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So, another Mizon product goodness I am about to share with you. Mind you, there’s more to come, all I need is time and more dreamla-land for my little one. 

Here we have the Pore Clearing Volcanic Mask. Name says it all. Behold, the goodness of volcanic ash extract. And no, this isn’t just any volcanic ash that you know, it’s the one from Jeju Island. Sounds familiar? Here’s what’s written on the tube. This was part of all the freebies from my haul last time from Mizon. I know right? A 50ml tube freebie, plus there were more! I don’t think this came in a box as I only got it like this, unless they just took the box off and sent this over. 

Mizon Pore Clearing Volcanic Mask, 50ml

It says… 4,000mg of volcanic ash extract from Jeju Island contained.
Volcanic ash extract from Jeju Island absorbs excessive sebum and skin wastes to tighten pores. Mild plant extracts add a synergy effect on caring pores.
Directions: Apply an approriate amount onto dry face after cleansing avoiding eyes and lips area. Rinse it off with lukewarm water after 10 minutes.Apply more to large pores for an intensive care.
taken from Gmarket SG, site link here.

You know, I’ve always wanted to try a wash off mask with volcanic properties in it, since I’ve read some good reviews about them. So you can understand my surprise and excitement, when I received this little gift from Mizon. As always,with most of the Mizon products I’ve tried, this one has a lovely scent (I firmly believe it’s that papaya extract that I could smell) and gives you that cooling sensation once applied on your skin. The mask reminds me of that soft chocolate yogurt ice cream we get from that yogurt place in Fort Lee NJ :-). Especially the color and the softness.

I have a very, very sensitive skin and large pores, to say the least. So I know, that any help I could get to reduce these pores and redness, would be much appreciated. And this clearing mask does just that.

Final result…
I didn’t go all out with the application on my face. I know that it says that you should apply more to larger pores, but I just applied it sparingly just to see how the outcome would be. If I feel that I need more, then I could do that next time.
How often would you use this mask in a week? I am thinking twice should be enough for me. One thing I really like about this is the smell. It doesn’t suffocate you. Instead, it’s soothing. And the mask don’t go all crackly when you talk or do any face movements while having it on.
After rinsing with lukewarm water, I definitely noticed my skin to be a lot brighter and the redness had slightly calmed down. And voila(!), the visible large pores are not so visible anymore. Skin felt much cleaner. It felt to me like a lot of dirt and waste were sucked out during the process.
I do need to moisturize my skin right after though, because you do feel the dryness almost right away and for me, if I let my skin be dry even just for few minutes, I start to feel irritation and all I want to do is scratch my face! So I would moisturize with my Snail All in One Cream!
Price wise, (this was free!! so a very happy me!) well, I’ve just checked online and I am surprised that mizoncorp on Ebay doesn’t have this on their list yet and the only Gmarket link I could find is Gmarket Singapore.
8th July UPDATE: If you’re interested, mizoncorp now has a newly improved version and packaging of this product – click here to be redirected to their Ebay shop. OR for Gmarket shopping, click here.

So, what’s your favorite wash off mask? Would you love to try Mizon’s? 



  1. Great review, now I want to order from Gmarket again. I love their snail cream, too. Would love to try this and the other pore minimizer product you reviewed earlier. Cheers!

    • Thank you! I still have not ordered from Gmarket. It’s this hefty custom charges I am worried about. It seems that I am stuck with Ebay for now 🙂 So far, their products have been doing me good (luckily).

    • 🙂 I know what you mean. I only started using this product recently because my skin really needs rescuing after giving birth! But yes, sometimes, my laziness does come as well. Thanks for the comment.

  2. WOW! That looks like it works amazing. I use the Origins charcoal mask and I love it so much but I definitely need to get my hands on the volcanic mask! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Indeed, this is very good. I probably use this once or twice a week. I’ve never tried any of the Origins range yet, but I’ve been eyeing there under eye concealer so much! Check out mizoncorp on ebay, this is official seller for the volcanic mask. Do share how you get on.:-)

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