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What I won In My First Blog Giveaway Experience

Blog giveaways are great! Don’t you think? It’s not only fun to get involved with, it’s also your chance to meet other bloggers, get to know that blog giveaway host a bit more and of course receive great stuff – that is,  if you’re one of the lucky ones! And I love to feel this competitive spirit I have in me every once in a while as well. 😉

A while ago, I joined Tiana’s ( blog giveaway event for the first time. In fact, that was my first blog giveaway entry as well. And through that, I believe that I got to know her a little bit more. It was definitely a fun experience for me. I didn’t really think I would win as there were others who have joined. So you can only imagine my surprise when one morning I woke up and got an email saying I won the giveaway! OMG.  I felt so excited like a little girl that I ended up phoning my Mom just to share the news with her. LOL

Naruko samples and Apple Seed and Tranexamic Acid Soothing Night Jelly.

Tianna has also been very generous with this giveaway. This was supposed to be for Naruko samples only, but she really went out her way and bought the full size Night Jelly as well. Aww, so lovely of her. I couldn’t wait to finally receive them and when they arrived few days ago, I was over the moon! These products are amazing! My sensitive skin seems to have found its match. If only we had Naruko here in the UK. 😦

Apple Seed Night Jelly without the packaging.

I can’t thank Tianna enough for the wonderful experience I had during this giveaway plus the privilege of being able to try these products from Naruko.  By the way, this brand has the most amazing Eco-friendly packaging. I can’t wait to transform the Night Jelly packaging into something useful. If you want to know more about Naruko, Tianna has awesome reviews on their products here. 

Some of Naruko’s packaging turned into pencil holders and more!

From AJ’s Mom

15 thoughts on “What I won In My First Blog Giveaway Experience

    • She is! Definitely. I know, I was really surprised. I love these products, especially the Night Jelly. It suits my skin very well and have not had any irritation. And it’s all natural as well, so definitely very good.

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