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Hello Sweetjellybean readers!

(and a big shout out to my lovely followers who recently joined the bean team! We’re a bunch of jolly beans here! )

This is just a catch up on my whereabouts and excuses reasons for all the silence in the last few days.

Lately, yours truly have been doing a lot of self-learning about some mind boggling tech stuff to enhance our blogging experience especially for blog beginners, including myself. And since I’m fully aware that most of my new followers joined in the fun after the little DIY tutorial back in July, I wanted to learn something new so I could share them with you.. because I really want to keep you here, guys. 🙂

More Sweetjellybean tidbits:

Sweetjellybean is almost 4 months old! Wow, time definitely flies. I didn’t even realize it until I started writing this post.  And I am very lucky to have your never-ending support and blog-loving that made it possible for me to sail through the blogsphere further. Stalking each other has been a lot of fun! For those who would love to tweet with me or tumble, you’re more than welcome to. Don’t forget Facebook, I’m all over there. Just click my personalised social media *bean(icons) on my sidebar ——>.

These are the beans you want to be clicking – see you on that side! 🙂

– Blog hopping!
While ideas are cooking up in my head and waiting to be served, I’ve been blog hopping and leaving my blogprints to those  who followed, commented and liked Sweetjellybean recently. It’s actually quite fun and is one of my ways of showing my appreciation for taking your time to visit my blog.

Also, it took me to one great blog like the Gnostic Bent by the awesome Mr Scott. His amazing post about 10 Things Why It Suck Being A Guy earned him the Freshly Pressed’s Page of Fame, as well as being chosen as one of the best FP’s of July 2012! You might want to check what the buzz is all about.

-Techy challenge.
Over the weekend, I had a very techy challenge, when one of my blog followers asked me for help with her blog format. It was a challenge (that could have made my brain to combust) that also sparked an idea for my next post. This next post will involve simple, but useful tips for us blog beginners. So what’s this space peeps.

And so far, I’ve heard from two bloggers that they’re having issues with Pixlr Express fonts not appearing? That no matter how much you move around the Color picker, it still doesn’t show up and remains white? If you’re having the same issue, please let me know and I will take this up with the guys behind Pixlr and get some answers. Keep in touch, please.


Quick fix on the issue above:

  • Font’s color issue – staying white or gray regardless of how many times you move the Color picker/slider.

Don’t you just love it when one of your followers go out their way, in the name of blogging? John at did just that. So, if you are experiencing the same issue as above, here’s the quick fix to it. Thanks to John for messaging me and letting me know of the solution. Here’s the screenshot I did just to elaborate it even more and hopefully would prevent the same problem from happening.

– Blog-organizing
Post-wise and design. I want a clutter-free blog and a clutter-free drafts section on my phone. Clutter-free blog means no headache for you when surfing my site! And clutter-free drafts section, means I can think clearly and properly. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me.

My drafts section is full of crap unfinished posts that when I checked again, they were not blog worthy at all, so discarding them was the best choice. How do you organize your posts? Do you set a schedule for them? Or are you one of those excellent writers who just post whenever that blogging feeling strikes you?

– Beauty alert:
I was fortunate to be chosen* by Leor to review one of their boxes. This is a UK based company that offers all natural pampering products, from face mask, lotion to bathing products. I will be sharing with you one of the FeelGood Box products, so ladies and gents (because no one says you can’t be pampered, too), stay tuned. And oh, Moms or Mommas-to-be, you’ll be pleased to know that their products are safe to use during pregnancy and also baby-skin friendly. Momma, you deserve a whollata pampering.

And BB cream lovers, you might want to stay close with me since I have more BB creams to introduce to you as well as skincare products, courtesy by 


And last but not the least, you continue to inspire me. Hence, I’ve managed to come up with a new tagline fitting for Sweetjellybean – and basically I’ve decided for this to be ‘the one’ for the rest of my blogging lifetime. 

Check out my newly revamped header/s (and yes they’re interchangeable so you’ll see different ones every click of a page!)

Guys, I value your comments, suggestions and opinions, so please feel free to talk to this bean. 


So guys, what have you been up to? How’s blogging world treating you these days?

* A big thanks to Breige, at Beautyandthebestoftherest for recommending me to Leor.


30 thoughts on “»THE BEAN IS BACK! SO LET’S CATCH UP.

    • Hi Nikita! I am so glad you’ve managed to stumble upon my blog, knowing that it’s one big blog world. 😉 Thank you very much for visiting. Will be dropping at yours shortly.

    • You’re more than welcome! I thought I’d share your greatness to the rest of my followers ;-). This post was supposed to get published last night, but I could barely open my eyes since my little man decided to sleep late. Not our best night, unfortunately.

