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Calling All DIY Bloggers

Hi Sweetjellybean readers! 

What a week! I didn’t even know it was Friday already until it dawned to me that I forgot something very important when I woke up this morning. The rubbish! Forgot to take the rubbish bags out for the bin man to collect last night! Not good.

I’ve been overly distracted this week, especially with the sleep training AJ and I have been doing for about 3 days/nights now. And I told myself, ‘you need sleep training, too’. More on that next week.

So I just wanted to say the above to everyone. And to return the blog-sharing-loving feeling, I wanted to write a post featuring all the lovely bloggers with their DIY BLOG BANNERS, generated from Pixlr site with a little help of my tutorial. This is the least that I could do for all your appreciation of this little blog site

I’ve already messaged a few and they’ve agreed to be featured! Yay! So I thought posting this here will just help spread the word. Featuring your work on here would be really great. I will make sure to link all your wonderful banners to your blog site – of course – so others can check them out. That’s what blogging is all about – sharing!

So let’s huddle up here one more time. 🙂

Please message me or comment here, and hopefully this weekend or before the end of next week, I can present you some awe-insiring blog banners! In fact, one of the banners I saw, inspired me to use another feature of Pixlr Express to create my new banner/s!

Thank you and have a good Friday!

The blogsphere, indeed, is an inspirational place.

So let’s inspire others, just like you’ve inspired me.


More next week… wanna make your own blog button adding your personal touch to it? And why are blog buttons cool? Check out Sweetjellybean buttons I’ve created so far on my sidebar. What do you think? I smell tutorial!

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24 thoughts on “Calling All DIY Bloggers

    • Hi Karen, I’ve been pondering about this for a day or two now as to how to present it since technically we can do our buttons via Pixlr Express and because I’ve already covered this in my post, it might sound like an overkill to other readers. If I did do a blog button review, I will still mention it for those who have not tried Pixlr Express but would have to use a different method, ie. site editor to really do the tutorial. I’m just sharing this with you to get your insight into this since you are one of my lovely readers. What do you think?

      (P.S. the blog button tutorial would involve layering at this point eekkk!)

      • Hmm. I think mentioning Pixlr Express is a good idea because those who didn’t try it for the header will be exposed to it again and perhaps be prompted to give it a try. Although, if you think there is another, more accessible way for bloggers to create buttons – then do your tutorial that way. Sorry, not much help! Looking forward to it.

  1. everything on your blog is so kawaii! love it. 😉 hope sleep training is going okay. i know i felt like i needed to be ferbered myself!! have a great weekend. look forward to more updates!

    • Hey there! Thank you very much. Tool a while for this blog to look like this and basically, with me having no knowledge of graphics and design, it took even longer!!!
      Sleep training is a little bit better but I think I am such a softy that I feel like giving in to his cries already.
      Hope work and family is all good for you. Glad you guys are doing well with the Ferber method.

    • Hey Dan! Thanks for sharing your banner with me. Liking it! Definitely would feature it in my post. hmmm, I just quickly checked this theme since I had a feeling you might not have an option to actually put a header on this – and I was right. Yes, you will be able to do so I think, if you pay for Custom Design but to be honest, I wouldn’t go that far to do that – unless of course, you want to. There are other themes that have more or less the same feel with Greyzed theme, like Grunge or Elegant Grunge and the two have the option to customize your header. On a second thought, I think you can still use your header now if you want to use it as a background. Let me fiddle with it and see if it might work. I will let you know 😉

      • Thank you. I might change the theme then but for now I have just added the banner to the top of each page and post. I could use the body bg html to use it as a background but I like the note paper style that comes with the theme. Not too fussed about keeping Greyzed, I just chose that because it looked ok but I’ve not looked at many.

        • Yes, I agree with you. I like the note paper background definitely and the font style that Greyzed offers. It looks kinda neat. Wish I could have the same font style on mine – but not willing to pay for it now. Well, there’s a lot to choose from so have a look around. 🙂 My post should be up hopefully by Wednesday, but you’ll be one of the firsts to know since I am linking back all the banners to your respective blogs. 🙂

          Good luck with the theme hunting.

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