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A yummy post…

Thursday is rather slow today. It feels like I could hear the clock ticking.

While I was browsing my files on my Mac, in the hope that I could get them organized, I came across some of the photos I took before.

As a result, I’ve put them all together using none other than Pixlr Express to present them to you.

So, this is another short and sweet post of mine that I would like to share with you. 

Giving you a glimpse of the foods that have a very special place in my heart.

(P.S. What foods do you love?)

I’m not an expert cook, but I love to experiment in the kitchen.

Main picture: Rice & Prawn dish (with chinese mushrooms and baby spinach)
Top to bottom: Cheerios breakfast cereal (we both love this cereal), Noodles with fried egg, sliced pickled radish & spring onions, Chips! (or you can call it chubby french fries LOL), Beef tofu soup (my improvised dish of my favourite Korean dish – AJ loves this so much), Fresh & crunchy salad.

Now, time to whip up something for dinner. How’s chicken pasta with Italian herb sauce sound to you?


41 thoughts on “A yummy post…

  1. YUM!!! That rice & prawn dish looks excellent!!! Care to share the recipe?

    My family’s *fave* is Tonkatsu, which is a Japanese dish. The Tonkatsu sauce is fought over in our house! We put it on burgers, fish, our fingers, etc….

    Thanks for sharing the yummies (^∇^)

  2. I have a major weakness for noodles, mushroom chow mein style mmmmmm just thinking about them is making me hungry as is looking at those pics! 🙂

    • hahah, you and I are the same. I like black bean noodles so much, even I got my little boy so into it, too. mmm chow mein. I just ate, and now I feel like I could eat again LOL

      • LoL that’s what my friend Stella always says. She’s Chinese so it’s every day ricee. I am doing a low carb diet thing and she’s like ‘dude I can’t live without my rice!!” haha I love rice too, but I can live without. But I think if I lived with her and ate her food everyday, I couldn’t .She makes bomb rice with seaweed and fish! omggg ❤ hungry now haha x

        • Seaweed!!! We heart that in this house. AJ eats it with a passion LOL. I actually cooked fish yesterday and it was gone in minutes haha. Mind you, I only started eating rice again when I met AJ’s Dad. When I was living with my Mom, I would have it at least once or twice a week only. But apparently, AJ’s Dad loves rice and he kept making them when I was pregnant. Now, AJ loves it, too. We could it rice and egg, and we’ll be in heaven.

          I think it’s about time you grab yourself something to eat LOL.

  3. Everything looks great! I love food too, and cooking. I love making katsu curry, which is a Japanese mild curry with breaded pork cutlets! It’s so yummy! I also love omurice, Chicken Tonight (chicken with rice and a sauce like Spanish tomato and herb or creamy peppercorn)!

    • Oh wow! I love breaded pork cutlets. Hoard them when I was pregnant hahah. Shame I can’t find them here in the UK as much, though. I was actually thinking of making omurice, sounds so delish. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. Yummy stuff! I’ve a weakness for prawns and I love noodles especially in chicken noodle soup! As a rule I don’t eat beef. Cheerios are a sweet treat but I like Honey bunches of Oats with almonds better. I can’t cook much but eating isn’t a problem 😉

    • I love prawns so much. Although I notice that I can’t go overboard with it since my allergies (very very mild) will kick in. Still I love it. My little one can eat Cheerios on its own.. crunchhhhh! ha ha. I didn’t know about cooking either, but had to learn it..otherwise my little boy and I will starve LOL.

  5. AJ’s Mum,

    Please could you advise how to deal with the image sizes when uploading many images like this one?

    Do I have to RESIZE first?

    If I don’t resize, how can I make all images fit into the their square perfectly?

    I tried uploading many images, but my images turned out to be rectangle, and there’ll be space left on the square boxes instead of covering the square box. I hope you know what I mean.

    Hope you’ll be able to help me. Thanks.

  6. I’m talking about this particular FOOD image that you presented. How did you make all images fit into the SQUARES, with pixir express? When I tried, the images will not fit perfectly, as images tend to be rectangle than square. It means that when I tried, there are empty space within the square. Do you have any secret weapon again!? Many thanks.

    • Ohhh, this one. Yes, this was via Pixlr Express – thank goodness for this tool! My images were not of the same size and some I had to crop via Pixlr, since you can easily do that while working on a project… and if they seem to be rectangular or does not fit the whole square thing, you need to crop and zoom it, that would do the trick. Let me know, if you need more info, you and I can do a session on this, I don’t mind. 🙂

  7. mmm, yummy! I’m not some expert in the kitchen either, but I do love making cakes. Meat is a must-have on my plate, then pasta, rice, and bean ofcourse :))

    • Oh yeah, looks like one, doesn’t it? My Mom does. Never tried it yet. Might be too strong for my little boy, and I normally cook food based on his taste..hehe.

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  9. OMG! OMG! How did I miss this post!!!! soooo sorry. I am a total foodie person, my friends have gotten to know that before they even touch their cutlery that I need to take photos of their dishes as I ‘Foodspot’ 😉 I am a HUGE foodspotting person 😉
    I love the beef tofu soup, any chance of posting the recipe? 😉

    • You’ve found another Foodie! hahahha I can’t say no to food. Ohh… interesting foodspotting. I feel kinda embarrass sharing the recipe as there’s none :-D. I basically just stripped off most of the ingredients that you’ll find in a proper Korean beef tofu soup – this soup I made is AJ-friendly, but sooo easy to make.

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