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So apparently this whole changing the site’s name business is taking longer than expected, and has now rather become a pain in the… (be my guest to finish this sentence in your head). Not only that it has now clogged up all my written posts just waiting to be published, but also my brain motor. I wanted to start posting (again) once the name change has been established. Oh well..

My being an amateur when it comes to blogging — and the technical side of it made the process painfully slow (and you could say my carelessness) — backfired big time yesterday. I thought yesterday was the day I could actually present to you the new name. But no. After burning the candles at both ends for nights and hammering my brain for ideas, not only on the name but header design as well, it turned out that the name I grown to like was already…. taken????

Gahhh. So yes, it was my fault. No point of pointing fingers (at my other half) who forgot to brief me on this thoroughly. I checked the domain availability on other site but not on WP??? Argh.

It was frustrating, hair-tugging moment, that turned out to be really embarrassing.

And I consoled myself  by making a nice cuppa and ate all the Peppero sticks I had in the cupboard. 

So now I am back on the drawing board. I just hope a better idea would come soon. 

On a side note, just a quick shout out to all my lovely followers! I can’t thank you enough for staying by my side even though I’ve been quite with posting recently. 

To my new followers, welcome and lovely to meet you here. 

Keep smiling =)

AJ’s Mom



    • Oh wow, this is amazing! Thank you very much. I appreciate this so much.
      Thanks Jean (p.s. I found your comment on Rae’s website, hence found your name – – I’m Donah or AJ’s Mom, if you like)

      p.s to the p.s : so sorry for the late reply, been extremely busy all day yesterday.

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