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Congratulations to Saran at Cinnamon Spring  for being  the first ever WFBC’s Blog of the Month.

That’s awesome.

Anywho, I thought of reblogging Breige’s post instead of creating a new post (not trying to be lazy, honest :-P) since this has all the details of our rockin’ group. I am part of WordPress Fashion & Beauty Community a.k.a WFBC on Facebook. Breige is the mighty founder! and I’m … well, you could call me her ‘sidekick’ ha ha. I help out accepting new members and one of my sidelines is creating the group’s blog button – which is included in this reblogged post – and also the WFBC’s banner/header from scratch. I’m a complete amateur when it comes to graphics and design but hey, no harm in trying, right?

So girlies, ladies, (or gentlemen) and all of you out there in the WordPress blogsphere who love all things fashion and beauty, come and join us on Facebook. Click on the group button and we’ll see you there!

Keep Smiling!

AJ’s Mom =)

Beauty and the Best of the Rest

As some of you may already know, I recently created the ‘WordPress Fashion and Beauty Community’ on Facebook. It is a great place to meet fellow wordpress fashion and beauty bloggers, gain new followers and promote your blog.  It already has over 60 members with new ones joining everyday. If you would like to join, the image below will take you straight there.

WFBC recently hosted the first ever ‘WFBC Blog of the Month’ Competition. Once blogs had been submitted for entry  WFBC members voted for their favourites and the blog which recieved the most votes was  :

As the winning blog Cinnamon Spring will be featured by WFBC members on their own blogs for the rest of July. It really is a great little blog packed full of Nail art tutorials and DIY jewellery so why not go check it out?

 If you would like the chance to be featured across…

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  1. Thank you for the lovely post Donah! Also, thank you and Breige for all the work you’ve been putting into this community! I’ve updated the summer banner you made too 😀

    • You’re more than welcome Saran.
      Sorry about the banner, didn’t realise that you would have to update your post as well, I hope that was ok with you. 🙂

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