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And the winner is………

You… You …  and … Y♥U!


You’re all winners! It’s about time that I say this to all the bloggers that are receiving the awards below.

It’s that time again that I announced throughout the blogosphere the cool blogs that I follow and read. Are you one of them? Check out these bloggers, who rock this Momma Bean and make blog-reading worthwhile.

The last few days, I’ve felt like the Awards Collector going around, picking up awards that were given to me.  I sincerely apologize if I’ve taken a while to make this post.

First of all, let me thank the thoughtful bloggers who shared these awards with me. It’s amazing, it’s heartwarming, and it’s ego-boosting! And I would like to do the same for others and bestow them the source of these feelings.

Thank you to the following bloggers below for the awards you nominated for:

Note: (If you’ve nominated me and I’ve not mentioned you here, or not collected it, please message me. I still have at least 4 more awards to share, but I’d rather do them separately.)

Before I continue with the nominees, turned winners (in my opinion), I woud like to give my two cents about Blog Awards. I know some bloggers, as I’ve read somewhere, don’t really believe in them. Not sure why exactly, and I didn’t really bother to find out. But I can understand that once you get the award, you somewhat feel responsible to share it – which is really the main idea of Blog Awards, in the first place.

However, this should not become like a chore. A chore that you have to do, even if you don’t want to. I know it can be quite a task sometimes, especially when you get awards from left to right and have to nominate at least 20+ bloggers. But I hope, those who get them, will think of it this way – the bloggers, who have nominated you, took some time to sit down and mull over to themselves of who should get this award – and they thought of YOU. Yes. You.

And what happens next, is really up to you. If you feel that the award/s you received should be shared to those who deserved them, then do so. If not, then no one would chastise you. Just don’t do it especially when you feel forced, or feel burdened about it.

Ok. Now that my two cents are out of the way – here are the bloggers (and I decided to bend the rules once again) that deserved to be winners in my eyes.


And the winners are:

In no particular order:

♥One Lovely Blog Award – House on the Way  by Leslie

She recently just joined the Bean Team and I am very happy that she did. Leslie can make anything into something breathtaking, inspiring, and beautiful. She loves DIY. That’s one of the best ways of putting it.
Leslie can transform any old-looking mirror and make it the fairest of them all!  – one of my favourite posts. And she can make a withered wicker settee in the corner to look spanking new!

♥One Lovely Blog Award – River of the Heart Blog by KC

If you want wisdom, inspiration, natural beauty and you want your breath being taken away with his words, then his blog is the place to go. He takes pictures, captures the heart of that moment, and writes short and sweet poems, too. One of his posts – which is also another favorite of mine titled Letter, made me actually tear a little. Why? Because it was just beautiful. I feel that KC should really write all his poems down and compile them into a book. If would be an excellent read, wherever you are.

♥One Lovely Blog Award – Hot Chocolates and Books by Devina (but I call her Divine)

She is one of my newest blogger friend. What can I say? This girl loves hot chocolate, and so do I! Divine is a bookworm (I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that with her blog name and all :-P) and she enjoys a good read with a mug of hot choco in one hand. I wish that she would actually open a cafe, because I would really become her regular customer, who just sits there looking at book covers, (and that’s about it, really) while continuously sipping the goodness of hot chocolate. That’s my sugary friend. Her latest Date Formats on food stuff post, really made me think that perhaps there should be a universal format implemented. It would just save us all the headache. sigh*

♥One Lovely Blog – Peach Milky Tea by Sophie

Sophie’s blog is one of the newest blogs I follow. She loves all things cute and doll-like and have a soft spot when it comes to Asian products, as well as her interest in Japanese culture. Her blog is a breath of fresh air. If you love beautiful lashes and contact lenses, I think Sophie’s blog is your destination. She wears them beautifully and effortlessly. 🙂 And she has a kind heart, too. She recently made me something for this blog (of which I will reveal next time…) and I could not thank her enough for that.

♥Beautiful Blogger Award – Haute Fraugalista by Dee

Dee rocks! And she can rock any outfit, day or night. If you’re a follower of her blog, then you know what I’m talking about. From time to time, we have our Momma banters and tweets to each other. She’s a busy Momma on heels, and sometimes on flats. Her recent DIY on flat shoes inspired me and made me think of perhaps doing one. Dee would never say anything to make you feel down — meaning she will always inspire you! In fact, Dee was the one that kept suggesting that I should do a tutorial for the group banner I did for WFBC group. With that, I decided to do it, which earned me the Freshly Pressed podium. And I have Dee, to also thank for that. She’s beautiful inside and out.

♥Beautiful Blogger Award – Mamacravings by Eli’s Mom (I’ve yet to find out her first name.)

