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Minene, which means ‘my child’ in Spanish, was established back in 2005 by three mothers. Their vision is to create innovative, well-designed, practical yet stylish products for parents, babies and toddlers. Their range of products include: changing bags, baby cot bedding, towels, muslins, activity mats, bibs, pushchair accessories, baby clothing & more. 

Their goal is :

To bring both comfort and joy to parents and children alike.

Now then, on to the product that caught my eyes from the very beginning. I was searching (as I seem to always have been these days) for a changing bag everywhere when I came across this one on I liked the idea of this bag.

It’s a 3-1 product, and when it comes to any product that has more than one usage of what they’re supposed to be, I am in. The only issue I had back then was the price (£39.99), since I felt that it was too much for our first changing bag. So I settled with the free changing bag I got from my local Boots shop. At that time, it was good enough and catered to our daily needs while out and about.

Then few days ago, I received a price alert from Zeezaw, telling me that this particular Minene bag is currently on sale on for £21.99. The target price I entered on Zeezaw ages ago was £28.99, the price I was willing to pay, but the sale price now is even better! So yes, I was delighted and quickly checked the bag out.  The Minene Lady Bag comes in three different colors, patent black, patent red, and gray.

Image taken from

Image taken from

Apart from being a large shoulder bag, you can also wear this as a backpack or small shoulder bag. It’s hoops or metal clasps galore on this bag! You would be overwhelmed as to how many of them are on this. Obviously, these are to help transform the bag into whatever is convenient for you when out with your baby.

The bag in black, with patent effect, feels leather-like soft. I was glad I picked this one in the end since I was debating whether to get the grey bag instead.

The lining, which I thought was well-coordinated with the bag’s patent effect, definitely adds sophistication. I love the mini-floral design with its lovely sheen. Just makes it easier as well to find your things in the bag, as opposed to just having the same black lining inside. This bag also came with a little guide book as to how to transform this bag. Not that you really need a guide to be honest, but it’s there, in case you need it. 🙂

Internal pocket with zip closure

There are two internal pockets, one with zip closure and one without but with elasticated opening. I put my baby’s diapers in there as the size of the pocket is perfect for them.

A very handy key holder inside the bag, means you don’t have to rummage your bag to find your keys! When the bag is in its full form, it looks quite long (like a shopping tote bag), meaning more room for your belongings.

Front small pocket

It has an external front pocket with zip closure, which would be good for your phone, lipsticks, glosses or other little things you carry with you. 

Insulated pocket on each side

For your baby bottles, or in our case, sun lotion tube or nappy cream, there’s two insulated pockets on both sides of the bag.

This also came with a folded changing mat, which is lightly padded. Perfect for quick nappy change when out for a stroll.



Since this came with  bag-to-pushchair straps, you can easily attach this to your pushchair as well with less hassle. You would be surprised as to how easy it is to do it, it literally snaps right in or snaps right out effortlessly, and yet the bag looks sturdy on and fully secure. Indeed, I was very impressed.

I have tried this as a backpack, just to have a feel on it and my  only quibble was, the straps kept sliding off my shoulder. I ended doing a criss-cross style just to see if it would work this way, which it did but then this pulled the middle of the bag into a funny shape. Obviously, I wasn’t supposed to do that, but somehow it was the only way I could make it stay on my shoulders. Anywho, for now I am using this bag as a full shoulder bag (bag volume: approx. 12 litres) since I still carry a few stuff for my little boy when we’re out.

Front view

Back view

The small shoulder bag version looks pretty to me and you can always accessorize it with your favourite bag charm/s or knot a lovely scarf on the side using one of the metal clasps.

Zip opening for internal access

Both opening for the backpack and small shoulder bag version is just above the external front pocket., is currently still selling this bag at 45% off, if you want to check this out. 

For more details on the Lady Changing Bag or other Minene products, please visit their website here.

So definitely, I’d say this was worth a buy.

So what’s your favorite changing bag? Or have you tried any of the Minene range?


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