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What’s New, Hot, and Not!: September Blog Updates

Wow! Talking about time zooming passed us! Below this post is my August’s round up post, and now we’re literally on the 3rd day of this month? Do I smell Christmas pudding, or what? So let’s find out what this Momma Bean has in-store for you for this month, shall we? Don’t forget to share yours, too!

I have high hopes for September, and I hope you do, too (!), in terms of what you have planned for your good ‘ol blog. I think we try to set our goals when it comes to something we’re passionate about, and some of us are passionate about blogging. 🙂

So this new concept of ‘What’s New, Hot, and Not!’ will be another monthly feature, along with the Round ‘Em Up post. I thought that it would be nice to do this on a monthly basis, instead of just doing general updates here and there. The last thing I want is to spam you!

So, here we go!

A new month means a new addition!

  • Well-loved shops or brands

You’ll soon noticed this on my Navigation bar with further description of brands or shops I’ve tried and tested.  I also aim to feature their web badge or logo on my sidebar for quick access to their respective sites.

  • New point-based system for products or services review

In my hope to organize things better and present them clearer to all my readers, with my fiancee’s help, we were able to come up with a new point-based system for product reviews that I will share here with you. It might mean more work for me, but I am sure I will enjoy putting things together, along with my two cents.

Please note, that all products that I will put up here are either purchased with my own money, or those that I’ve suggested for the companies to send me. Why I do the suggesting? Because what’s the point of just reviewing any product willy-nilly, when it does not relate to what this blog is all about, or products that I don’t even feel are worth sharing?

In addition to the above, I just want to include that I don’t get freebies. Whoever says that once your blog gets affiliated with companies (or when PR is involved) you receive freebies, well, you got it all wrong!  Nothing in this world is free, and the same thing applies to all product samples to be reviewed.

So, new point-based system coming up! (hint: beans!)

  • Latest UK-based brand affiliation

I feel fortunate to say that a particular brand (will be introduced soon), of which products I sincerely adore and buy frequently, gave me a positive response after my recent proactive approach. In other words, more great products to share with you, and mini giveaways from this brand to be launched! This was already in the works, but I didn’t want to spill the beans right away without proper confirmation from the MD.

  • Giveaways!

Have you joined my very first giveaway, yet? Don’t worry if you haven’t, I’m still counting jellybeans!
As stated, more mini giveaways to come. Stay tuned!

  • Member of

This Momma Bean is now a member the Mommalicious  Mammas! A community for Moms made by Moms. Wanna know about this site, check here. 

  • Moderating all comments.

Due to the fact that blog-creepers apparently do exist, I started to put my foot down by moderating all comments that come in. Good intentions that are becoming suspicious are no longer welcome, instead they will join the spam parade and will be deleted forever! I know, this definitely belong to the ‘What’s Not Hot!’.

  • No longer part of an FB group

As of two days ago, I’m no longer part of the group that I used to participate in actively. As much as this fact brings sadness to me, after weighing things rationally and getting my fiancee’s opinion as well, leaving was the best thing to do. I do have my very own valid reasons, and by no means influenced by others, as some of you might think.

I am still a member of another FB group called (FBL) Fashion Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers, so we can all still huddle there, and hopefully, enjoy a nice banter. Would love to do that with you. 

On a brighter note!…

I would like to thank my followers, Janet from Janet’s Notebook and KC from River Of The Heart, who both gave me feedbacks on the Translation widget on my sidebar. With their feedbacks taken into account,  I checked it out for myself using my native tongue*, and I could not stop giggling after reading my blog in my language!  Basically, it translated the blog word for word, and some translations did not sound quite well!
*(English, by the way, is not my first language. I’m sure you’ve noticed it by now with my writing — and folks, I’m still learning).

I was planning to do a simplified version of how I set the Translation widget up, but I feel reluctant now due to the info above. However, if you’re still interested, you’re more than welcome to check, where I got the details from in the first place.

Finally, I always aim to share whatever Blog DIY (with certain limitations, of course) I have applied on my site. And if you want to apply the same aspect on your blog, I would like to encourage you to also improvise the design or idea, and make it your own. Since that’s what I also do on this blog, without forgetting to credit the blogger/s who inspired me . And whenever I hear that I inspire a blogger or two, for whatever reason, you’ll be pleased to know that I see this as one of this blog’s greatest achievements.

