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So, where else can I ‘FOLLOW’ Y♥u?

It only takes one touch of a button these days to ‘follow’. The type of ‘stalking’ everyone is buzzing about in the blogosphere and outside this zone. And now is your chance to ‘plug’ your links in the comments section, so I can follow Y♥U!

What inspired me to write this post was the two successful Twitter chats (#HFT3) hosted by none other than Dee from – our Twitter chat master. 😉

A fun interaction and valuable info shared, are just some of the things you will experience if you decide to join the gang! Next twittering will be on Tuesday, and Dee will have all the details on her blog. 🙂

In addition to the above, I’ve also learned through reading others blog posts that having consistency when writing a post, setting your blog’s layout, and what username you use when ‘connecting out there’ is very important. Having the same username for each social networking sites will make it easier for others to find you, or recognize you. I must say though, that it’s always a challenge when someone already picked your preferred username and you have to make something different! 

While there’s no surprised that Facebook and Twitter are, for most of us, our ‘go to’ haven, either to mingle or simply send short and sweet remarks to others. Apparently, I talk too much for Twitter, I need to TwitLonger! ha ha

 So the question now is, do you follow, when I follow?

The choice is always yours, my blogger friend. 😉

We’re all bound to succumb to the buzzling world of social networking, hence WP peeps already have some of these widgets ready for us, just waiting to be added on our blog.  

And since we’ve already come this far, why don’t I introduce you to all the ‘huddle sites’ I’ve joined so far – and perhaps, you can join me?

Here they are…


  • Apart from having a personal Facebook account of which I mainly use when commenting, I also have a Facebook Page for, and yes you’ve been really generous with your Likes, and I wouldn’t mind to have more. 😉 Just check out my sidebar to do so 😉 ——->

(Facebook icon by Helen Gizi – visit her blog on


Tweet me and I sure will tweet you back!

  • And for those who ‘talk to much’ for Twitter, you can use TwitLonger. Thanks to KJ from, who searched the web and shared this with us.

(Twitter icon by Mirjami Manninen from


  • This is the site that captured me the second time I gave it one more glance. Why? If you love ‘filtering’ pictures and making them stand out, then you would love this photo-sharing program, and this will end up on your list of ‘the social networks I love’.

(Instagram icon from


Let’s pin it together

  • There’s no such thing as too many pins, or too much pinning on this site! The joy of coming across something very interesting and being able to repin it on ‘your board’ is so convenient. Not only you get to have it, but you’re also connecting with the previous pinner. Pinterest, basically, is a way of saying, I like what you like, Thank you – I appreciate this, or Wow, this really made me laugh — pinning it now!

(Pinterest icon by Kira at


You love to tumblr?

  • I never understood the whole concept of this site before… but now that I’ve paid attention and looked really into it, I think it could actually work as another way of getting your blog out there. Tumblr offers some neat layouts, different formats to compliment any post you want, and lots of free themes to choose from. And like many other social networks sites, you can Like, as well as reblog someone else’s post.

(Tumblr icon via

  • The name says it all. It’s for us bloggers! A place to share, meet, and connect with the rest of the blogging community – they even got a blogger’s directory! This is another outlet to share your blog, as well as ideas, by joining little forums, or setting up a new one of your own to encourage others to get involved. There’s also a voting system, the option of adding a friend, as well as following someones’ blog. You also get to showcase your posts here where people can comment, or vote for it if they want.  
  • My only quibble is, when I had my old blog before and I wanted to delete that account there, I could not contact anyone! I sent an email to cyberspace, but unlike a boomerang, it never came back with a reply. I got frustrated and ended up making another one instead.

And last but not the least…

Follow on Bloglovin

  • You love a blog from different platforms, so what’s the easy way to follow all of them? Bloglovin’!
  • It’s a pretty straightforward sign up, whilst you also have an option to set the frequency on how often you receive an email updates on the blogs you follow.
  • From a blogger’s point of view, I just don’t understand as to why there’s no option of knowing who’s following you. Why is that? Anywho, I didn’t really look into this further, and just left it at that. After all, if you love my blog, you’ll follow me here, right? Right? (LOL)

So, how do you feel about becoming a ‘social’ maven in the world wide web? Are you up for it? How do you think this would affect your blogging habits?

