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I first came across wishtrend through this lovely site hope-inablog, which I am an avid follower also I was very excited to hear the news about its launch since now I have more access to Korean brand products. And if you don’t already know, I heart Korean products A LOT!

What makes this online shopping site unique?

What’s unique about wishtrend is the fact that they have dedicated staff who gives impartial review of their products on sale. To me, this is a bonus, since I get an in-depth awareness of the product prior to purchase. Well, with Jon’s analysis and reviews (if you’re familiar with hope-inablog then you know what I mean), you can expect their comprehensiveness, detail to the core, and yet, surprisingly very easy to digest.

Check to see for yourself. These reviews are not limited from the staff alone, since they also feature reviews from other beauty users or bloggers, who have already tried their services and products. Check below.

What range of products do they offer?

wishtrend offers a wide range; from make-up products/tools, skincare, body products (includes baby products) to products for men. They even have a ‘variety section’ where you can buy pouches, bags, socks and Korean trends magazines! 

Here are some of the brand names they carry:
Bubble Bon Bon, Caolion (can’t wait to try this all-natural ingredients brand), Ciracle, Daycell, Gatzmen, HellloEverybody, JJOYY, Klair’s, LIZK, Lyramoa, MUSTAEV, Rojukiss, SKIN79 (great BB cream selection if you’re wanting to try one) SKIN & LAB, SKIN FACTORY, SKINMISO, Sockstaz, Swagger, WHAN, Pioom, Pluie, QUEGEN. 

And this site is growing, folks. They’re constantly adding new and famous brands that would cater to our individual needs. And have you heard of the Wish Box? Oh, you have to check this out. Or, why not treat yourself to a Wish Box surprise? Don’t we all deserve a wonderful surprise once in a while?

What can you expect from wishtrend?

Excellent customer service. Quick turn around on emails or enquiries. I’m all for excellent customer service myself. I used to work in a bustling customer service department for 5 years, so I more or less understand how important this is to consumers from different walks of life. And as a consumer myself, I value a company with top-notch customer service and this would be one of the main reasons for me to keep coming back to them.  I’ve experienced this first-hand from the awesome Eddie at wishtrend, who was so prompt at replying to my email enquiries even with the time difference. So yes, first impression lasts — and brings benefit towards the company, or repeat business. 

Their prices are very competitive too, and they offer free shipping to purchases worth $70. And that’s to anywhere in the world! More details on shipping – here.

All products are sent from their HQ in Seoul to your doorstep, so you can have that peace of mind that not only you’re getting a good deal, you’re also getting the real stuff!

Have you checked out their website yet? It’s very straightforward and user-friendly. And psst… I’ve heard that they’re quite generous when it comes to their samples too. 



13 thoughts on “ Korean Goods & Trends, From Seoul, To Your Doorstep.

    • Hey Paula, Happy 4th July!
      And yes, definitely worth checking out this site. Lots of skin care and beauty stuff and if you’re looking for the all natural products, they have them too.:-)

  1. oh wow! i just visited seoul for the first time last month and LOVED IT. shopping and eating there were exceptional! can’t wait to check this out. x

    • You’re so lucky! I wish I could go to Seoul even for a day, but then I probably wouldn’t want to come back home anymore. Hahah! Im sure you had a blast on your visit.
      Yes this site has just started but definitely lots of good Korean brands. Worth checking out.

      P.S. Thanks for the follow. Really appreciate it!

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