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This post has been marinating in my phone’s Drafts section for a day or two now. So while it’s still morning, I thought to crack on this (before little one wakes up) — and as they say, “the early bird catches the worm.” Time difference in consideration, I know that for some, it might not be too early anymore. But I hope I would still catch you with this post.

I wouldn’t have known about this topic if it weren’t for Brittany at, who shared ‘Bloggers Beware’ post on her blog and linked up a story with it. So thank you, for spreading this to your blogger brethren.  After reading the story, I’ve just been itching to share this with you. Plus, I really like a good chitchat with you guys on this matter, because the paranoia vibe is all over me right now.

You can get sued for using pics on your blog! 

You’re probably saying  yeah, yeah, we know that already. What’s this old lady (I feel old) yapping about now?  Well, this is part of Roni Loren’s (writer and national best-selling author) post title on her blog, for every bloggers to see and read. Because her post is not just about copyright images — it involves all images you’re not certain about. This article revolves around her experience of being sued for using a photo from Google on her blog.

Although she’s taken action immediately once she received the take down notice from the photographer, a significant chunk of money also went down with it. And after reading the whole thing, especially the comments section, where everyone poured it out,  it freaked the little life in me. Roni also laid out all the possibilities and situations in her blog that could easily put us bloggers, Pinterest, tumblr, and Facebook users in her shoes. And putting a disclaimer in our blogs/posts doesn’t quite cover us on this folks.

Here’s a big chunk I took  from Roni’s helpful article that we all should pay attention to. (unfortunately since there were peeps who resorted to name calling, Roni had to close down the comments section — seriously, some people need to grow up a little.)

Here’s what we can ponder about what Roni learned about Fair Use:


  • if you link back to the source and list the photographer’s name
  • if the picture is not full-sized (only thumbnail size is okay)
  • if you did it innocently
  • if your site is non-commercial and you made no money from the use of the photo
  • if you didn’t claim the photo was yours
  • if you’ve added commentary in addition to having the pic in the post
  • if the picture is embedded and not saved on your server
  • if you have a disclaimer on your site.
  • if you immediately take down a pic if someone sends you a DMCA notice (you do have to take it down, but it doesn’t absolve you.)

NONE OF THAT releases you from liability. You are violating copyright if you have not gotten express PERMISSION from the copyright holder OR are using pics that are public domain, creative commons, etc. 

I know blogging is supposed to be fun, inspirational for others, or a way to channel one’s raging emotions or rants, but we are also reminded to blog responsibly. Am I wrong, or too assuming about this? I hope not. Giving other credits for their work when it’s due has always been one of blogging’s golden rules. Why? Because everyone’s work is their pride and joy, and for some, their livelihood. And let’s just say, those images or articles, don’t just pop out of nowhere, someone puts all their effort and time in them. 

But how many of us actually remember this all the time? I know I’m probably guilty of this myself without even realizing it  (and this excuse won’t let you get away either) because as important as this rule is, sometimes it can slip from our minds when we are in our blogging mode zone, where we just can’t wait to hit that Publish button. Of course, that’s because we don’t want our followers or readers to wait another day of no post. So one image or article, gets away without us being able to acknowledge who or where it’s from. And this would happen twice… and so on and so forth. I just did a blog hop, and yes, I saw many of these images streaming through many blogs with no proper recognition of the owner’s work or the site where they’ve been pulled out.

I now have to track down all the posts I have from good ‘ol web with images, links, quotes, and see if I’ve done them right. Roni has 700 posts from the past three years, and now she replaced them all with new photos. I know I only have about 70 posts to look through, but are you ready to backtrack yours?

So how do we move forward from here? Since all the avenues we thought we’ve covered to avoid the wrath of getting sued seemed like they’re of no use anymore? As a worried Mom blogger, I shared the news with AJ’s Dad just to get his opinion on this matter and this is how it went:

AJ’s Dad:  Simple, just get in contact with the company, owner, or site and ask permission if you could use their images.

Little Bean: But what if… what if you’re blogging now and you’re about to publish your post? What about that?

AJ’s Dad:  Well, if you want to do it the right way, then you have to wait.

Little Bean: ….. Geez.  

