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I was overjoyed when the lovely ‘Joy’ as I used to call her then, has nominated me a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. This was such an honor to be recognised by a fellow blogger.

So being a busy bean recently, I’ve not had a chance to reply to this award and tag the others. And it took me a little bit of time to finally make my blog-loved list.

Without further adieu, here are the awesome bloggers who I’ve found inspirational and consider not only  their posts, but them as heart-warming.

Here are the rules for this award and tag post:

a. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.

b. Share 7 things about yourself.

c. Nominate 7 bloggers you find inspiring and leave a comment on their blog to let them know.

1. AJ is the biggest blessing in my life, since I never thought I could have a child.

2. I’m scared of lightning – almost got struck when I was 10.

3. I love Kdramas… a lot!

4. I can’t wait to have bubble tea again.

5. I can pick things up with my feet! ha ha.

6. I am scared of dogs.

7. I don’t know how to swim.

In no particular order:

Go Jules Go
Looking for the sweet spot
Mango shenanigans

To be honest, I wanted to nominate more people even though they’ve already gained the title on their blog, so I reasoned out with myself and thought, sometimes people do get nominated or awarded twice, right?
So I’ll just bend the rule a little and just shout out some awesome bloggers here.

These lovely ladies are oozing with awesomeness, very accommodating and reading their posts, is something I look forward to everyday.


And last but not the least, Jon, from hope-inablog, one of the most dedicated bloggers I’ve ever come across. Through his blog, I have learned so much about Korean products and other very useful information.

These blog sites are definitely worth checking out.


  1. aw thank you for nomination! i’m so honored 🙂

    p.s. why did you have to mention bubble tea? i love bubble tea. I was so sad when a local restaurant that sold it ended up closing. Now the closest place is 35 minutes away (not that that is far, just farther than I normally had to go). I may have to make a trip out there soon as I’ve been craving it for weeks…actually, months.

    • you’re welcome!
      I missssss bubble tea so much! I love the Taro flavor. I can’t even get it here nor can I recreate it since I’ve not seen the tapioca pearls you use for that here. Sucks! But yes, I can’t wait to have this. This was my only lovely treat when I was pregnant since I was allowed to have one or two in a week (or I would sneak another one or two when my other half is not around haha!) You’re so lucky to have it 35 mins away from you.

      • Bubble tea. Hmm. It’s like a version of a frappe only yummier! It’s crashed ice blended with whatever flavor you pick with some tapioca goodness – that’s the very best part of bubble tea. It’s so good on a hot summer day. Now I want one!:-)

  2. Look at your new name! I LOVE IT. I love everything about the new look. You rock! And this is the first picture I’ve seen of you (on your side bar) – you are GORGEOUS!

    Congratulations on your award! I can’t believe you almost got struck by lighting?! I think dogs are nothin’ compared to that 😉 Uncle Jesse might make it his mission to win you over!

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful nomination. It means a lot coming from you!

    • Awww Jules, you’re gonna make me cry! ha ha. I am such a softy! I am glad you like the name. Ahhh it was a tedious journey to get to this name. I’ve been staring at the jelly beans jar on my table for weeks, but it didn’t occur to me then, until the other day. LOL.
      And thanks for your compliment. Must be the lighting or the effect of instagraming. ha ha. I am sure I wouldn’t be able to resist Uncle Jesse cuteness.
      Thanks for following me Jules!

        • 🙂 Don’t worry about it. I had to re-follow everyone earlier because for some reason I wasn’t getting any new posts AGAIN.
          I’m glad you’re now on the sweet jelly bean’s side. Such an honor!

  3. Congrats on your award, it’s well deserved, and thanks a lot for the shout out, that’s lovely of you 🙂 I just have 2 questions, what are Kdramas? and what is bubble tea? x

    • Thanks Breige. And you definitely deserved that shout out. Kdramas are Korean dramas I have been hooked with for years. And bubble tea is this lovely refreshing drink with tapioca- more like a frappe but just with the tapioca and yummier. It comes in different flavor, any fruit flavors you can think of. Perfect this summer. But I can have it all year round, whether it’s freezing cold. LOL

  4. Yuppeeeeeeeeeeeeee AJ has brought inspiration to me now in your form…thanks AJ’s mommy dearest……:-) My special thanks to AJ hehehehehe…..One request for small correction looks like you typed my blog name seeing AJ..LOL .(it has to be cimplicityrockss) 🙂 Me and AJ rocking…are you innn?

    • Oh I’m so sorry for that. I just rectified it and thank you so much for pointing it out. I am glad this brought some inspiration to you. You’re ever so jolly! It’s nice to see one happy soul.

      • I don’t accept sorriessss just need a party with A J for winning the award…….LOL enjoy your day 🙂 better don’t reply to this as i am unable to stop thanking you…:-)

    • Hi!!! awww, thank you for a lovely comment. So glad to have another follower and a WFBC member at that. Congratulations to you too! Sorry I’ve not had a chance to even say that to you earlier. Just been busy with baby and all. I hope you enjoy reading my page and future posts, do feel free to browse and wander around here. 🙂

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    • Hello! I’m glad you like it! I really wanted to customize my header and add the goodness of jelly beans in there too because of blog’s name, so this banner is as good as it’s going to get for me – for now :-). You should grab yourself some jelly beans! In fact, I might actually just do a blog giveaway with jelly beans. You’ve just given me an idea.:-)

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