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Round ‘Em Up!: August posts in pictures & more!

TGIF Sweetjellybeans! Wow, time flies! One more beauty sleep, we will be waking up in September! Yay!
So many things to look forward to, including the coming up mini giveaways! While, I cook them up, why not take a look at some of my August posts in pictures — before we kiss this month goodbye?

I’ve been meaning to do this whole round up/recap thing for ages! You could say the idea sprouted from one of my favourite websites,,  and then later on, got fueled up more by the awesome’s weekly round up of her posts! Thanks Tianna!

Simply click an image, and this would take you straight to the corresponding post.

Like the idea? I used the side by side method for these images, while substituting the link url to whatever the post url is!

More exciting addition to this blog:

In my attempt to enhance the reading experience of my international readers, I’ve searched high and low for the best possible way to translate this blog into different languages and alas!  I’ve now added a widget that would translate this blog into 53 languages! How cool is that!

Thanks to timethief at for her amazing post on this. If you click the widget icon, this will take you to my Translation static page. There you can choose the languages. Try it for yourself!
Free Translation Widget

As I always want to hear your comments and feedbacks, please do share any cool widgets you might be interested in adding to your blog for your readers’ benefit. Perhaps we can all look for it or do it together! You know I’m always up for fun and cool ideas. 😉

Have a great Friday everyone!


27 thoughts on “Round ‘Em Up!: August posts in pictures & more!

  1. AJ’s mum,

    Translation is a great idea, but I feel it’s rather risky to use a machine to translate your amazing blog posts.

    I tried it on the Chinese language. The translation was literal, and it was awful. The only good thing was you could work out some keywords from English.

    We never encourage students to use Google translation, for this reason. Translating a word could possibly be ok, but translating a phrase, a sentence, a blog post is not a good idea.

    I like your side-by-side pictures. I want to learn how to do it! Thanks for your inspiration.

    • Janet,
      This is such a good feedback. I think I should look at the translation when it comes to my native language. Thank you very much for telling me this, something to really think about. 🙂

  2. Hi! I did something similar yesterday ^^ I just wanted to ask you… How do you set a different picture in the home page (the one with the heart) and is not included in the post? If that makes sense : ) it’s soo cool.
    Big virtual hug! ❤

    • Oh yeah, I just went to check your post actually.. strange I didn’t get any alerts. I’ve set this up using Post Excerpts since this theme has that option… another option that you could do this as well, is Featured Image.. I’m not sure what’s the setting for your theme. What are you using currently?

  3. An excellent idea to keep everything of a month in one post =). I like the translation, in fact, even in Chinese, because it has become such a cute thing to see words in the original meaning.


    • hmmm.. I like Twenty Eleven due to the many post formats it has. But I still feel the limitations with this theme, and that’s something Origin has filled those limitations. If you want something similar to what I do on my blog – example the pic and the bits of writing below before the Click here… the options I can think of are:

      a. You have to write a post and then the Image in the beginning before the actual content – and use the More tag. I think you’re already using this on your blog – that’s the best possible way to achieve this. Also, may I suggest that you utilize the width of this theme, meaning, use pictures with 640 width, as this would look much better (my opinion). With mine, I use 640 width and the height is between 400-480 depending on what pictures I use.
      b. Change your theme. It might be daunting at first to change things.. but right now, WP released at least 3 beautiful themes, Twenty 12, Sight and Able and both will suit the concept of your blog. I’d say double check Sight, and see what you think. It has a fresh & clean feel but more room to prettify it. 🙂 Good luck Liss!

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  5. Hi D! I think you should put a link to the actual post in the featured picture
    (the same you have done with this one) as sometimes (just sometimes) I can’t find the title to click so is always easy to click the picture that take you to the post ( I found that recently in my blog as well hihi ^^)
    I don’t know if I’m making any sense
    Love your blog! ❤

    • Thanks Liss! I love it when my blogger friends give me wonderful feedbacks, just like this! I did do this before, but I wasn’t sure if someone really noticed without me saying click this or that. hahaha. but now I’ve revised it a little for the 1st and 2nd post and will work on the others later on. Thanks again! And yes, you’re making sense! haha

      Glad you’ve changed the layout of your blog. Love it, too! 🙂

      • Hi D! I’m glad to help you! I though my comment was a bit confusing haha!
        I’m still not entirely sure about how my blog looks…I think is the background and the header…I want to put a brush with powder in the one of the corner but for that I have to have a good picture…(which I haven’t)….or buy one…(to expensive)….
        anyway… this comment is very long now haha..
        I hope you have a great week! ❤

        • You certainly did help! Thank you. It will take time to do it for all the post I have, and yes, I kinda have an OCD and have to do everything as well LOL. I’m sure you’ll find a good pic at some point, but taking a pic on your own will probably be better. Things like this such as background and header do take time before we can finally say, oh yeah, that’s it for me. Mine took more than 4 months before I said, that’s it I’m done with my header and background hahahah, I’ve not changed my header for about a month now and that’s an achievement for me LOL

  6. Hi D, Can’t believe I didn’t leave you a comment here. I realised I liked it but forgot the comment. I am glad you started to do the round up at the end of each month as I think we only found each other half way through August so with a quick glance at the round up and I can see what I missed out on.
    I also love how you changed your background – very cute 🙂

    • Thanks Angie! I just thought that some would not have the time to scroll all the way down just to check what’s been happening, so I thought a monthly round up would be fitting. Yes, I think so, and I can’t even remember how we found each other. LOl

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