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How’s the Bean Team doing?

Wave and say hello to… Hello Everybody! Another Korean brand that has joined our bathing products family!

What they say…

Hello Everybody Nature Holic Body Care Line products use organic Herb Aloe Water that is certified by ECOCERT. It provides the dry skin with an immediate burst of moisture and nourishes the moisture barrier to break the cycle of dry skin

What they use…

Natural preservatives from nature and vegetable-based surfacant. NO toxic ingredients and is formulated without GMO’s, Parabens, Petrochemicals, Alcohol, Silicone and Synthetic dye.

I think the name is quite catchy.

So we’ve been given the chance by to try out this two lovely products from the Nature Holic Line, Honey Milk Body Wash and Lotion. As these products are without the many toxic ingredients my son and I are trying to avoid, I was more than willing to indulge ourselves. Plus, we do get dry skin from time to time so I thought, hey, let’s see and put you two to a test.

Size: 30 ml tube
Price: $3.99
Available at

Both are what you can call your travel size combo. Very easy and handy to carry around. Mine came in a small pull-string pouch/bag.

Goat Milk – wonderful for all skin types
It has high amounts of Vitamins (A, B1, B2, C, D) minerals.

Manuka Honey – a monofloral honey made by bees in New Zealand that frequent the manuka bush (now I know.)

Herb Clean Complex (Ecocert certified)
Oregano, Spearmint, Lemon balm
Protect skin from irritation

Honey Milk Body Wash

Yes, the name says it all. Pamper your skin with milk and honey. I love honey in my porridge or sometimes in my drink, like lemon and honey, which works wonders for me and my sore throat. Although I am bit iffy when it comes to smelling like one. I guess you could say that it’s from my earlier not-so-good experience with other products containing Manuka Honey – I just couldn’t stand the smell that would follow me around, wherever I go.

But alas! this product is not what I thought it would be. This body wash (gel) does not contain any overpowering smell at all. Just a baby powdery scent that smells absolutely lovely and refreshing. Baby powder fragrance is said to relive skin and reduce stress. Perfect.

Actually, AJ smells like one, with, or without baby powder on. And I’m not sure why’s that.

This body wash lathers very well without worrying about the nasty sulfates. It also has a slight citrus-like smell after rinsing, but rest assured that it’s not distracting.

Our experience:

  • Does not dry baby’s skin or mine
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and supple (baby-soft type)
  • Skin feels hydrated
  • Smells absolutely divine

I couldn’t stop sniffing AJ the first time I tried it on him because I could still smell this subtle lovely scent even after hours of taking him a shower! He must have thought I’d gone crazy.

This is definitely a lovely bath-time experience for both Mommy and baby.

Honey Milk Body Lotion

This creamy lotion is slight up a notch when it comes to how strong the smell is, compare to the body wash. Although this still has that baby powder fragrance, the citrusy smell is more noticeable on this one. In fact, I got this impression of smelling almost like a bar soap? It’s very strange, but that’s the best way I can put it. It does glide on perfectly on your skin, without the added stickiness afterwards. It absorbs quickly while leaving your skin soft to touch and smelling clean and fresh.

Having a sensitive skin and an eczema sufferer at that, under this conditions, it makes it hard for me to pick the right product since I had experiences with organic ones that still irritated my skin. So, I was very pleased when my skin got along well with this lotion. AJ’s, too! And what more can you ask when both products not only work for you, but for your baby as well?

One can argue that the size might be too small at 30ml considering the price, which I can definitely understand. So if there’s a downside to this product, it would only be this. Although I should point out, that a little goes a long way for the body wash since it lathers quite well.

Both products do have their big brother at 300ml, selling at $19.50 and comes with a pump dispenser for convenience!

The Nature Holic Line also carries the following range, Pink Grapefruit, Fresh Herb and Sweet Peach. Check them all out.

Go on, pamper yourself.

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What’s your favourite bathing products or body lotion? Are you more incline to indulge yourself in all natural products or organic ones? 



    • Oatmeal sounds nice, just like my breakfast 😉 – I’m not too big when it comes to Shea butter though, 😦 although I did when I was pregnant. Oh yes, AJ loves to take a shower! He stands there like a man! hahah so funny sometimes.

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