      • I’m sorry to hear that, sister, but I definitely appreciate you thinking of me. Your post was great so keep them coming, ok? You’re awesome and I’m sure I’ll be bugging you again soon 🙂

        • It’s ok, this wasn’t our first ‘not the best night’. I think my LO is growing up and changing sleeping patterns and being a pain in the butt are part of it LOL. He goes give me wonderful moments though, like cuddles and kisses I can’t get enough of. Thanks for your wonderful comment/s Mr Scott, this blogger really appreciates it. And oh, thanks for all your post about the Olympics, they gave me an insight of what’s going on out there. I’ve not watched, not even one event yet, because I become a nervous wreck and can’t quite cope with all the excitement – plus we don’t have proper TV channels here.haha

          • Always a pleasure, Donah. And I know exactly how you feel. My little boy went through some similar changes and still hasn’t levelled out completely (and he’s five now). Hang in there and things will get easier to handle.

            Just out of curiosity, aren’t you somewhere in the UK now? I hate that you’re missing the Olympics and lots of great t.v. channels. Let me know if I can send you updates on any American shows. LOL

            Talk to you soon, sister. And thanks again for all the kind words 🙂

            • Yes we are in the UK, but due to the bag signal here, I can’t get normal channels without cable installment, and since I am not really a TV-holic person, I decided to leave it for now. I can’t even remember the shows I used to watch when I was there, all I can remember was AJ’s Dad and I used to eat popcorn and watch TNA (haha I know, doesn’t fit quite with my image right? ) That was when I was pregnant of AJ and the rest of the time, I would watch Netflix stuff instead. But thank you for the offer, you’re very kind. I’ll talk to you soon, gotta have some beauty rest now, while little man is asleep.

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    • hahah I know right? One of my friends told me to rest since he thinks I’ve had too much ‘beans’ already LOL. But I am sure you’re busier than me. Saw your lovely snaps on Facebook. Looking good Dee, looking good.

  2. what a busy little bee you’ve been! at for what i’ve been up to lately, well finishing up my first semester of grad school (ends in about a week). other than that, edward’s and my 7 year anniversary is also coming up (in about a week) so i’m looking forward to that. plus the renaissance festival starts in 2 weekends so i’m really looking forward to that (edward and i been going for the past 4 or 5 years). so lots of fun things coming up. blogging world has been treating me pretty good too. for some reason i have had a huge spike in views hte last few days (especially for one post in particular, spices and herbs). i have no idea why that post has suddenly become so popular but i’ll take it lol

    • Hi there! Indeed,I’m a buzzing bee(an) apparently. haha. I’m sure you are glad for the semester to be over and give yourself a little break, right? And congrats to both of you! Will you be the one planning your anniversary or both of you will put your heads together? Renaissance festival sounds like fun, and it must be, the fact that you guys have been going there for so many years. We get Music Fest here every now and then but I am sure it’s nowhere near like the ones you have there. Oh, I better check that herbs and spices post then. Strange, I didn’t get that in my inbox. WP really messes with my blog reading sometimes, and there I was thinking you were just busy with grad school so no posts. Be there in a min. 🙂

      • oh you have no idea how glad i am the semester is almost over. the nice thing is that i have the final assignments already finished so i’m just waiting for the due date so i can turn them in.

        Thank you, regarding our anniversary. we’re a little short on finances this year so we agreed to do our typical date night out which recently has been going to the park, grabbing a bite to eat, and then ending the night at the drive in. it’s one of our favorite ways to spend our summer day/night. we’re not really fancy people. we’ve tried doing the whole fancy dinner thing and it just isn’t us.

        the renaissance festival is a blast. people dress up in costumes from the renaissance era and there are turkey legs and vendors from all over the world selling handmade crafts and all kinds of entertainment and shows. i can’t wait!

        the herbs and spices post was actually done awhile ago (a few months back) so i have no idea why it’s suddenly so popular lol i have been taking a bit of a break from posting due to grad school but i’m hoping to change that within the next week.

        • I do miss studying sometimes, but now I think I am getting used to just being a Mom and studying would mean just too much on my plate. I am glad that you’re all done with the assignments, it’s always a nice feeling when you don’t have to rush or get panicky when deadlines are near. I think you’re a very good student 🙂

          Awww, I love how you guys spend your time together. I think a walk in the park, grabbing bite to eat are just the sweetest. It’s simple but all the loving is there. I am not a fancy person either, AJ’s Dad took me to this really nice place called Grand Luxe in NJ (nice interior and lots of cakes!) and although I enjoyed the food, I think I felt more out of place. I could probably eat better and more relaxed at Boston Market. I love the chicken there! I think I was craving for their chicken when I was pregnant. haha

          Oh, your festival is quite similar to our Victorian Fayre here which happens around Nov-Dec time. Very nice.

