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Wishtrend Mini Haul: BB creams, Lip Balms & Skincare Goodies. ♥

This post will be less on my blah blahs, and more on the ogling.

This is the unboxing my most awaited mini haul from And no, I didn’t splurge like few months ago with my Mizon haul.

I’ve been waiting for this particular product, of which I would like to call ‘my best friend’. heh.

When wishtrend announced that they’ve launched L’Cret, I was so excited and placed my order right away.

Shipped on 10th August and arrived in one piece on 13th August! How cool is that. That’s their EMS delivery option. Supeeer fast, indeed.

Feast your eyes girlies! 

The trademark’s box!

Bubble-wrapped main product/s. I think I could probably fit more in this box. 🙂

Hello goodies! I’ve been waiting for you. ♥

(From left to right:) Klair’s samples pouch, L’Cret Miracle Magic Lipstick, Skin & Lab samples box, Skin79 x 4 types of BB Creams!

My lips best friend. Yes. L’Cret Magic Lipstick in Elegant Purple. (pssst… they also have nail polishes that would go along very well with any of the Magic Lipstick range!)

I will introduce this brand separately in the next post with swatches. So stay tuned. 

Don’t you just love this color? But wait…you’ll soon find out more about it when you wear it. 

Samples!!! Skin&Lab, Klair’s and Skin79 Super Plus Triple Function Vital BB cream.

(Pssst… if I’ve not told you already, wishtrend is known to be veeery generous when it comes to samples they send with your purchase. )

These ladies are rockin’ the Skin79 newest released BB creams. Comes in different shades and tailored to your skin needs. Watch this space as I will be doing some swatches and a little surprise on this. 🙂

The BB creams were sent for review, whereas the rest of the samples were included with my purchase. I only purchased one!! The L’Cret Magic Lipstick! I know. I get really excited when sellers are so generous with samples. Who doesn’t love samples?

I was little lucky to have a voucher for FREE shipping, so I chose EMS to try out how fast this is as they’re claiming. And I wasn’t disappointed. If you would like to know more about Delivery services – read this post, or this post. 

All products sold on their site are guaranteed to be authentic and recently manufactured. Fakes are looming around these days, so be very careful when you purchase yours.

Here’s what you need to look out for to confirm authenticity – especially with Skin79.

P.S. Guys, if you would like me to do a post a little bit more about BB creams, explaining their benefits, please let me know. I would be happy to do that for you.

What was your latest haul? What’s your lips’ best friend?

Have you joined the BB cream wagon, yet?


21 thoughts on “Wishtrend Mini Haul: BB creams, Lip Balms & Skincare Goodies. ♥

    • Thank you! When I got the lipstick, I thought, I should have bought another shade as well. Just glides on effortlessly. Will do some swatches soon, so watch this space. 🙂

  1. This is a double post… And I’ve seen other ones as double posts with your blog (such as the awards blog). Is something up? Maybe you should check it out?

    • Hi Elise. Oh my, really? I’m not sure what’s going on? I recently just posted about this issue before as one blogger said the same thing, but with the response from others, they’re telling they’re not getting double posts or multiple entries. Are you getting the double posts in your email? Let me know so I can contact Support and ask them what’s going on.

    • Hey Elise, I just wanted to thank you for letting me know about the issue on my posts. It’s now been fixed so WP Reader should not be showing my single post twice. 🙂

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