Here’s to the Fun, Sweet and Inspirational Bloggers out there! Well done!

So, what’s new, hot, or not on your blog? Feel free to share. 


25 thoughts on “What’s New, Hot, and Not!: September Blog Updates

  1. I actually had no idea English wasn’t your first language. You speak English very well (well, I guess I should say write). Sounds like you have some great posts coming up in September! Can’t wait!

    • Hi Renee! Thanks for dropping by with this heartwarming comments. I really find your blog inspirational and it’s just oozing with love and friendship.. I shall be visiting and camping out there at some point.. just need my next post to be published and I’ll blog hop to yours – blogging buddy! x Happy Monday to you, too!

      • HI Donah. YOU are most welcome. Thank-you for all your kind words. I know I will be learning more by reading your ‘post full of information’ that are most helpful for a newbie like me. I will give you a huge mention when I get my ‘awards post’ done. Life gets too busy at times. Happy Tuesday Blogging Buddy! 🙂

  2. You’re one busy bean, let me tell you that. I honestly thought English was your first language! I didn’t find any hints that said otherwise.
    Did you get my tweet about your giveaway? I just noticed its badge, which is now pinned on my sidebar. I hope that you and your little man will have a good week ahead 😀

    • Hello my sugary friend! Yep, it seems like I’m one busy bean, doesn’t it? Actually, I’m already behind with many things I wanted to write about 😦 and I feel bad when things get postponed or late. Not good. Oh yessss, I got your tweet, but didn’t you get mine? hmmm. You’re on my list already 😉 Thanks for pinning the badge! 10 jellybeans for you! hahahah

      You, too! Have a great week and I definitely need a tutor LOL.

  3. Nope, I didn’t get your tweet. Maybe I deleted it by mistake or something. Oi vey, I know what it feels like for putting off posts (I have about three of them lined up, all in need of editing). But try not to stress too much, okay? Take it all one sip at a time 🙂 I’d be glad to tutor you if we can find a way to work it out 😉

    • Awww, thanks so much Divine. I shall try and find a way. I guess, I’ll have to think first any questions I have about grammar, and start from there. Yeah, I’m trying to stay compose and chill about late posts hehe. I just tweeted you something, enjoy! 😉

  4. my dear momma Bean!!! how have I missed this fun and sweet place!! well, round them up and get the hor or not are such awesome ideas!!! cant wait to see which brand will you be reviewing but Im sure is a kick-butt one since youre simply great! well, about the comments… YES!!! moderate!!! creepers everywhere and we dont want that!! and we will def see each other at FBL! I’m there too so let’s make it awesomer! lol

    • Whoa!!! How did I miss this??? :-s :-s I really thought I’d reply to this as well.. and you know, I’m kinda good at replying ::sad face:: And you have one of the nicest comments here!!!! huhuhu. I think I’m going senile already. On a brighter note! You’re in my next post! 😀

  5. Hi D! All great ideas ! You really don’t deserve bad comments in this blog, so moderating is the best way to do it. I try to do the points system as well in a few post, I called them ‘latinolook starts’ 1/5 but I don’t know why I stopped using them hehe.
    Keep up the good work D, your blog rocks!

    Big hug!

    • Thank you Liss! Just a nuisance when people don’t know how to deal things the right way, you know? The whole point system was AJ’s Dad idea, and all credit goes to him for that LOL. I just made the table, the beans, and the judging hahahha. But yes, apparently, this table thing really worked! I got a good feedback from the Co-Founder of the company who provided these products, so I thought cool. Just took a lot of time to do, as always when it comes to reviews. You should carry on with yours, i think it’s a neat idea. Should have thought of this sooner. 🙂

      • Yes, I saw the table in the bb creams post, I thought It was fantastic! I haven’t comment on it yet because I haven’t finished reading it ^^
        I hope you have a great weekend D! ❤

        • hey Liss! thanks for dropping by! I do hope you’re feeling better already :-s as you sayd you weren’t very well last time. Have a good weekend to you, too! 🙂

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