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Skin79 Super Plus BB Creams: Thoughts, Pictures & Swatches

Do you have a soft spot for BB creams? Then, you might feel the same way for this brand and its upgraded version of BB creams that have been capturing many hearts from all over the world. Or could this be the BB cream you’re already using?

Why do BB (Beblesh Balm) creams are becoming more and more popular these days?

Simple. As an avid BB cream user, I can definitely say that it’s because of the many benefits it offers your skin, and not just coverage. Most BB creams have the highest SPF to protect you from the harmful UV rays, whitening properties to help eliminate those dark spots cause by acne breakouts, and anti-wrinkle benefits to smoothen those fine lines, just to name a few. So, if you love BB cream, or on your way to fall in love with one, I don’t blame you.

And although, we’ve all been there with hit-and-miss products, I am pretty sure that there’s a product out there just waiting to be found that you can call ‘the one’.

For those who are unfamiliar with BB creams, they’re what you can call the lighter version of foundations but with the added skin benefits! Basically, it gives your skin the needed TLC, not only coverage.

You never know, this brand could be ‘the one’ for you.

So, what’s SKIN79?

SKIN79 is a well-known Korean skincare and makeup brand, it is also the 1st original brand which brought the BB cream’s product into the cosmetic market.

It has already sold more than 700,000 bottles of BB cream in Korea and is also the favourite and must-use product for Korean stars. SKIN79’s products  come from organic plant-based ingredients and are truly a natural skin care brand. Long-term use will not cause any problems on the skin, and can also play a basic protective effect against acne and skin problems.

  • My skin type:  Fair skin tone – with combination/oily skin type (T-zone mainly) plus dry patches here and there. Yes, I have ’em all! And don’t even get me started with those fine lines! 😛

Main Ingredients:

  • Vital Cream – Osmopur-N and Vital-V Complex, Chamomile extracts, Arbutin, Argania Oil –  make skin looks lively & the highest SPF50+
  • Hot Pink – Tangerine Oil, Arbutin, Ceramide3, Phyto complex, Adenosine, Osmopur – has a 10-1 step solution
  • VIP Gold – Gold and Caviar and Swiss Almond Oil – skin restoration
  • Snail Nutrition –  45% of the Korean Snail Secretion Filtrate,Linaria, Peptide, Viscount tree sap – prevent skin damages
  • All four have whitening and wrinkle improvement properties.
  • For more details, please click eacb BB cream.

Next picture is the swatches of the BB — according to my arrangement above.  Taken with natural light and no enhancement applied on this picture.

Sun Protection

  • Vital BB Cream has the highest at SPF50+ PA+++
  • Followed by Snail Nutrition at SPF45 PA+++
  • Then Hot Pink BB Cream and VIP Gold BB Cream – SPF25 PA++


  • Between the four, Snail Nutrition has a very runny texture, and you could see this in the pictures above & below, how it looks like a ‘blob’ compare to others.

Quick note: Although this is not what you can call a full review post (as four to be reviewed at once would be a long one), what I’ve done is put some of the important aspects I would be looking out for as a buyer, before I purchase a BB product. 

The camera flash captured the shade for each BB cream a lot better here.

  • Vital Cream has more of a yellowish undertone, while Hot Pink has a darker undertone (more like a Honey Beige type) compare to the rest.
    Also, check out Hannah’s wonderful review on Vital BB Cream here.
  • VIP Gold is just a tad lighter than Hot Pink, however this has more of a grey-ish undertonebetween the four.
  • Snail Nutrition – surprisingly – is my favourite due to its beige-y shade, but with a peachy undertone. This seems to compliment my skin tone better, although I thought that Vital Cream would be the right one for me at first because of the yellowish undertone.

In this picture, it seems clear that Hot Pink and VIP Gold might give you the same outcome due to their shade similarity here. But I’ve put a table together to give further comparison between the four.

Vital BB cream offers a matte-finish and would suit someone with an oily skin type. I prefer Snail Nutrition as it gives you that dewy look, followed by Hot Pink, then VIP Gold.

Smell. Is it overpowering, or unnoticeable?

  • Vital Cream’s smell is very noticeable, and might be overpowering for some, especially if you’re not keen on the smell of Chamomile. I find it soothing, so I don’t really mind.
  • Next, would be the Snail Nutrition with a floral-type scent, and surprisingly pleasant to your senses. While Hot Pink and VIP Gold, both have similar bar-soap-like scent that becomes unnoticeable once you’ve applied and blended it.


