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Hello Sweet jelly beans!

I’ve decided to carry on with my I-SPY posts for reasons I’ve stated before and so I could share with you products that I might come across online and in-store, which might pique your interest – or save you money! I love a good deal as well, don’t you? 

So next up, is Organic Surge Lavender Shower Gel. I saw this from my local Waitrose (UK) the other day. Not that I needed another body wash but I got keen after reading the little bit on the tube. It was the TRY ME FOR FREE.. LOVE ME FOREVER sticker. And I said, oh, got nothing to lose, instead I’ll gain another body wash!

So here’s the deal – you technically have to pay for it first and then you have the option of sending them your original receipt (highlighting the product purchased) and after 28 days, you get your money back! Pretty cool, huh?

This was only £4.07 as well. So if you see any red sticker-labelled tube of this brand, grab yourself a freebie! Especially if you want to try an all natural or organic product.

This has a combination of lavender and genarium essential oils. Somewhat comforting. This was my first encounter of geranium oil, so I didn’t know what to expect. It came off strong at first with the hint of lavender, but later on I was fine with it. Check it out at your nearest Waitrose (or any supermarket or drugstore). You can always take a whiff of this shower gel if you’re unsure. But you know…. it’s free!

Keep Smiling!

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7 thoughts on “I-SPY…Skincare Finds: ORGANIC SURGE LAVENDER SHOWER GELl, Try Me for FREE!

    • I feel like this as well every time I see some awesome products from your end, and we don’t have it here 😦
      But yes, a really good deal!

      pssst… I am thinking of ordering Honeybee’s mascara and try samples of their blushers, any recommendation?

      • Yeah I know I try to talk about stuff offered worldwide for that reason but alas! Ooo def their mascara! I like it as a natural alternative and other than that only tried their shadows which I liked as well!

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