(As for the marinating part in the beginning of this post, that’s because I had to email Roni Loren and asked permission that I could take some useful info from her blog for this post, and gladly, she agreed. Thank you Roni.)

I’m now scavenging the net for some legit sites that not only say free images to download but also mean it. And as part of my self-learning journey, I might start doodling stickmen on Pixlr or Photoshop and will use them as visuals if they turn out well (face palm).

Can you tell that I’m one worried bean?

And from what I’ve learned from one of the comments, if you go to, you can now see who’s got your images on what site as well.

And last but not the least, Roni pointed out to assume that something is copyrighted until proven otherwise.

P.S. While I’ll leave you with this post and questions, please kindly spread the word to your fellow bloggers.

Note: Please read more about Roni’s post especially the comments section where photographers, writers and other bloggers shared their opinion on this matter.

How do you feel about this matter? Have you come across of any post similar to Roni’s experience?

Image: from and modified via Picsart



  1. Good debate. A good tip is reading the usage guidelines on each website. I´ve stumbled upon small writings forbidding use. While other´s allow it. That´s the way to go in order to steer into clear water. Usually bloggers/designer don´t mind other´s posting their images. It´s a great tool for free publicity.

    • Thanks Kajsa for the tip. But the thing is, do all of us read it? It’s just a shame that one writer (and I’m sure many out there I’ve not heard of) had to go through harsh situation like this. I definitely don’t mind my work to be shared or posted somewhere else, but a little credit just makes it a bit better.

      • I know. Sometimes you really have to read almost between the lines. Credit is mandatory in my world. You are on the safer side doing that. :)People appreciate to be recognized. Even though it´s says otherwise in your attached list of rules.

  2. This is a fabulous post! I’ve always listed where I’ve gotten the picture or pictures from…It’s nice to get a little credit when someone uses your photos that you’ve taken but I really don’t mind it when someone used one of the photos that I’ve taken. I guess nowadays with all the different media fronts its a lot harder to remember to credit. I mean especially with twitter and tumblr it’s so easy to just repost without whinking .

    • Thanks Lisa, I really can’t take full credit of this post, but I am so glad I could share it. I know, being said thank you for this or that means a lot to anyone who’s worked hard for it. But there’s just so many things to look out for these days.You’re right so many media fronts. We might not be aware of it but others are probably just like vultures waiting to catch up with our posts with their uncredited images and sue us!The horror!

  3. When I used to work for Groupon, I remember having to ask all websites/bloggers if we could use their images for the deals or on the blog and they always replied in the affirmative. It really IS very tedious to wait for permission so what I do is try to just use my own images. Also, it can be very difficult when you don’t know where the pictures are originally from :S

    • That’s very true Saran. The waiting can be excruciating sometimes and obviously would delay your work. So posting your own images if poss. is way better.Yes, I always worry about where pictures are from and most of the time would find the source, go into it and read a little. Thanks for sharing your experience on this.

  4. I had a whole class on copywright laws and stuff in University a couple years ago. Granted, it was in Canada. Still, many of the laws are very similar.

    There are two websites I know of that allow free use with attribution. Flickr commons lets you search for images. Many photographers are happy to let you download and use their images as long as you reference them.
    Wiki Commons also has a similar page but that one is more difficult to navigate.
    Hope this helps!

    • Peaches, thank you so much for this awesome information. I never knew much about copyright laws before and even now still learning, so the article I came across from Roni’s blog was really an eye-opener for me. Thanks for your contribution, really appreciate it.

  5. Wow what an eye opener. I have spent the last 2 hours now going back and updating/modifying all 200 of my posts. Any picture I wasn’t sure about I deleted. About half of the pictures I use are my own but the others are pics I have found on the interwebs. Thanks for the post! I’ll be sure to be careful from now on.

    • Hi Kirsten! The incident of Roni was really an eye opener for me, too. I got so paranoid over night that I started going through my posts and still not done since AJ comes first of course. And yes, luckily most of my reviews contain my own pics so I know it’s not a lot that I have to worry about – but still I am worried. LOL. Glad I could share hun.

  6. Now I put my own photos, since I love to take photos. I am aware of the copyright issue, and I put a linked to where I get the picture, and only in thumbnail. =).
    Thank for the post!

