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If you don’t wear make up you are an arrogant anti-feminist.

This is, (beauty subject in consideration) the ‘what not to use journalism for’ article.

Beauty and the Best of the Rest

By not wearing make up you areBETRAYINGother women.

No, I’m not serious, I actually have brain cells. The views above are of Daily Mail writer Liz Jones.

The below picture of Holly Willoughby (UK TV Presenter) without any make up on drove Liz Jones into what could only have been a jealous rage which resulted in her writing her article‘Why Holly’s BETRAYING women by going barefaced’

She said that by posting ‘no make up’ pics, celebrities like Holly are ‘peddling a fantasy’and calls it‘arrogant over confident one-upmanship’.

That’s right ladies and gents, by (bravely, in my book) going bare faced and showing that you are a normal human being with imperfections, being a positive role model for women, like me, who can be made insecure about how they look by all of the professionally made up and airbrushed celebs we see, you are simply being arrogant and over confident.  Apparently you…

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3 thoughts on “If you don’t wear make up you are an arrogant anti-feminist.

  1. wow this was such an interesting post. at first i just saw the title of this on the sie of your blog and i thought you were putting down women who don’t wear make up and i was like “wait, she seems like way too nice of a person to ever do that”. then i clicked on it and realized you had re-blogged this. i am one of those people who don’t wear make up and it is just crazy to me how women feel the need to bash other women over the most trivial things. if it’s not about makeup it’s about weight. why can’t women just get along with each other?

    • You know, now that you mentioned it, I had the same reaction when I saw this in my inbox, and I was like, Breige is just so nice to be talking like this! LOL. I am glad you clicked though, otherwise you would have just thought of me as ranting and slaying every non-wearing make up women. That would have been bad. But yes, I know what you mean. The constant criticism and never ending jealousy of one another, whether weight or make up. It’s sometimes hilarious but mostly pathetic. I don’t think women would get along any sooner hun, I’m afraid. And oh, I am a minimalist when it comes to make up.

      • well Breige’s tactics certainly worked, naming her post that way. i’m sure she got lots of clicks that way. i agree with you, it’s mostly pathetic how women come across to each other. it’s sad but i know you’re right about women getting along (or well, not getting along). we sure know how to hurt each other without even having to throw any punches.

        good for you, for being a minimalist when it comes to makeup. i think it takes a lot of courage to go makeup-less. i still have my days where i would love to hide behind makeup. although, i do admit to being a lipstick junkie. that’s the only form of makeup i wear :p

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