And finally, the real question really is, can you keep up with all of it?

Share your thoughts, ideas, or any more sites you think other readers might be interested to know.

(Don’t forget to check the comments ↓ section as other bloggers have contributed their thoughts on this, too!)



38 thoughts on “So, where else can I ‘FOLLOW’ Y♥u?

  1. I need some more points here too =). I have shared with the world everything I have, and now what do I have left, the World ( I will put this quote in my blog later =), you inspired me again, thanks Donah).


    • Hey KC! I’ve been counting your jellybeans, and it’s lookin good! 😉 Aww, so cool to hear that I inspire someone as inspirational as you to me! Have a great Saturday my blogger friend 🙂

    • Drop her a line, or two Leslie, or you can comment her and tell us what confuses you (and I’ll drag her here to reply to your comment hahah) It’s actually fun, you would love it! 😉

  2. WOW!! Information overload, you really are a true blogger. I didn’T even know there was such a thing as TwitLonger – thanks for sharing this and thanks KJ 🙂
    With so much social media out there I’m not sure I can keep up hahahha don’t know how you do it – thumbs up to you D 😉

    • I had a feeling I was overloading LOL and I happened to overload you hahah. We had this discussion last Tuesday on how to promote your blog further, and I thought it was long overdue to do this social-o-matic post LOL. Believe me Angie, I can’t keep up with it. And what’s good with all these sites I’m using is that, they get updated instantly whatever I post her on WP, meaning they’re not high maintenance at all! Try it out 😉

      • Networkblogging I think is also similar to Bloglovin. Like you said it gets updated automatically through WP providing you set it up correctly from the start. But now I realise with my set-up I have WP and Networkblogging connected to my facebook so my blog posts always shows up twice on fb. I will have to cancel 1 or the other.

        • Oh, I had a feeling that you’re talking about the one on Facebook. Yes, I know what you mean about posting twice! I had to cancel mine, too! I’m not sure now… I guess I should just cancel the one connected on my blog, now that I think about it. I’ll share some cool stuff on how to prettify your Facebook page here at some point 😉 inspired by one of my fave DIY blogger! Thanks for bringing this up… I’ll find you at Networkblogging then, 😉

  3. twitter master hahah thats too cute!! you guys are too kind!! Im soooooooo beyond happy that the twitter parties are bringing inspiration, answering questions and leading us to learning about different things! I couldnt be more excited and grateful for all the support received!!!
    you know?, I didnt know you had tumblr!! Ive had mine for a while and loveeee it!!! and I love this post! you know Im a big fan of: Let’s add each other!!
    Twitter Party Every Tuesday 9pm(UK)/9pm(Miami)6PM(L.A)/11AM(AU)
    Hashtag: #HFT3 Place:
    We are going global!! LOL

    • He he, no, I don’t actually. Only Twitter and Facebook, then the rest, I leave them as it is, since my posts get publicized there automatically, without me doing anything. So it’s kinda cool.

      • I see. For me, murag kapoy man gud kaayo daghan kaayo nga mga sites ang i-maintain.. Hehehe.. I used to have Myspace, Tagged, and Plurk, but now, I don’t even remember that my accounts in those sites exist. Hehehe! FB and Twitter, FTW! =)))

        • I know what u mean.. kapoy jud LOL. Hence, I’ve connected them to my .com site so WP gets to do the job hahah. Ako pod I had Myspace, Friendster (even) before and just decided to delete all of them. Too many to keep up with. Let’s stick to twittering for now hahah

  4. Wow this is really good info! But I have a few questions if I might ask to any of you, you might know. If we already have a blog in wordpress, isn’t it a whole new starting process to create a blog in, or in Tumblr, or are we talking about tools that allow us to share what we actually post in wordpress? or you just use the whole platforms…? Or you have a main platform as wordpres and from there you manage the rest?
    For example, I am using wordpress, but I also share the same content in facebook pages and twitter. Because these sites allow me to do that.
    Is it the same with Tumblr, Blogger, and Bloglovin? or I actually need to create from zero the same blog that I am doing in wordpress?
    Sorry for the hundreds of questions, it’s just I am not sure how they really work..
    Thanks for showing us the light in the tunnel! LOL