    • KC (I’m not sure if I can call you that. :-)) You take wonderful pictures, and not only that, you capture the heart of each picture you take. It’s so wonderful seeing them along with your short and sweet poems. I guess I was a little naive before when it came to copyright issues especially when I first started to blog, but over time (well last few months) I was able to learn from others, and this post I made via an article I read, was an eye opener for me. Thank you for dropping by once again.

      • Yes, you can call me KC, Kee Chua is my name, the Chinese pronounciation is Qiquan, it means praying for spring water. Everything take times, and inspiration, and lesson in life to become better. Now I also take photos from my heart, I cannot click without my heart consent =). I have a vast interest in everything in life, as long as it is not about violence. I will come by to read, especially the growing of AJ. =)


        • What a beautiful name, I love it when names have beautiful meanings behind them. You’re right, everything does take time, I supposed I learned that the hard way myself before. But you always have a choice to move on and see life differently – in a more positive way. I still am browsing your blog and will continue to do so. And continue capturing hearts with every click you make with your camera. Hope I can continue to keep you in the Bean Team. 🙂

          • I used to think about a response is good when I write in Facebook, but not now anymore, I am just happy to give without asking, so whenever you have time, I have good post, the visit happen or not is not an issue, most importantly, when I am back to your post, I see a happy mom.


  7. This is actually a very timely post, because I noticed several bloggers have put “COPYRIGHT” or “ALL RIGHT RESERVED” recently and thought is it necessary to have that kind of protection.

    I remember one time I was going to press the Publish button, then a thought came to my mind – why don’t I just Goggle one of the lines and see if I could find the author – it turned out the author has this “COPYRIGHT” thing on his site and requirements on using his works. After reading his long instruction, I decided to delete what I typed and started another new post.

    From then onwards, I would Google most of the time, we just can’t be too careful… But once these law related issues involved, the fun just kind of left the building – if you know what I mean.

    Anyway, really helpful post, thanks! I might reblog it.

    • Hi Gigi, you’re right, I have seen many bloggers who put this on their site and I thought of the same thing too, just never got round to doing one. I’ve been checking images I’ve used via since it’s actually quite helpful to track them down. I’ve not finished backtracking my posts since I’ve been busy with AJ too, but I will crack on this by tonight.

      Thank you very much for reblogging this post. Really appreciate it that you’re helping spread the word.

  8. Reblogged this on GiGiWellness28 and commented:
    Being a new blogger, there are so many things to learn. Today AJ’s Mom has published this post, which I found very helpful to me, so I wanted to share it with you guys – just in case someone reading my blog would be the same as me and need this information 🙂
    Have a glorious day 😀

  9. i always make sure my pictures and backgrounds are for free …thats why it takes so long to find them LOL =^_^= xox

    • You’re definitely right, it takes a while to find these things. I normally search with the word ‘free’ and whatever I’m looking for, but even that doesn’t work all the time, so I always double check. I still have some backtracking to do though. Just to be extra careful.

    • Lauren, I felt the same after I read Roni’s post, too. I was panicking all night and even writing this post, I had to ask her permission just to be sure I am not crossing the line. Yes, better safe than sorry.

  10. Well, I hate to be the bitch here, but, Duh. Its just like borrowing clothes. You always ask permission!

    I get these questions a lot, since I feature an inordinate number of pictures on my blog, most of them from stores. I use an idea book, and if I see something I like, I write it down, the website (whatever info I can get) and I contact the store owner (photographer, whatever) and send of an email. (before anyone asks about the cake one I did from Martha Stewart’s site, yes, I called and talked to their marketing people)

    But always ask permission. If they say no, they say no. Oh well! I guarantee no one here would like it if someone used their stuff without permission, either. Right?

