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TGIF Bean Team!

Wow, time is just zooming past us! And before we know it, Christmas is right infront of us!

Ok, ok. Just might be too early to bring that word up. 🙂

So, I wanted to share this with you whether you’re a Momma or not, this might still be worth knowing and then you could share this with your Momma friends and family.

I’m one of The Bump‘s many subscribers, so from time to time I get some really useful Mom and baby information, including the post I’ve read a while ago about Johnson & Johnson’s bedtime bath testing positive of marijuana. Yeah. I know. Hence, I went hunting for a different baby wash right away and that’s the recent Weleda experience we had.



Here are the recent recalls Johnson & Johnson announced on Wednesday 15th August.

  • Johnson & Johnson


My first reaction… what??? Formaldehyde? Read on.

So here’s that they’re actually saying:

Johnson & Johnson, owner of personal care brands Aveeno, Neutrogena and Clean & Clear, says it will remove a number of potentially harmful chemicals, including formaldehyde, from its line of adult consumer products by the end of 2015.

In November 2011, the company made a pledge to remove 4-dioxane and quaternium-15 from all baby products (such as Johnson’s baby shampoo) by 2013, as the two chemicals could potentially cause cancer.

Formaldehyde and 1,4 dioxane are not listed on the back of their personal care products because neither is technically considered an ingredient.

Johnson & Johnson also has plans to phase out more ingredients that are linked to health problems like phthalates (found in hairspray and fragrances), triclosan, (which is an anti bacterial substance that can be found in soaps) and all parabens, a type of preservative present in their baby and adult products. 

Momma Bean’s Thoughts:

I am glad that Johnson & Johnson’s is now stepping it up and joining the campaign of producing more eco-friendly products. Although, this whole transition could have happened sooner – but I supposed it’s easier said than done.

I am a paranoid Mom. And I am more than happy to admit that.

I never knew about these ingredients being present in their baby or adult products before, until I became a Mom. It’s terrible, I know, since I should have been more aware of these things. But that time of not knowing has passed, and now, I believe that being aware of these things, is beneficial in raising a healthy child. Ignorance is never a bliss at this point.

What are your thoughts on this move?

Or this little surprises we get to read on product ingredients that should not be in our products in the first place?

Have you joined the all-natural products wagon already?

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J&J Logo credit: Google Images –



    • You and I, are on the same boat, until now. 🙂 I know, it’s worrying and scary at the same time – especially for babies. Thank goodness they’re doing something about it.

    • I’m sorry but I am not sure why you would be getting multiple entries from me when I am only posting things once. In fact, I know this because I get notification of my own posts by email as I’ve set it up that way. But thank you for bringing this up so I can ask the rest of my followers if they’re having the same drive-me-nuts issue. And apologies, I’m not trying to drive you crazy.

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