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September: TheCharmedCupcake Featured Blogger

My first ever Featured Blogger post!

The first one to take the spot, is none other than The Charmed Cupcake by the lovely Angie! (Angela, or you can call her Ange.) When I think about it now, I’m not too sure how we found each other.

All I can remember was me drooling all over the Nutella Cupcakes post she had on her blog, plus I got even more hooked by the close up shots of the Marble Cake on Facebook. ::facepalm:: If only I could fly to Linz now and enjoy a lovely afternoon tea with Angie, I would!

And just look how we keep-intweets  with each other! I was so moved when she sent me this, especially since I really needed to smile bigger that day. 🙂

I felt like I was the owner of the Jelly Bean Factory that I felt so happy! LOL.

Thank you Angie! (that day I ate lots of jellybeans, too!)

Finally, Angie succumbed to the yumminess, and became a Sweet Jelly Bean gal! 😉

Wait… scroll more. Why? Because there’s more!

Did I tell you that I call her, the Goddess of Cupcakes? Be prepared to be charmed by her baking creations! (and grab yourself a nice hot chocolate drink, or something.)

Need I say more?

Give her your LOVE and SUPPORT wonderful readers,  for tomorrow is her BIG DAY to shine even more. She’s been bakin’ cupcakes today, for her Austrian Magazine interview tomorrow! How cool is that!

Bake away Angie, and bring us more of those mouth-watering cupcakes!

As part of being a Featured Blogger here on my little blog, I thought of asking Angie two questions about blogging. It’s always good to know what one blogger feels towards it. Here we go. 

1. What do you love about blogging?
Angie: I only started blogging 3 months ago so I’m still a newbie. But I love it as it’s an outlet where I can share my baking creations with  my fellow bloggers & the world. It also allows me to challenge myself & from my experiences I can share them on my blog in the hope that my experiences or tips & tricks can help other people.
Since starting my charmed little blog I’ve met some great bloggers & some with whom i’ve become good friends with even though we’ve never met in person. Did you ever have penpal friends around the world as a child where you would write each other letters from different parts of the world? It’s like that but only nowadays it’s with Facebook, twitter & email & these blogger ‘pen pals’ are fun, supportive & always will too offer helpful ideas.
2. Best blogging moments?
Angie: I would have to say the comments from the readers. I love love reading the comments as I know each person who comments has taken time out of their busy schedule to read the post & then type what they wanted to say. I really really appreciate this & I always get a buzz when someone comments, it’s like a little blog present each time. the readers & comments are what motivates me each time.

There you have it!  And a big thank you for those who have joined the giveaway, and for all my followers and readers, who continued to support me, post or no-post! You’ve made blogging fun, sweet, and so inspirational for this Momma Bean! And believe me, I’ve been counting your jellybeans day and night, plus I’ve yet to grab a BIG jar for all your nametags!

Now then… go get those recipes from The Charmed Cupcake, and shower her blog some of your warmth love. 

Note: Next Featured Blogger post in 3 weeks time!
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47 thoughts on “September: TheCharmedCupcake Featured Blogger

    • This is well-deserved! If it were up to me, I would not share your blog hahah, I’ll hoard all the cupcakes and all hahahha, but it’s too good not to share all your wonderful masterpieces, plus things get better when shared, I believe. 😉 Now, go back to bakin’! I’ll have some JB later, ahahha..



      • Bill, since this is probably the 4th time or more that you’ve messaged me here, I will speak to Support for you along with this message. And I would appreciate that after I’ve done this on your behalf, since it seems that you’ve not contacted them as I’ve suggested, I would prefer if you message WordPress Support for any further issues, than contacting me. I can understand your frustration as I, myself, hate being spammed, but unfortunately, it seems that the problem is from your end. You need to unfollow me. And this should stop whatever email notifications you’re getting. I don’t even know where you’re getting this since you’ve not stated even before.

    • Believe, as much as I love putting this post together, I was trying to resist not to go out just to buy myself cupcakes! hahah, Nutella one just looks to die for! Thanks for dropping by 😉

      P.S. (have you joined my giveaway, yet?

        • I’m just good at eating cupcakes hahah! I love to hang out at Muffin Break, the next best thing… and then visit Waitrose’s bakery section for some lovely sweet treats. That would be really cool! I never say no to food (for the most part LOL)

          (P.S. I tweeted u earlier, but not sure if you received it, posted your samples today first class. Hopefully you’ll get it tomorrow or Saturday – 🙂 )

  1. Thanks once again Sweeetjellybean for the lovely post and to all the new followers 🙂 just a quick update about today’s interview. It all went well but I won’t know till the end of September when the next issue comes out. My little cupcakes were all dressed and maked-up & did a fantastic job & posed for the camera 😉
    Thank you all for your support!! I’m off to celebrate with jelly bean champers 😉

    • This Momma Bean is so proud of you! I’m so glad that all went well and those cupcakes really took the spotlight, including YOU! Can’t wait for the end of September now! hahah. All I can say Angie is.. when your heart is in it, you shine! And this exactly what happened to you! Congrats again. Champers all around! 🙂

    • Awww, you definitely deserve to chillax after all the running around and bakin’, so take your time. A glass of jellybean champers won’t hurt though. 😉

  2. man! I cant bake to save my life!! everything looks so delish!! i def need to learn to do cookies that dont come from a box hahaha and cupcakes!! my daughter needs to take stuff like that to school for those bake sales and cookie days and it would be nice if I did them myself. btw! love the idea of the featured blogger! Ive been wanting to do it and asked ppl like 2 weeks ago to submit their stuff and nobody has done so 😦

    • haha, you and I need to attend some bakin’ classes! hahhaha, Perhaps Angie could share her secrets with us LOL. I only bake with Aunt Betty’s help, and I got told off by AJ’s Dad since ya know, it wasn’t the healthiest hahah.

      Huh? How come I didn’t know about this?? I would have submitted something!!! Where is it? Show me the way to this post! Dale. hahah.

      P.S. I have something that has to do with you.. might post it later after finishing my other post. (::grin::)

    • ohh.. I’m doing this for you already mi amiga!!! heheh, just didn’t have the chance to let you get a peek…;-) I was going to post it yesterday, but didn’t have the time, and today, I’m still finishing a post, I wanted to do… hang on, let me message you on facebook LOL.

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