I am so glad that I was able to stumble upon her blog. She has the cutest and sweetest little boy ever. And her journey with him is something I look forward to, every time she would publish a post. Being a Momma myself, I can relate to the many things she’s shared and I somehow feel connected. Her newest post, Breakfast with Eli, made me say the longest awwwww, since their little conversations just melted this softy Momma’s heart. It made me look forward even more to AJ and I’s conversations in the near future.

♥Beautiful Blogger Award – Storybook Apothecary by Tianna

The brain and beauty behind the all-natural beauty tips and very informative reviews. I could camp at her blog and just stay there. She’s educated me a lot on natural beauty products, and introduced me to a few that I should have known, since they’re UK-based? (face palm) If it weren’t for Tianna, I probably wouldn’t have known the existence of the amazing Suti skincare. (their cleansing balm I can’t live without- and I meant that word for word) Not only that, Tianna made my first blog giveaway win experience worth remembering. She will not hesitate to go the extra mile for you. You’ll be very lucky to be her friend.

♥Beautiful Blogger Award – Skingoodness by Mon

Mon Likes me a lot. If you want the best online stalker in town, that would be Mon. I would wake up, do my chores at home, feed my baby,  and once I check my phone or my Mac, I would just see that she’s already liked almost all my posts, via Facebook. Thank you, Mon. We also enjoy a little banter and our banana talks. Her recent Banana Bread post made me go all day and night thinking about having a slice of it, like a craving pregnant woman. Luckily, like the heavens heard my tummy,  my Mom apparently baked banana bread that morning and shared a slice with me. Bliss.


I would like to end this (although this isn’t the end of Awards, I can assure you that) by saying, I want this post to be about them, not me. So I will do 7 random things next time in my next Blog Awards post. I feel like I’m getting old and sometimes going senile :-s, but I never forget a blogger’s kind gesture towards me, or my blog. And when I get the chance to let the whole blogosphere know your kindness, I would. Now’s that time.

Also, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Tianna, Divine, and Dee for always sharing their thoughts with this Momma Bean. You guys are my top 3 commenters (of all time!). And for all my followers, I can simply not do it without your support and readership. So thank you, and I cherish every likes and comments you shower this blog. (stay tuned for the biggest and most fun blog (I hope) blog giveaway ever!)

Have a great Monday morning, afternoon or evening!

For the rules of these awards, please check Page of Fame for the details.

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33 thoughts on “And the winner is………

    • Hey Dee! Just saw your post on this App DIY. How cool! I’ve just played around and getting the hang of it – trust me, I’m slow sometimes. LOL. I’m a little bugged down right now as I have another message saying that she’s also getting double posts from me – at least this was more constructive, so I just emailed Support to get some answers.

  1. First my heartfelt thank you. It is just simply joyful to share my words with readers.

    I came to your blog in search of the beautiful love of you to your loving child AJ, and the words you share with us. You have created a very lovely blog, and I like it very much, it is like another joyful event has taken place in this blog.


  2. Congratulations Donah and Thank you so much! Truth is I cried a little when I read this post and my heart beats in appreciation, you’re very kind. I look forward to reading your blog for a very very very … okay you get it … long time. I’m so happy to know that I’ll be reading along to your little adventures as baby AJ grows up 🙂

    As for my cafe, I might not get to be having one in this lifetime (but you never know) however I’m coming up with a small something up my sleeves that might come close. When I get it on paper and if it’s looking good I’ll tell you about it, heck, I’ll still tell you even if it sounds as stable as the little pig’s straw house.

    Thanks again! 😀

    • Awww, now you’re gonna make me cry! :-s :-p. I’m glad I made one soul happy with this post. You definitely deserved it and all I’ve said there about you are all true. I really loved doing this post – it took a bit of time putting it together, but I am so glad that I finally did it, the way I wanted it. I know you’ll do good with your writing Divine, I know you would. With passion, you can make everything happen, just the way you want it to be. Good luck with your exams (I think it’s almost here, isn’t it)

      And you’re welcome. – and thank you, too!

  3. Thanks, Hun! 😀 It’s always so flattering to receive an award, thank you so much! I can’t help it, I stalk because I really like your posts :D… quick question: what is the proper etiquette when you receive an award you’ve already received (and you only follow a handful of blogs)…. do you just thank the person who awarded you and leave it at that, or pass on the same award to the same blogs you’ve awarded previously – the first time around?

    • Hello! You’re welcome and you deserve it! To be honest, I don’t really know the proper etiquette on this but – if it were me, and I received the same award already – I would thank the blogger who gave it to me and leave it at that. or if I have other blogs I’ve not nominated and wanted to, I would do that again.
      That’s why with these awards now, I did mind differently and nominated 4 of each. Hope that helps.

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