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Quick Update & Who’s leading the bean jar!

Hello Everyone!

I just want to say that I am very happy with the amount of support I received when I launched my giveaway. Remember this is ongoing until 17 December, Monday. I worked this out and I think once I announced the winner and I get your details, your goodies will be shipped to you, right away!

Currently, Kirsten from F00dventures is currently leading the bean jar! Followed by Liss at Latinolook based on just one post! But remember, we have at least 4 months to go!!! So just let me know if you want to join and I’ll start counting your likes and comments that you’ve done already beginning from the Giveaway post. It’s that easy. You don’t have to think about it. Just do what you do now… blog!

I currently have 8 ladies that have joined from all over the world. This is open internationally, so wherever you are, I will ship to you (and I’m forking everything out from the piggy bank haha- kidding. )

I’ve just made a giveaway badge for this event. You’re more than welcome to post this anywhere on your blog – check my sidebar for the ‘grab box’ code.  (I’ll give you 10 jellybeans = 10 name tags! for this one!)

For details check this post or message me!  Next giveaway update will be in 2 weeks time 5th September, and I will announce the Featured Blogger, too!

Join the fun! This is definitely your hassle-free giveaway!



22 thoughts on “Quick Update & Who’s leading the bean jar!

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  2. How did you do the badge? I’m totally lost about how to do them, this one is soo cute! I will be putting in my site as soon as I get home! Big hug! ❤ you can also enter to the giveaway in latinolook, is not as creative as yours!
    But you may like it hun! Kiss kiss :-*

    • Lisa, try copying and pasting it again – but this time, check first if this ” looks curvy or not – if the quotation marks look curvy, then just click quotation marks again and reenter on whichever area it’s present – this time it should look straight, not curvy. Try that, if it doesn’t work let me know.

  3. Ok, the button wasn’t showing up for some reason, but I manage to do it in a different way so now it’s working, I did a screen shot of the button and then upload it to photobucket, then add an image widget on my sidebar with a link to the giveaway. 😀

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