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Mizon CC Cream – Correct Combo. 1st Smart Korean Beauty Item

A month ago, I received a small packet from Korea containing the samples of this CC cream. I was over the moon, to say the least. (thanks to Yun at mizoncorp, who was more than willing to indulge me in their new product).

And I should thank hope-inablog, since if it weren’t for their post, I would have not known about this and wouldn’t have managed to get my hands on these samples. 🙂

Few weeks later, I finally managed to get my hands on this long-awaited CC cream. You can’t imagine the excitement I felt when my second loot arrived, after just a week of waiting!

So here goes my fully updated review:
(Purchased timeline (bought on 17th May, arrived on 25th May)

Mizon Correct Combo Cream,

Anti-wrinkle/Whitening/SPF25 PA++ (35ml)

Why is this CC (color corrector) Cream good for your skin?


Step 1 – Skincare: The particles of cream smaller than skin pored absorb quickly to supply moisture and nutrition while ceramide forms a natural moisture – retaining film on skin.

Step 2 – Makeup: Micro-color capsules pop on skin contact and blend in skin naturally to give a flawless finish.

Step 3 – 3.6.9 system: The country’s first smart beauty item, combined by 2 categories of skincare and makeup. 3 functions, 6 products combined features and 9 function effects. Delivers skin whitening, wrinkle care, skin firming, moisturizing, pore care, and sunblock SPF 25 effect.

Main Ingredients:

  • Birch Tree Sap for 24 hours moisture: Contains amino acids
  • Ceramide for a natural moisture-retaining film: Ceramide is one of skin lipids constituents.
  • Moringa Tree for skin nourishing: Called milk tree containing rich minerals and vitamins that help to make clear and smooth skin
  • Skin coverage: Micro Color Capsules: Patented micro color capsules to complete skin coverage, smooth, and even skin look.

How to…

[Twist the container following the arrow and apply an appropriate amount onto face after cleansing and use of toner, dabbing until absorbed.] 

Correct Combo Cream Container: Twist type sealed container protects the formula from oxidizing and contamination, and controls the amount used.

I’ll be honest, the very first time I tried to use this, I felt like a complete idiot trying to get the cream out! I twisted and twisted (towards where the arrow is pointing – as directed), but nothing sufficient was coming out! Any who, the next attempt I did though, was a success.(pheww!)

So I think, perhaps the first time you use this, you just need to twist it a little bit more for it to dispense the cream out. Just be cautious and keep an eye on the cream, otherwise you would end up dispensing a lot.


Taken with natural light.

Now with flash – and have blended the CC cream on to my skin.

CC Cream

Before & After with natural light

Just look at how the cream corrected the dullness of my skin as well as vanishing my dark spots (due to acne breakouts) and redness out of sight. This CC cream would suit more for those with fair to light skin tone.

What I love about this cream is the dewy-type finish, which gives you that ‘healthy glow’ factor. My skin felt so moisturize afterwards and no ‘dry’ feeling at all. Moreover, the cream just glides on your skin, giving you an effortless application experience. In fact, it feels very smooth to touch and has a very lovely subtle scent to it that seems so refreshing. 

As for the Activator, I prefer to actually not use it, since I’ve noticed when I spritzed it on before the CC cream, once I’ve applied the CC cream, my face felt rather ‘heavy’ – meaning there’s too much moisture for my liking. Hence, my face felt oily. The Activator activates (pun unintended) the oiliness of my skin. Best way I can put it.

However, I would try the Activator once again during the winter months, as I am sure my skin’s dryness will kick in and would probably need some extra moisture reinforcement. For now, I think I would stick with the Correct Combo (this summer) since it’s already oozing with moisture anyway. 

The Correct Combo is still only available to purchase via and I don’t think there’s any news yet about selling this on Gmarket or Ebay either. I know that I’ve seen an independent seller on Ebay, mclothesworld I believe, who’s currently selling this one.

TIP: The Activator is a lovely treat as a spray mist on a hot, humid day. It can also give you a dewy-look if applied after your BB cream. Try it, and see the results. Do share.

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Do you have any favourite foundation or BB Cream? Would you like to try a CC cream? Thoughts? Feedback? Feel free to share. 


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