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My little boy and I are more than happy to take our designated roles during meal times. Mommy = the feeder, and Baby AJ = the eater. Although AJ is not a picky eater (thank goodness!), the only time he picks his food – is when he wants to throw them about or watch them falling towards the floor. Since most attempts then ended this way, I decided to just play our designated roles. Plus, it’s less hassle, less mess, less cleaning.

However, the other day, I thought that it was really time for me to put my foot down and showed him the tough jelly bean side of me. He’s not eaten any chocolates yet, and I choose not to indulge him with them, for various reasons. So it’s either fruits, yugort or the latest, from Organix, the Carrot Sticks finger food.

This has no added salt, no colourings or hydrogenated fat. No Junk Promise, as they say.
Since he loves this crisp, I thought this was a good starting point. And it worked! Carrot sticks were a huge success!  He was able to feed himself and all I could hear was him crunching on them like nobody’s business. It was indeed a sight to behold. I actually felt very proud. Of course, there were carrot sticks that did not make it, and ended up on the floor.

The next test happened the day after. I thought that since it probably still registered in him about eating independently the other day, I figured it was time to introduce another  favourite snack. Roasted seaweed or Nori Seaweed. And oh, as soon as he saw me took one pack out and started opening them, he was gulping (I kid you not) and just kept grabbing my arm! And when I finally put one sheet on his tray… well, I thought I’d share with you exactly ‘how to eat a roasted seaweed, AJ’s style.’


Hold it.  Big ‘ahh’.  Bite on it.  Bigger ‘ahh’.  ‘Crunch on it’.  And chew – with determination!





    • I am very glad. You have no idea how picky I was when I was little. My nana used to have a hard time apparently. Plus AJ’s Dad is pickier than I am! So can you imagine if AJ turned out to be picky??? The horror. Yes we love this snack so much. I just ordered 20 more packs! LOL. Should be enough.

  1. Hi Donah! I finally was able to visit, I’m sorry it took me a while to give you my congratulations on your “new” site!

    Anyway, I love my kim too and I almost always grab a pack when I do my grocery shopping. I used to just snack on this but it’s way better with rice 😉

    Cheers 🙂 Kisses to your cutie little boy!

    • Don’t worry about it. I am glad you were able to. It’s still a work in progress and I am just taking it slow since I have other things to do apart from this blog.
      Roasted seaweed is such a yummy treat. I just ordered a bunch yesterday along with my other Korean groceries. Oh, yes defo, rice and seaweed … delicious.

      (my little monkey has a cold… no kisses for now hahah, you might catch it LOL)

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