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It seems that the comment I received a few days ago was not just someone pitchforking me out of the blue. I just received another comment from Elise M telling a much more informative comment. Apparently the Mini Haul post, as well as the And the Winner is post are double posts from her end.

I know this can be a bother to anyone. I would get bothered, not to mention irritated if Sweetjellybean is all over your inbox with all her ramblings, not once, but twice. So, I contacted Support already just to get some answers, as I really don’t want to lose anymore follower/s just because they’re getting blogged* up by my double posts.

I’m still waiting for Support to get back to me – one Happiness Engineer should be responding at some point, so I will keep you posted.

Once again, this bean doesn’t spam. And I’m sorry if you might start thinking of unfollowing this blog due to double posts – that I can assure you, are not deliberate.

Thank you for your support.


7 thoughts on “»DOUBLE POSTS ALERT!!! (AGAIN!)

    • It’s just strange, don’t you think? I set mine to receive on both email and WP Reader, but never saw double posts there – unless my eyes are playing with me. Some blog gremlin must be playing with me these days LOL. Don’t worry, I’m cool about it – just don’t want to bother other people who’s blogging happily and quietly. Thanks for the support, as always.

    • Maryanne! I could hug you and then treat you to a lovely dinner right about now! You just made me smile after me sulking here, scratching my head, thinking what in the name of gremlins are going on with my posts? I think we might have found the culprit already – talking to the Happiness Engineer now. Thanks for making me smile – actually giggle!

  1. I received your most recent posts twice. I know you are having issues so just ignored the extra posts. If I had received more than two of each, I would have said something.

    I just went back through my reader and some of the double-ups seem to have disappeared so whatever the Happiness Engineer is doing, it’s working. Hope you get it sorted soon.

    • Hi Beth! Thanks for the feedback. The Happiness Engineer managed to find the issue finally! Somehow two feeds my .com site and where publishing my post, hence the double posts. Not sure why, but they’ve rectified it.
      Glad that’s sorted, it really stressed me out a little especially not knowing what the gremlin is going on.

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