So there you have it. Just another Korean BB cream brand that I’ve shared here with you!

If you ask me, SKIN79 is definitely worth a try, and if you’re unsure which shade might suit your skin tone best, why not try the miniature sets? This will give you a much better idea without having to waist a full size version, if it’s not the correct shade — plus 5g goes a long way! I’ve been using mine for a while, probably over 3 weeks or so, and I’ve not run out yet!

However, if you want to purchase the full size version, check the the picture below.

Don’t you think the packaging is just really chic? Something you wouldn’t mind carrying around and taking out in public for a quick touch up?  And you would think that prices might be sky high, but check it out, those are great prices for this type of product!

Why not have a browse and check the full details of this BB creams at

So, which one is your favourite? Or do you own a well-loved BB cream/s already? Feel free to share! We love to know your beauty secrets!

Other sources: Skin79 facebook account,


57 thoughts on “Skin79 Super Plus BB Creams: Thoughts, Pictures & Swatches

    • Hey KJ, BB creams are Beblesh Balm, although not necessarily all balm-y or has that texture. They’re like foundation but are more light weight plus give more skin benefits – basically foundation gives you only coverage (mostly,as far as I know) whereas BB creams, offer coverage as well as TLC towards your skin. CC stands for colour correcting (they’re the elements found in CC (another type of BB cream or should say the high-end version) which might have a white color, but when applied on your skin, the colored capsules present in the cream will pop (oxidize) and will become similar to you skin tone. It’s magic! hahaha.. and this is also packed with TLC benefits for your skin. Hope that helps. BB creams help my spots and other skin problems a lot since I’ve started using them.

    • heheh, it’s ok Lisa, I, too, had the same reaction before. I just did the same reply to KJ, check my reply to her question below or maybe above this comment LOL. Hun, if you’ve not tried BB creams, now is the right time hahah they’re pretty good for your skin, not only to cover any blemishes or spots and whatnot, but they provide nutrients and other benefits. 🙂

    • oh you’re right! I was under the impression that this would be too dark for me or something, but to my surprise, it gives out this peachy undertone, which I really like!

  1. I guess I prefer the regular foundations to bb cream..I’ve tried the one from maybelline and some other brand and their not so great..I use the max factor foundation that has the serum and all..doesn’t dry my face as much 🙂

    • Hey Non! Oh I know what you mean about the Maybelline one, I didn’t like it and good thing I was able to try just a sample! I wouldn’t want to waste money on it, whether it’s cheaper than the ones you see on the market. At one point, I did use CoverGirl and Victoria’s Secret’s Foundation, but later on, right after giving birth, when I used them again, I started breaking out or irritated, so I thought it was time to find a different one. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Always appreciate it! 🙂

  2. Hi dear! I guess bb creams are not for me..I’ve heard about the cc ones but I haven’t tried them yet.. I guess I’ll keep with the regular it’s summer so I’m a bit tanned and I don’t need it. Which is always a plus! I’ll try the ones you’ve recommends…your reviews are so full of details, you even put tables and compare them..:) very cool! My skin is a bit dry on the cheeks and oily on the T zone..I’m happy with the one I use form max factor 2+1 or something 🙂

  3. ive heard about the but havent tried them yet!! garnier and loreal have also their bb creams and ive heard they are good!! love the bean system!!! it makes total sense and for us who need visuals is super fun!! so by the chart def snail is the one that does the most, so tell Mr. aj’s dad that he is one cool bean!!

    • Nooo garnier it’s horrible hun! I don’t think provides to much ‘nutrients’ to your skin plus is quite heavy, don’t waste your money, try it first!
      Big virtual hug! ❤

      • I’ve heard the rumours! hahah To be honest, I’ve not tried any BB that’s been released from this side of the world, yet, and I’m straying away from it and sticking with the Korean products I’ve used. And honestly, they’re just more skin friendly and packed with nutrients! Thanks for the heads up though! hugssss xxx

    • Thanks Tianna! The pink one is I think my next favorite, and it would be perfect during the winter time for me. BB creams are awesome! You have Naruko, right?

