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AJ now goes to sleep later than usual for the last two weeks. I know babies or toddlers can change their sleeping patterns as they get older but his recently has just been all over the place. And with the sun still being out at 8pm, this doesn’t help at all. He’s probably thinking, ‘why sleep Mommy when we can still play?’. He doesn’t take his twice-a-day naps anymore either. Sigh*

He used to,but a month or so ago somehow I started to notice that he would still be super active in the afternoon, when normally around this time he would just want to cuddle up next to me and sleep like an angel. Now, he would run around, jump on my belly (when I’m trying to encourage him to take a nap) or just slide himself off the bed! So it has been a challenge, to say the least. I try my very best to not stress as it would only get the situation worst, but when you’re sleepy yourself, you end up getting really cranky. So yeah.

Right now, he’s laying next to me, feeding (yes, he still breastfeed even at his age, of which I have no issues with) while staring at absolutely nothing. I can tell when he’s about to doze off. So any movement I make, meaning if I stop what I’m doing now, like typing this post, this would trigger him to move. . . and we’d be back to lulling again. He took his nap very late today, around 5pm, so I knew I was in for a long night of lulling him to sleep since he didn’t wake up until 8.30pm. I ended up making myself a cup of barley tea and a little slice of fudge or perhaps you could say a brownie that my Aunt gave me when she came back from Philippines.

I do feel bad for him for not being able to rest right away. If I stopped him from taking his nap earlier, that would have done the trick and he would probably be now in dreamland. But that would have been terrible. I don’t like seeing him crying and especially when it’s because of me trying to stop him from taking a nap, so I let him rest for as long as that little nap of his would last.

Oh well. We do have better nights when he would just sleep with no issues or sometimes when I’m very lucky, he would sleep on his own without having to resort to feeding. Those are good nights!

Anywho, it seems that we’re finally going to dreamland soon, so I’ll say good night for now.



Night night x

7 thoughts on “ARE WE SLEEPY YET?

  1. I wish AJ’s sleeping routine has improved since you listed this post. I remember when our kids were as young as AJ, their nap time were fixed and they would have relaxing activities right before nap time, so they would not be over excited and affect their nap time, which would also affect their sleep time at night. With your “the sun still being out at 8pm”, you might consider to hang some heavy layered curtains in his room.

    Don’t feel bad when he cries just because you’re doing for his own good and don’t give it too easily. Nowadays, kids are so smart that they know who can they “play in their palms”. Also, some kids could change their sleep time routine dramatically, so we adults need to be more flexible. No one had ever said parenting is easy!!!

    I would like to comment you on continuing to breastfeed AJ, which is very good for both of you. Well done ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Hi there! Thank you very much for such wonderful comment and encouragement. I am a big softy and have not been coping well with his cries and the nights that he would wake up suddenly in his crib and would start crying again. I do have blackout curtains but still seem to not help with the light coming through. He definitely sleeps better and longer with me. So I’ve been debating a lot on this inside me. Yes, I a still breastfeeding him and although I’ve given him formula milk at meal times, I’ve not thought of stopping yet. I am still willing to give the Ferber method a try and perhaps next time I can go through it for a week. Thank you for your thoughts and concern, it gives me a lot of energy to carry on. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hi AJ’s Mom, I am not familiar with Ferber method, but no matter what method you are going to try with AJ, I think the most important thing is about your “softiness”. You need to learn to cope with his cries.

        I love and adore my children, but that does not mean I can’t be straight with them. Discipline is hard work to both parties, the children might not understand the parents now, but when they grow older, they will appreciate the disciplines – I am speaking from experiences (myself and my children’s feedbacks).

        If the blackout curtains are not doing their job, then you might need to consider to add another layer – you can DIY, as long as you get the correct type of fabric.

        All the best ๐Ÿ™‚

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