit older.
The T -bar shaped addition underneath the tray area gives you that peace of mind as well that your baby will be prevented from sliding under. 


The seat cover is wipeable and also washable. Drying doesn’t take forever either, due to the type of material it’s made of. The first time I took the seat cover off and tried putting it back on, I thought it was a little bit fiddly, but later on I seemed to get the hang of it and found it easier the second time around. (I should have checked the guide first to be honest.) 

They weren’t really kidding when they said that this highchair is compact and slim when folded (in fact, it’s the slimmest fold in the Graco line). 

If you don’t have enough space, you can easily store this away. Folding and unfolding this highchair  is also very easy plus it’s not as heavy as it might look to you. As we use this quite often, I just leave this in the living room on the side unfolded. We’ve had this now for over 8 months and it’s one of our baby gears that I really would have a problem living without! This product to me, truly is, worth spending every penny.

Free standing

So what’s your favourite highchair?



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