          Well, stay cool (since I know it’s soooo hot over there) and can’t wait for you to get back on blogging. Missing all your tips and wonderful bakes.:-)

          • i’m enjoying being back in a learning environment but i miss the social interaactions you would get from a regular school environment. the online program is very convenient but i still miss actually going to school and seeing my friends and all that. i’m sure being a mommy is so much more rewarding for you than studying. i currently have puppy fever as opposed to baby fever like all my friends lol

            i think it says a lot about a couple when they can do the simple things and still enjoy each other’s company you know? they dont need all the bells and whistles with fancy dinners. to me simple is the way to go. like you mentioned, i think i just feel out of place in those types of places too. i haven’t been to a boston market in years but i may have to stop in one now lol

            i will definitely work on getting up more recipes soon. it’s hard because i’m the only one that eats the recipes i make so it takes time to eat the food i make before i can make more food. i look forward to seeing more posts from you! i love your blog and hearing about your little jelly bean 🙂

            • Hun, you’re ever so sweet. 🙂 I am working on more posts, but I’m afraid motherhood is a little bit challenging these days. So time is not always on my side. But I will do my best to make sure I keep all the beans in the jar. hahah. We should swap recipes sometimes, I like to experiment a lot, especially with noodles, soups and baked dishes. Would be awesome.

  3. Hi Donah! I saw you were mentioned in the list of top 10 Freshly Pressed posts of July or something along those lines, earlier this month. I hope you and your little man have been keeping well! Nothing much is happening in my part of the world, except that the time seem to fly faster than Harry Potter high on fire-whiskey! After the August break in Oct I’ll be sitting my first Cambridge AS Level Bio and English exams and this being months away I’m sweating bullets! I’m also trying to fit some book reviews in but I’m not motivated and what’s the point of ”books” being in my blog title if there aren’t any reviews?
    Anyway, things could be worse but I’m taking life one sip at a time 🙂 I think it’s pretty nice of you to share all this techy tips with us, helpful stuff. You know, I thinking of adding “Lemon flavoured bean” to my name, lemon or another favourite flavour of mine.

    Cheers to you my sugary friend (and your little gum drop) 😉

    • Hey sweet Devine (sounds cool right?)! Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, this little bean was included once again for the round up in July’s FP-ed so I was ecstatic to receive the email. Little man won’t be little for longer, so naughty and lovable at the same time. Are you in Cambridge hun? I thought you were on the other side of the world. I was in Cambridge once, many moons ago. I would be sweating bullets as well if I am talking TWO exams! I’m no good with Bio and I struggle with English sometimes, so it would be bad for me. But for you, it would like munching on a piece of cake with a mug of hot choco! So don’t worry about it. And yes, take life, reviews and blogging one sip at a time and savor each moment.
      I still have a long way to go when it comes to all this techy stuff, plus my brain has been bad recently. Although I managed to pair up all the buttons I snatched from you – they’re now next to each other and with everyone else’s. So cool. Oh yeah do it! anything ____flavoured bean is good. (got it, you’re in the UK, just saw you spelt flavoured with a u!) haha

  4. Ha-ha, yeah sounds cool! Nope, not in Cambridge though I’d love to go there in the future and I am actually on the opposite side of the globe, in South America. Two this year and two next year with the much more dreaded Math and Chemistry! 😦 Bio and I are on pretty nice terms but I still need to work harder and I’m good with English but how I wish it were so easy as cake and hot choco!
    I used to blog everyday and I was afraid by not keeping up with that I’ll lose my readers but it was after a while when I figured I need to take breaks and I tried not to worry too much. You’ll get a hang of the techy stuff in time 🙂 Thanks for putting up the buttons, I didn’t know you could pair ’em up like that.
    ___flavoured ‘jelly’ bean, if you don’t mind because a lemon flavoured bean just sounds yucky the same way kidney beans sound, so I think I’ll add ‘jelly’ bean. We go with the British vocabulary over here, we were a colony ages ago so we stuck with the ‘u’ 😉

    • Ohh.. u stickin’ with us. If my Dad heard this, he would cook you a lovely dinner with a glass of wine. My Dad can get really patriotic sometimes when it comes to all British stuff. LOL.

      Bumm… I thought you were here, was going to treat you for a mug of hug at Muffin Break;-)

      Math & Chemistry? OMG, double the numbers, I’d be hospitalized if I take both of them. Numbers and I just don’t quite get it about each other hence I took Travel and Tourism before, less numbers, more words and traveling 😉

  5. Really? That’s nice, I like the British too, architecture, food, clothes, landscapes, oh and the actors/actresses too! Yeah, it would have been impossible to refuse. I don’t know what’s in store for me in the future but it’s likely I’ll visit England some time, so maybe then!

    Chem and Maths are the bane of my existence. We have that in common, I prefer words to numbers and I’d love to travel … in my dreams 🙂

    • Would be so cool if you could visit – would love to invite you at my fave place Muffin Break for some hot chocolates.;-)
      P.S. just noticed your lemon flavoured jellybean.. love it!

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