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MOOM®: Sugaring, painless hair removal solution.

Who likes unwanted hair? No one! We want them off! And what better way to do it but to go pain-free! Too good, to be true? Let’s find out, shall we?

Excess hair, unwanted hair, we want them off!

We all know by now that most women (and I chose to say most, and not all, as I didn’t want to assume) will do anything for the sake of looking all-groomed and beautiful, especially in the summer!  And yes, we’ll put ourselves in an unthinkable, and painful situation for it.

For example,  eyebrow threading, lip waxing, using an epilator (::shudder::), shaving, laser hair removal — and even to the point that we start to DIY hair waxing!  Who could blame us? DIY is the next best thing if you don’t want to spend on expensive treatments out there. Consequently, we get burned by wax, horrible uneven patches, cuts and nicks, and just a whollata disastrous experience!

So, how does MOOM® come to our rescue? It’s an all-natural painless hair removal system.  Tell me, who would want pain if there’s an alternative, let’s say, no pain??

(Thanks to MOOM® for following me on Twitter, otherwise I wouldn’t have known about their fantastic site!)

This painless hair removal solution is achieved by Sugaring. With the usual waxing, although the hair is removed from the root, it’s extremely painful and damages the skin. I can attest to that! Sugaring however, is the gentler version of waxing while caring for your skin at the same time.

The ingredients used are as follows — and quite impressive.

Sugar, Chamomile, Lemon Juice, Water and Tea Tree Oil. Your all-natural ingredients that will give your skin the much-needed  T.L.C after removing unwanted hair, as well as giving you a softer, and smoother finish.

It also claimed that with long-term use of this product:

  • Regrowth is sparse
  • Hair is thinner
  • And expect to be hair-free for up to 8 weeks! (all depends on how quickly your hair grow back)

Are you in, yet?

Here are some of the things about MOOM® that are worth knowing:

More Than a Hair Remover

  • Removes impurities and dead skin cells from the skin surface.
  • Chamomile and lemon in MOOM® act as natural antiseptics as well as skin enhancers.
  • Tea tree oil is renowned in eliminating acne and blemishes.
  • Skin feels softer and smoother with each use.

Cost Effective

  • A little goes a long way.
  • One step epilation, no need for costly and time consuming after treatment lotions.
  • MOOM® strips are washable and reusable for years, no need to purchase a complete hair removal kit, just the replacement jars.

Environmentally Friendly

  • We have made a conscious effort to be a part of the movement toward preservation of our precious environment.
  • Member of the Beauty Without Cruelty organization
  • Member of Natural Nutrition Food Association and BBSI
  • There are ABSOLUTELY NO chemicals, perfumes or artificial substances in MOOM®.
  • MOOM’s® unique color is completely natural and results form the development process.
  • No animal testing.
  • No unnecessary packaging waste.
  • Our containers and jars are recyclable.

And if you want to find out if sugaring is for you, then you can purchase their hair removal kit for £14.99. This kit has everything you need, including step by step instructions.

Not only that, they have different types of hair removal solution depending on your skin type as well, such as:

Normal to sensitive skin (Tea Tree), Dry to sensitive skin (Rose Essence) Extra sensitive skin (Lavender)

You can also get a refill if you’ve run out of your stash, but MOOM® says, a little goes a long way!

Are you ready to MOOM® those unwanted hair?

For more details on how MOOM® was established, check out the story here.

UK site:
US site: (and on this site, you’ll see more countries that might correspond to where you are now.)


What’s your alltime favourite hair removal solution? Any thoughts about MOOM®?


17 thoughts on “MOOM®: Sugaring, painless hair removal solution.

  1. I don’t mind getting rid of hair on my legs except every time when the hair begins to regrow they itch like there’s no tomorrow so I only shave when I absolutely have to.

    Honestly though, I hold this belief that if I was born this way why should I change this part of me? Hair isn’t harmful to me, only it’s that it seems unsightly to the eyes, should that reason alone convince me to remove the hair? In the end it’s our bodies, we have a choice to do what ever we want to it.

    Are you thinking of try this product out? It sounds promising.

    • You and I are so much alike when it comes to this. I, too haet it when the hair begins to grow back, so annoying and irritating. You’re right, hair isn’t really harmful, and to be honest, it keeps me warm, LOL, sounds funny but that’s the truth! I feel more protected with it. I think that’s the whole purpose of why it’s there. And yes, we all have our different choices since back in my hometown, hair is not such a big issue and people just let it grow! No kidding!

      Yep, I wanna try this out and see if it really works. Companies can sometimes hype their products up, so I better see it for myself. 😉

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  3. Ooh I have never heard of this before! I used to use wax strips because they were easy but took so much effort and time so I have resorted to using razors again but the effects just don’t last long enough! This looks amazing though and surprisingly affordable…I’d expect something like this to cost a lot more! When pay day rolls in I will definitely have to try it! Thank you for sharing!

    • It does, doesn’t it? I think they just have their products on their site. Although, I’m going to check if I can find any special offers on this or not LOL love a bargain!

  4. Hi Everyone! Thank you so much for the wonderful review. Hair removal is a personal choice, but for those who want a longer lasting method without the pain of waxing, we can offer you a viable alternative. We would love to hear your feedback after you have tried the product. If you are looking for promotions, please forward your email to to join our mailing list!

    • Hey Moom! It’s Donah here, the one bean behind! Thanks so much for dropping by and for this wonderful comment. It was great to come across you guys on Twitter! I shall be forwarding my email to you! 🙂 Can’t wait to try your products. 🙂

  5. what an interesting idea! i hate shaving but feel it is definitely necessary. i may look into this though. shaving is such a pain. thanks for the post! i had never heard of this brand before.

    • I know! I was like, pain-free?? what??? hahah. Yes to the necessary bit! But I hateeee shaving. I’d prefer waxing :-s so painful,but now I’m gonna Moom it and see how that goes. 😉

      • i hate shaving! it’s just…annoying. i love the warm weather but i’m looking forward to the weather cooling down so i don’t have to shave as much lol ill have to look into this moom stuff. may be worth it if it would mean less shaving.

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