    Great post 🙂

    • Hi! This was one of the things that were thrown at the comments section on Roni’s post about borrowing clothes and having to ask permission, of which another mentioned (I think a photographer) that writers wouldn’t be happy either if their works are being copied. I think there are just times when we tend to forget little things like this and the consequences are huge and costly at that. I am planning to feature another web designer’s work at some point, but I dropped him an email just to let him know, and luckily he agreed. So, I think, just like you said, you get a no, or sometimes a yes.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  11. i remember giving an image to an on-line literary journal years ago, very obscure and probably no longer in existence. but one day i saw it for sale on a poster webpage. wow, i was surprised. but i didn´t care. i would add this thought. cameras are cheap, photo programs even cheaper and so easy to use. i love the home-made approach to blogging and would love to see more non-professional pictures being used. i read a blog today about a woman who made a b-b-q for her friends and no one came! she had a simple photograph of her backyard and i loved it. something slick would have ruined the post for me… well, something to think about. very interesting post.

    • Hi Lorna, thanks for dropping by and sharing your experience. I would definitely feel the same if one of my works are being put up on sale without me knowing. You’re right about the home-made approach, I love that in a blog, too.
      One of Sweetjellybean’s followers, have this very home-y feel in her blog since she takes the pictures by herself (and if I’m not mistaken, not edited) and posts close ups of cupcakes and marble cakes. (of which kills me because they’re just so yummy LOL)
      Again, thanks for contributing.

    • no, they don’t. They prefer to actually do it themselves because then it’s personalized that way. I prefer to not make banners as well for others, since I would end up ‘owning’ that banner. 🙂

  12. It is scary though I’ve linked back and gave credit to the sites I took photos from I worried as you’ve in your post there that said this doesn’t matter. I’ve got 200 and something posts and no one has come with a torch to burn my house down yet. Lately I’ve taken to asking owners directly but not for all the photos I’ve used. Then again what if I found a pic I like from another blogger who doesn’t own it? What if we can’t find the original owner? Then I shouldn’t use it at all? *sighs* This is a worry for another day. Thanks for passing this on 🙂

    • You’re right about this, it’s quite a conundrum for us bloggers and what’s quite good what you’ve pointed out. That’s why I think we have to approach every images with cautious all the time.

  13. this is so interesting! I always give credit to whoever took the pic or from the place I got it but what about if its a pic of you? lets say? and what about if youre using the image but with a direct link tot the site?, lets say: a forever21 necklace? does that mean I have to email them every time I get a pic?
    youve made me a worried frigalista my bean!!!
    what to do? what to do?
    thanks for all your support D! cant wait for our blogger brunch!!

    • Hey there Dee, the Frugalista babe! Sorry to worry you Dee, but I was worried,in fact still is and is going through my stuff. I think, all I can say is approach everything with caution and if we’re unsure about these images, let’s just stay away from it than take a risk, since in the end, it won’t be worth it to get caught with lawsuits for one image, when we could find similar or the same somewhere that’s legit and free. Just like Roni said, even if we put a link, apparently. Although I’d say this, that I’m sure forever21 wouldn’t mind being advertise for free on a site as long as it’s credited and linked back properly. Thanks for bringing this up Dee. (Oh yes, brunch, can’t wait that, too.)

  14. i do get it a bit because I got pretty upset when I saw this coldplay fan sites with my pics! I felt like somebody was stealing something from me but what upset me wasnt that they used it, as much as I didnt know until I checked my traffic stats and found those links. Also, some sites chopped my face now that pissed me off!!

    • Oh that is definitely upsetting. I can only imagine how you must have felt especially when you took the effort to take the pics and whatnot. You see, these people are sometimes the reason when others start suing. Sometimes, we get reminded the hard way and so costly. ;-(

  15. I can say I was extremely worried after reading Roni’s story. I immediately took down any image that I did not personally take. I’m glad you shared this with your readers. We all have to look out for each other 🙂

    • Brittany, I wouldn’t have found out about it if it weren’t for you, so thank you. I am glad I am able to share this too, since like you said, we have to look out for each other.

