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Garden veggie bake

I should thank f00dventures for this wonderful post, which inspired me to make our version of this ‘Garden veggie bake’. To be honest, I wasn’t a big veggie eater until I fell pregnant. Somehow I just embraced all things vegetables and carried on savouring their healthy goodness even after I gave birth. Luckily, my little boy loves vegetables. So when I made this little dish, it was a winner! And the Emmental cheese which I sprinkled in the end, just gave this wonderful aroma, added sweetness and nuttiness flavour to this dish. It was definitely yummy-licious!

and this dish went very well with rice and oven-baked chicken drumettes! Simply divine.


I was inspired to do this recipe due to all of the baked recipes I’ve seen lately for veggies. I didn’t really follow a recipe, I just went with my gut.


– 1 large carrot, thinly slices
– 1 zucchini, thinly sliced
– 1 bag frozen cauliflower
– 1/4 of an onion, diced
– 3 cloves garlic, diced
– green onion, diced (I didn’t really measure, so just add to taste)
olive oil
– salt and pepper to taste
– shredded cheese to add after baked
– 2 tbsp chia seeds (optional)

1) preheat oven to 400 degrees f. Line a glass baking dish with olive oil. Set aside.
2) start by following the directions on the back of the cauliflower to thaw it (usually you just have to microwave it for about 3 minutes). Once thawed, add to your baking dish.

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