        • I really like the Snail Nutrition one. And I never thought that Skin79 was organic-based until I started writing this post! haha, so I’m more interested in this now. I still have my Mizon CC cream, but I’m saving it over the winter, as it’s too moisturizing this summer. I really thought you were using Naruko BB, hmmm… I think I must be seeing things when I read your makeup bag post LOL.

          • yeah it does look nice! I know I jjust learned that about Skin79 from your post! Really awesome! I cant wait to try a CC cream so Im excited about your review 🙂 . Oo You’re thinking of the Naruko Anti Acne Tinted Sunscreen. Its not really a BB; its more like a TM r compexion enhancer type. They actually have an actual BB , but I’ve never tried it myself. you’re not seeing things! lol x

    • I haven’t actually! First time I’ve heard of this Herbal thing as well. I’ve tried a few samples before of Missha’s BB creams, but the grey undertone was too much for me. But I’ll check this out, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. I have tried BB creams in the past although I didn’t know much about them, your post has explained it really well! The brand I tried didn’t seem that much different from any standard foundation, but I found that the coverage on my cheeks (they are pretty rosy!) wasn’t as good as foundation. Do you think this brand would work better?

    • Thanks Hannah! I’m glad this post was helpful to you. 😉 Do you mind me asking what brand you used? Yes, some BB creams have a rosy finish- something I noticed in my Victoria’s Secret Foundation before – and the shade was supposed to be Light. I didn’t mind then, but I would mind it now! hahah. This brand seems good, especially the calibre of ingredients it has, just note that they do have fragrance in them- although it’s something not distracting, but smells nice! It might be best to try out the samples first. Any of these you think might be your shade?

      • I think it was a Nivea one? It was just a free sample that I came across. I did like the product but I just didn’t find the coverage good enough. I’m not sure about the shades, I’m blonde and would usually opt for a ‘fair’ tone.

        • Oh, never knew Nivea had one? So, I guess you want full coverage? You’re in the UK right? I can send you a free sample I have, it’s in a small sachet, and I think I have about two left unused. It’s the Vital Cream one… that’s kinda fair, but see if it’s the right one for you. There’s no point buying the full version (and I’m just being honest) if it will turn out not your right shade. This has a soothing Chamomile scent, which I actually love. Let me know if you want, and I’ll send it by post this week. 😉 Email me your details, if you want, ok?

          • I’m sure it was Nivea? I’ll see if I can find the other sample somewhere! I am in the UK, that would be fantastic if you don’t mind! I will email you the postal address 🙂 thank you for your help!

  5. i’m not one for using makeup or creams really which is probably why i don’t use BB creams either. I have heard of them and every makeup guru i know raves about them. the only thing I use is some kind of age defying cream by olay. the only reasons i use it really are 1) Edward keeps buying it and 2) it has spf 50 so it protects my skin (well, my face at least) all year long. I don’t think I would invest in a BB cream though just because I don’t feel I need coverage and it would be a waste.

    • I understand what you mean. At some point, I didn’t really care much about foundation or any creams, for that matter. That was before all the breakouts then! My skin seemed was all fine and dandy when I was pregnant and after that.. bam! just acne breakouts everywhere! Good thing, I’m passed the dark spots now, I mean there’s little here and there, but it’s not like before. Some people do feel that BB creams (some) don’t give the coverage they would want.

      • yeah when i was about 19 i finally had had enough of makeup. it was just an extra expense and i worked in a soup restaurant (so it was really hot) and by the end of the day, my makeup just melted off my face. i realized there was really no point in wearing it and i haven’t worn it since (except lipstick). my fiance met me makeup free and that’s how he prefers me. he says it makes me look younger which is always a plus 😉 but im also very grateful that he completely accepts me as i am. now that’s a keeper 🙂

        that’s unfortunate that your skin suddenly just went downhill after being pregnant. maybe it will clear up eventually? one can hope.

  6. I love this post as it really explains what BB creams are. I would hear girls on youtube say ‘use your BB cream’ but had no idea what it was and now come to think of it I have been using BB cream all along but it was just called tinted moisturiser & with SPF – is that the same as BB cream!?!? 😉

    • Thank you! Was trying to not overload (again) but felt necessary to point out the benefits of it and a little bit of info for each. Yes, BB creams are a little bit similar with tinted moisturiser (although I’ve not really used one myself now that I think about it) – although BBs provide more coverage and are more formulated to target skin problems and skin types. Basically, it will perform better than the tinted ones, in my opinion. Let me know if you’re interested, as I might be able to send some samples, need to double check first. 😉

      • Hi D!! OoOOOhh so sweet of you.
        I’m one of those girls who stands at the drug store or make-up counter & can just never tell if a shade suits me just by a smear on the chin and here in Linz I don’t think I’ve seen any BB creams unless they call it something different. I’m always afraid to purchase new foundation/tinted moisturizer products on line.