  16. Hi this is a great post, I just started with my blog about two months ago and the first thing I was worry about was where to get nice pictures from, as I could see some blogs have some amazing photos I always wondered “where they get those pics from”, so when I was researching in the topic I found this post called “Photos you can use on your blog without breaking the law” and since, I only used pictures from flickr commons ( the ones I have use more are the “attribution licence” (Attribution 2.0 Generic) as they let you share (use) remix, alter, crop the images the only thing you need to do is credit the photographer.
    As for the pictures of products I’m not entire sure, but I think they don’t mind as you pushing they brand p.e. a blush, eyeshadow palette, lipsticks …maybe I’m wrong : S I have been thinking to contact the PR of this cosmetics companies just in case 😀

    • Hi Liss! Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been trying to gather sites that I could put together and share to everyone so then we don’t have to worry much about getting sued :-s, so this is very good. I normally use my own photos, especially for reviews and for product introduction, I think most companies definitely don’t mind if you promote them on your site with proper acknowledgement – that’s free advertising for them 🙂 It’s so hard to read small prints all the time, writing and putting your blog post together take ages to do already, and they you have to wait for your images to be approved? So yes, I can understand what others would feel about this.

  17. Great to think on these things and as one of your reader appropriately mentioned…if you want to borrow (clothes) one should naturally ask first!
    Going to share this now, AJ’s mom…lol just asking ahead of time! 🙂

  18. Reblogged this on Simply Charming and commented:
    Just so you know, if you are into borrowing images or ‘whatevers,’ to bring over to your blog, AJ’s Mom has a short “THINK” before you leap post…promise, it will only take a few minutes and maybe prevent the “how-come-no-one-told-me-about-this” before!
    ~Happy blogging!! 🙂

  19. Reblogged this on bipolarandbreastless and commented:
    I guess I’ll have to go back and eliminate the signs I’ve attached to various blogs, because I don’t know where they’ve come from. During nights of insomnia throughout the years, I’ve visited many places and if I liked an image, I captured it only to see and enjoy for myself. When I began blogging, I didn’t know how to give credit and according to this, even giving credit won’t prevent you from being sued. Therefore, I’m going to erase all of my images, except for the awards given to me. That’s sad because if I knew where these images came from, I’d gladly ask permission to use them, give credit where credit is due, etc. It’s too bad that the fear of lawsuits prevent us from doing so many things in our everyday lives. I never meant any harm and never meant to take credit for anything but my own writing!!

  20. This recently happened to me 😦 I added a photo to my blog which I took from google, I linked the image back to the page and also mentioned the photographers name in the post, but a week later the photographer contacted me. I was so scared! I had known a little bit about copyright, so I thought if I link it back, clearly state it’s not me, and also mention who took it, surely this means I’m not pretending it’s mine, if anything I’m helping spreading their work for free. Luckily for me, he was alright with it, he just said I wish you had asked me first.

    The problem I find is that this has scared me from blogging again. Blogging used to be something I did for fun or to relax after work or studying, but now it has become stressful to even think about it. Something I used to love researching and doing, is now become something I see as chore. Thinking about who I have to ask for permission, what the laws are, what are the limits, it’s just so much more work for something which should have just been something fun.

    I understand that the copyright laws are there to protect the work of those people, but I think that in certain circumstances it just restricts over people. I think there should be a rule where if your site makes money then copyright rules should apply to you, but if your blog doesn’t make any money then what’s the harm in using someone else’s work? As long as you link it back to them, I don’t see what’s wrong with that.

    • Laurie, I am so sorry to hear about your experience. I can only imagine how you must have felt. I would have probably freaked out. I’ve been backtracking my posts right now and deleting images and putting old posts that I’ve not backtracked yet as drafts and not published them. I am that worried. It’s fortunate that the photographer was ok with it, it could have been worst, just like what Roni suffered. You’re right, blogging is supposed to be fun, and I thought of this the very first time I started – but I feel very worried and always unsure if I am doing it right or not. On Roni’s blog, a few said that I think the photographer sued because Roni was writing (meaning she’s earning from it) but now with your experience, it seems that that’s not really the case. Thank you for sharing this experience and your thoughts about copyright laws. I really appreciate your input.

  21. This recently happened to me I added a photo to my blog which I took from google, I linked the image back to the page and also mentioned the photographers name in the post, but a week later the photographer contacted me. I was so scared! I had known a little bit about copyright, so I thought if I link it back, clearly state it\’s not me, and also mention who took it, surely this means I\’m not pretending it\’s mine, if anything I\’m helping spreading their work for free. Luckily for me, he was alright with it, he just said I wish you had asked me first.

