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Hello there! Yes, I am still here. I have been hit with BLS (blogging laziness syndrome) this week and apart from this, I’ve just been doing a lot of summer cleaning. And lots (and lots!) of chasing my little boy and telling him not to do this or that. So by the time I am done with everything, I just want to drop dead in bed. 

So, why am I here now? Well, I would like to share my baffling experience the other day with the new HUGGIES® Step-in nappies (used to be called Little Walkers). Nappies or diapers, are one of the most important must-have item at home (or when out and out) for obvious reasons.  And it just happened that the other day, I ran out of diapers! I just knew that my next Amazon (Subscribe and Save) delivery would not get in time, so without risking it, (something you shouldn’t risk anyway ever!) I decided to head down to my local Boots shop.  As I was in a rush, I grabbed the Size 5 pack right away that was available and quickly paid for it, as I could see the rain was just about to pour endlessly.  

When I got home and was about to change my little one, I noticed the new design on the diaper. It’s still Winnie the Pooh themed, but this new one looks a lot livelier. So before my baby would start going commando style and wandered around, I quickly put it on him to avoid unwanted accidents. Then I noticed that it looked rather small and almost tight on him. Of which, made me mutter to myself, my baby seemed to have grown significantly after just a day??? I even told his Dad that AJ is no longer a size 5, I think he’s a 6. He asked me, how’s that possible? 

This left me baffled inside. I know they grow fast and all, but this fast? hmmmm… After checking the packaging thoroughly, it dawned to me that they’ve changed the weight range!! The old HUGGIES® Little Walkers (now Step-in) used to be 11-22kg, which was a perfect fit for him. But now, for some reason, they’ve changed it to 11-18kg. So I quickly checked Huggies UK website to see what’s going on, which only made me scratch my head even more. Yes, they’ve changed the weight range alright, but completely different to what I’ve got.

Here’s the comparison for Size 5 HUGGIES® Step-in (or Little Walkers):
The new size 5 I got from Boots says: 11-18kg
On Huggies website: 14-18kg
On : size 5 is still 11-22kg

And I’m thinking, what on earth is going on? What’s with this sudden change?
Also, what’s more noticeable is the fact that this new diaper, compared to the old one we were used to, seems to be:

  • Less flexible, and has this ‘stiffness’ feel to it
  • Not as soft as the old one and feels a little bulky on the front (and my only guess for better absorbency?) 
  • Sides are not as stretchable as before

So now I have 37 unused size 5 diapers, which I have no idea on what to do with them as I can’t return them anymore obviously. (Free diapers, anyone? :-D)

I had to get the next size up in the end, which I think still reflects the quality and appearance of the old version. It’s labelled as 16-23kg, and it looks a tiny bit loose on him. Nonetheless, I’ve had not any leakage issues yet, which is a good sign for us.

So, yes, I don’t normally make a fuzz over this kind of stuff as I’ve never really had any issues with this range up until now. But I thought of raising awareness somehow on this change or alteration for the benefit of other buyers. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for change and improvement, especially if it gives you good results, but this change, to me, somewhat was uncalled for (let alone as an unexpected surprise!).

Have you had any similar experiences like mine? Or a product or service that was changed unexpectedly?


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