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Hello Everyone,

Just little me here.  If you’ve seen my post two days ago about ‘a blog named…. something something’ that suddenly disappeared into thin air, well there was a reason for it, which I’ve stated in this post. So this is the second time round that I am doing this whole introduction thing about my newly renamed blog site. So let’s try this again, shall we?…

starting with a BIG HUG. 


As you can see, Sweet Jelly Bean still is a work in progress site, since I am still trying to put everything together nicely and neatly – both features and design – from scratch. I’ve burnt both ends of many candles already so I think my brain is lagging a little bit. So I will update, tweak, or add few things here and there one day at a time. Watch this space.

So, what do you think, my sweet jelly beans? See, now I have something to call my readers. 🙂
Actually, there were so many names I’ve thrown into the pot that just fizzled out and were declared as ‘no’ by my other half also. He’s been lending me his brain and helping me in choosing a good name. And when I emailed him this, he told me, this was good, if not better. So hurray!

Do I even like jelly beans? 

Yes, I do! It would be wrong if I didn’t, especially after naming the site like this, right? I started liking this cute little treats not long ago actually. It was my brave decision, one fine afternoon, to wander around in that little shop of sweets, hence stumbling across these colourful jelly beans! (just a little backstory there for ya.)

Am I anything like a jelly bean you say?
(Sorry, I seem to be really getting into this one-way conversation here on my blog right now — must be the tiredness kicking in and just sending me into this new feel of confidence crazy.)
I think I am a little like a jelly bean.


A small ovoid candy with a hardened sugar coating over a chewy center.

Being AJ’s Mom has turned me into one jelly bean. I am sure of it. I seem tough on the outside, but still such a softy inside. And somehow, I am loving this jelly bean side of me as part of being a Mom.

And before I get carried away, and making a complete fool out of myself, let me extend my warmest gratitude towards my loyal followers and diverse readers, who were able to continue following me and checking this blog regardless of me not being able to keep up with the fast-paced life of blog posting.Thank you very much. Your support is greatly appreciated and does make a BIG difference to this blog keeper/writer.

Keep smiling =)

AJ’s Mom (one happy jelly bean)

P.S. This site is not only limited to jelly beans, we serve and welcome all types of beans too!


Source: (Thank you so much for being a free website and for having jelly beans graphics there too. You just made life a little bit easier for me here.)


5 thoughts on “SAY HELLO TO THIS BEAN!

  1. I love your layout, I’m useless at that kind of stuff. Well done on doing this from scratch, it looks great 🙂

    • Thank you very much. The name took weeks to actually happen – and the layout, well, it’s not even really finished yet. I love to personalised things, which sometimes takes time to be honest. hehe. I do love your site and actually I wondered how or what you used for the header, since it looked really cool.

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