  7. Oh great review D! I really want to try one of those asian BB creams, so far I have try garnier (horrible stuff, didn’t like it), magic nude (it’s ok wouldn’t buy again) and that’s it!
    So far i’m using just a tinted moisturiser de Bobbi Brown ^^
    Big virtual hug!

    • Thank you! Let me know what shade would be suit you, I might be able to send some samples your way! Skin79 is definitely a brand I can recommend, but it’s always good to try it first,after all we have different skin needs. Wishtrend is the best place to get it too. Drop me an email if you want. 🙂

      • Oh D! that is just to sweet! thank you!!
        I’m more of a tan skin tone kind of thing ; )
        do you think ‘hot pink’ would be a good color? it looks the darkest from the group.
        Big hug! ❤

        • Yes, I was going to say, hot pink will probably be best for you. Unfortunately, I don’t have any samples for that, only have the Vital Cream one, I’ll ask if they can send me some, so for this time only, I can send some to you. I don’t mind doing it since it doesn’t really cost the Earth with shipping, plus I do recommend a lot to anyone, since they do have an excellent service plus their shipping is pretty fast. So, I’ll try if I can get the samples for you, ok?

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  10. This is so so handy, thank you!! I recently bought my first BB cream, its okay but not perfect. When it runs out I might give this one a try!! 🙂 (Unless I can come up with an excuse to buy it sooner ;)) Unfortunately though the sample set you have above isn’t on the website right now! I’ll have to keep an eye out 🙂

    • Hi! Glad you’re able to find my blog 🙂 And thanks for following.

      Oh, which BB cream have you bought? I love BB creams, I think I actually hoard them haha. These BB cream set unfortunately I think is a limited edition one, so I think that’s the reason why it’s not on the site anymore. 😦 Any particular shade you think might suit you?

  11. Me too, your blog is great and I love all the jelly beans! I found you through Hannah’s blog who also did a post on BB creams!

    I bought ‘Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB’ (I live in the UK). Oh that’s a shame! Well I really liked the look of the Snail Nutrition one, but I’m a bit put off after reading that it actually has snail secretion in!! Other than that I think its between the Hot Pink and Vital. They both sound really good 🙂 That’s why I thought the mini set would be a good idea really! But at least there is other sets to try.

    • Thank you! I love jellybeans, hahaha.
      I know what you mean about the Snail Nutrition! I had the same reaction when I first heard about it… but there’s no trace of any slimey odour LOL, just pure floral-scent type of smell, and it does really compliment my skin tone. However, if you have Hannah’s skin tone, then perhaps Vital BB cream is best for you. If you’re still interested with the limited set, I can enquire with them directly. 🙂

      • Haha well that’s good! Not that I’m sure what slime would smell like now I’m thinking about it… :p
        Yes I am the same skin tone, and do have the same problem as Hannah with red cheeks so the Vital might be best. What skin tone are you? Are you from the UK too?
        If you don’t mind I would love to know if the limited set is still available please! I think being able to test them all would be best. Also, my partner is female and she would also like to see which suits her too! Thanks so much for your help 🙂

        • Hahha, I don’t know either, and I’d rather not know what the smell is like LOL.

          Yes, I’m in the UK, too. I have a fair skin tone with yellow undertones but somehow the beige-y undertones of the Snail BB worked pretty well for me. In your case, I think Vital BB might be good since it has Chamomile extract, which means it will soothe your skin, hence it worked very well with Hannah’s skin tone as well. But trying out is definitely better than investing on a full size product. So I’ll let you know by Monday or so if they still have any of the set left at their HQ. Add me on FB so I can message you there quicker or via Twitter. 🙂

          • Haha, I liked your facebook page just before reading this! :p
            Thank you 🙂 Yes soothing sounds good! I do have some yellow in my skin too, but not sure if its strong enough to count. Yellow skin and red cheeks – not a good mix really!

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