    The problem I find is that this has scared me from blogging again. Blogging used to be something I did for fun or to relax after work or studying, but now it has become stressful to even think about it. Something I used to love researching and doing, is now become something I see as chore. Thinking about who I have to ask for permission, what the laws are, what are the limits, it\’s just so much more work for something which should have just been something fun.

    I understand that the copyright laws are there to protect the work of those people, but I think that in certain circumstances it just restricts over people. I think there should be a rule where if your site makes money then copyright rules should apply to you, but if your blog doesn\’t make any money then what\’s the harm in using someone else\’s work? As long as you link it back to them, I don\’t see what\’s wrong with that.

  22. Great post! And very important information! I was just wondering on the other way round… I am sure I always upload my taken pictures, and when I upload a jpg which is not mine, I desing it, and change it to my own style before posting it, but what about the pictures, I mean OUR pictures that we upload. I saw many bloggers that add a simple line to the bottom of their pictures to state they are theirs. Is it really necessary? If we want to stop others from using themç’? Keep posting , and thanks for the amazing info!!!

    • Hi! Glad you find some useful information in this post. As for your question about uploading OUR own pics, well, it’s really up to the blogger if they would like to put their website address on there. I don’t see it as compulsory, to be honest. I think I’ve done it in some of my posts but not all since I don’t see the need (for now anyway) for it. Although, it does kinda look neat sometimes, having your website address there and all. And also, let me just make a quick comment about your redesigning the jpg image of someone, it might still be safe if you link back to them if you use that in your post or double check if it’s not copyrighted. From what I’ve read and understood, that’s technically still theirs even if it’s modified – unless otherwise you’ve purchased it and have your own licensed for it. 🙂

  23. You know what AJ’s mommy dearest …the minute i got to see this post on your blog i immediately started to act on my blog … almost done i guess in removing google pics…..we all blog for happiness lets not mess our lives….what am not understanding is why should they penalise us when we give credit to their work ?…hmmmmm

    i felt the same as you ….same pinch 😦 am also scared when it comes to such stuffs
    good that you shared with us how to design our own banners by which am planning to make most of my creative stuffs for my blog instead of someone else’s photos

    literally your blog has become my guide 🙂 love you

    i have been so busy from couple of days that i have not dropped in to see how’s AJ….eating properly ? troubling mommy is it ? 🙂 🙂

    i will be back to check all your posts as soon as am done with my blog reconstruction 🙂

    keep rocking …dont worry you are a sweet jelly bean no one can trouble you 🙂

    • So sorry to scare you my dear, but I really wanted to share this after reading the post from Roni’s blog. I thought it might benefit a lot of bloggers, plus it would avoid any unfortunate situation.

      AJ is doing fine and growing well, he’s a handful but also makes me a happy Momma Bean. thanks for asking. :-)Good luck with the reconstruction.

      • thanks mommy 🙂 your blog has changed sweetly…. nice to see ads on it …will be regular visitor henceforth just taking time with redesigning…you have good concern about other bloggers . constantly helping with useful posts..:-) love you and bye …
        kisses to AJ 🙂

        • Yes, I’ve been doing some designing myself, little by little since I don’t have much time to concentrate when AJ wants my attention, too. I know, the ads 😦 I feel bad that it’s such an eyesore to I really don’t know how to go about it. We’re trying WordAds for a while and see how this would pan out – but this ad in the middle of the blog is making me twitch every time I see it. I’m so sorry about that.

          I do my best to contribute to the blogging community especially to beginners like me. Thanks for support.

          • Hey ads are not actually bad atleast for me….relax…

            Am sure all bloggers/visitors would have seen ads on every other site so they will not get distracted from content…it is really not looking bad for me so chill enjoy…

            As far as those ads pay you ….you should not be worrying 🙂

            I have something for you shortly …will let you know 🙂

    • Hi! Glad you found this post interesting. You know, I thought of it that way, too. But yes, apparently even this isn’t really enough. In fact, one of the girls in the comments said that she had an experience not long ago of linking back a picture and crediting the owner, but still got an email from the photographer asking her to take it down. Luckily, there was no suing or anything like that, but I can only imagine how she must have felt. :-s

    • Hello! I am doing the same thing, too. Still not done deleting and sorting out the rest of my posts. :-s You’re right, it’s better to be safe. Glad you found this post. 🙂

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