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Blog Button Swap Mania

Oh yes, it’s button galore out there right now. And while I’ve just been quiet lately and recently just posted my catch up post with you all, I’ve been busy with my button production. LOL. I wanted to carefully webcraft my button and add my love into it.

And before we start the grabbing frenzy, let me give you a bit of an insight as to how I made my new banners as well, as you’ve probably noticed that it’s very different from before.

Did you know that few days ago, I finally invaded the daunting world of Photoshop? My tech-geeky friend has told me for ages to try it already…. so I humored him and muddled my way into it. It was mayhem. Why? Because I couldn’t cope with so many buttons or tabs to choose from and click. It was a ‘ripping my hair out’ moment. But since I was armed with determination and fully loaded of patience, I did manage to make my first header and a second one. So, what do you think?

I know that I have a long way to go if I want to conquer all of Photoshop features, so I’ll take it one step at a time (and this could be good news since I now will be able to make some freebie media icons for your guys! ahh, the possibilities.).

One of the banners however, was still made via Pixlr Express, because honestly, there’s nothing like Pixlr Express and how user-friendly it is. Plus, it’ll save you your hair.

Now then, let’s get swappin’, snatchin’ or grabbin’ however you want to do it. 😉

As some of you are still having issues with the simple code I initially included in this post, I decided to delete and would like to redirect you to my sidebar if you like to grab my button (and I’m sure you do 😉 ). It’s the same process, just copy all the code from the ‘grab-a-button box and paste it on your Text widget, and voila! this bean should stay there smiling sweetly. 

Don’t forget to give me a nudge, so I can grab yours. Thank you!

No button yet? No problem. I got you covered. Here’s another simple tutorial that would help you with button making.


39 thoughts on “Blog Button Swap Mania

      • Thank you! I was worried it looked a little too confusing or something or too much going on >.<!
        Need to make a new header image too, im stumped for what to put in it though xD!
        Maybe take a few pictures of cute things, stick them in it and hope for the best 😀

        • I felt like that, too. Especially when I switched my theme for the first time. The thing with switching themes though is that you have to tweak everything, like your images and make sure they fit nicely, and there’s your sticky posts where you need the image to occupy all the space so they look nice and neat. I had to do that with mine – Origin- and it was a pain, I tell ya. Your button looks very nice and you could get somewhat an idea from that for our header. I am pretty sure you’re more experienced than I am when it comes to graphic and design. Good luck, Sophie.

          • So true! I wanted to fix some of the photos in my posts but some of them are just too small and it looking a little silly, but i’ll know form now on to make them bigger so they look good in the homepage. I wish we could make our own without paying tbh >.<
            I made a little something, it's pretty simple so I think later on when I get a good idea I will make a better one, best not to try and force it I guess ^_^

            • Hun, I love your header! Peach is such a nice color and you’ve really captured it here. I really suck at Photoshop – only been using it for a few days and only managed to make two decent (I think) banners from it. sigh* I know about the paying bit, although one of my tech friend said that I could have gone through a free hosting site and still be on WordPress. he knows this stuff too much. LOL

    • Dee, you can do it! If you can sew by hand (and I just simply can’t, by the way), then button-making should be pretty easy for you. 😉 Your gravatar is actually nice for a blog button. But I am sure you have more ideas than this. Good luck. (P.S. I wish blog button where interchangeable, although on a second thought, if you make the file as .gif, I think you can make it dance, twinkle or gleam! but that might be too much for a button… but it’s a nice thought you’ve got there. 😉

    • Thanks Tianna! I’ll grab yours in a bit. 🙂 By the way, remember I said to you that I would make you a button or something, if you still want it, I can still make one for you. I am still thinking of what social media icons to make. 🙂 Any idea from your end?

      • Np! Oh right! I totally forgot about that. Well, you can if you like 🙂 otherwise I don’t want to trouble you! I need to make social media icons as well, but I’ve no idea what to shapes to use. I want it to be like magical shapes or something. Maybe mini storybooks if I can find them or something. Meh I dunno lol. How about you?x

        • In that case, I’ll wait for your media icons, then we can ogle each others’ LOL. Magical shapes are a great idea Tianna. I know it can be a pain because it needs to be more visible (like the bean(icons) I made and you’re limited when it comes to the size 50x50px . I have cakes, and other stuff I want to make plus some free ones I stumbled across the web that I want to share. That’s really it for now.

  1. Hey! thanks for sharing my blog. I noticed that you’ve recently just signed up. I have a simple DIY on how to make your button – check out DIY Friday on that and if you want headers, I got you covered too. Check DIY Monday – and you’ll find what you need there. Good luck!

    • Hey Lisa, yes, it is, isn’t it? Tried to figure it out for a day 😦 but glad I managed to crack it in the end :-). I am about to include this in this post for others to see as well, so I’ll give you a nudge once it’s up, ok?

      P.S. thanks a lot for reblogging. Really appreciate it.

          • It was! Kinda scary though I had to go back through my posts to check if I put down where I got my photos from. Sometimes I forget too~ Always have to be very careful these days.

            Morning! It’s afternoon here 😛

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