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I’ve been wanting to share with everyone my latest mini finds in the skincare department. After a week of fully indulging myself with Suti’s skincare products (UK-based organic natural skincare brand), I wanted more. Thanks to Tianna at’s amazing review on their products, which led me to Suti. Check out her review.

I’m not going to lie, Suti’s products are a little bit pricey for me. So, since I’m on a tight budget and still can’t afford the full sizes right now, I decided to carry on using their samples for another week to really find out if my skin fully loves their products before investing into paying so much. I thought that if I’m going to pay this much, I definitely make sure that it’s worth it. And here’s when came to the rescue.

They sell Suti’s range – and what’s more, they sell their samples too, starting from £1.50 per sample! I was in. Ok, I know I could have asked Tina at Suti for more samples, but I think that would just be pushing it after she sent me some already. Now, you can only get 5 samples per order, and one per sample product. And basically, you’re only able to get these samples if you order a full price product. This wasn’t an issue for me in the end since it just happened that I needed some facial wipes. I opted for Rawganic 3 in 1 facial wipes and for £3.50 and being organic,  I thought, not bad.

You can also check their Samples section as they other brands there too. Like Caudalie (starting from £.50p!), Dr Hauschka (from £3.50) and herbfarmacy (from £.75p), just to name a few.


  • Rawganic 3 in 1 facial wipes
  • Suti Cleansing Balm
  • Suti Foot Balm
  • Suti Purity Balm
  • Suti Rejuvenate Face Oil
Reviews coming soon for these products, so stay tuned.

For the whole order, I paid a total of £10.50, which to be honest wasn’t a bad deal since I managed to really get a hold of the products that I wanted. And hurray for FREE SHIPPING! That’s WORLWIDE too!

That’s it for now! 

(P.S. – I shared this website with before making this post, and I believe she managed to order some stuff there too. Can’t wait to see her loot!)

Keep Smiling ^_^ 



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