    • Hey Gim! Thanks for dropping by. I’ll do my best to answer your questions. And don’t worry, I asked the same questions before, too!
      Tumblr, Blogger & Bloglovin is exactly the same thing as Facebook or Twitter. Meaning, whatever your published on WP, it gets posted there, too – automatically. As far as I know and what I’ve seen with mine. So there’s no high maintenance needed or starting up a new blog. I guess I should point this out in this post, since I’ve not mentioned it. My apologies. is actually kinda cool because you just connect your blog, they verify it, and that’s it. You can participate in discussions there or if you’re lucky, get pick as Editor’s Pick of the Day. Bloglovin, is much more straightforward, and if you wanna check it out, give it a go. The same thing applies for Tumblr. The one thing I like about Tumblr is, if you’re on Instagram, you can share your pics only post on Instagram to your Tumblr account. So it won’t be all WP posts on your Tumblr account. And all you need to keep doing is blog here at WP. And that’s it. Hope this helps. Any questions, fire away!

      • Thank you very much for the details Donah! So, sounds quite good actually, I guess It works same way as publiclize? That is great! Not much work to do, and more time to create new posts 🙂

        I currently do not have iphone, nor mobile phone (I have been travelling without mobile for the last 6 months and I didnt need it, how free is that? lol) so I understand that Instagram works only with that right?

        Thanks again for your kindness and info! Have a great weekend full of jelly beans 🙂

        • You’re welcome Gim! Yes, definitely works like Publicize with the extras.:-) Oh wow, kudos to you for travelling around with no phone! That’s so great! No more phone bills! Yes, unfortunately, Instagram seems to only with phones, which to be honest, it would have been better if they’ve made it available to pc users, too! More fun!

          Have a great weekend to you as well, sending you virtually a big jar full of jellybeans! 😉

  5. Dear Donah,

    It’s inspiring to have your presence in almost every corner on the Web. However, is it possible for one to maintain so many platforms without losing sight? Will one be drowned by so many fantastic sites? Wouldn’t it be better to have very limited dominant sites, instead of spreading oneself thinly?

    I’ve been asking myself, “Do I have the time to do so many things?” As I don’t, at the moment, I restrict myself to very limited sites that I’ve created.

    I’m pleased that you’re energetic and you manage so well with so many sites. Your creativity is awesome. Your sites all look absolutely beautiful! Well done, Donah!

    • Hello Janet!
      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate it. You are right with your questions, hence I asked the same thing at the very end. Can we keep up with it? I, too, asked myself the same thing before, hence I didn’t really bother with the rest apart from Twitter & Facebook. But when I realize that the sites I have below, actually worked the same as Publicize, my mind changed. This obviously excludes Pinterest and Instagram. But the rest, you don’t have to do anything about them, since all you do is set it up, and once it gets connected to your main blog, all your posts will get transmitted towards there. Some, don’t actually have their WP blogs and have chosen to write on a different platform, and following, sometimes can get very difficult this way. As for maintenance, there’s not much really, and I’m still getting in the mood with Instagram as well.

      Thanks again Janet! By the way, I saw Ben’s blog, too 🙂

  6. I really enjoyed reading this post! Full of good infos. I’m on twitter, facebook, pinterest, bloglovin’, IFB and instagram :-D. In reality, I don’t work a lot for all of it. Switching on the publicize mode on wordpress the platform does something for me. I try to tweet and to add constantly my facebook page. I share there my instant mood and feelings, it is a more direct way to communicate. Bloglovin’ is a bit complicated because it is difficult to be followed, but it is very useful for blog hosted by different platform and I have my favorite. As you said I can’t understand why it is impossible to know the identity of your followers. Probably because you subscribe my mail. In anycase are you there? enjoy your saturday night!

  7. Awesomeness! You really busy with all of this. I can only manage my twitter, my two blogs and Pinterest (I’m following you now! My pic is Micky Mouse;) and I’m not allowed to be on Facebook (I believe my dad has an account there and checks every so often) besides I’m not too sure I want to due to stuff I hear happening. What’s this TwitLonger thingy? I don’t see anything on her blog 😦 I hope you’re enjoying the weather over there, lol 😛

    • Not really busy, but it looks like I am. hahaha I don’t manage all of them. WP does it mostly, due to the same Publicize method that applies to most of these sites. Oh, Imma check your Pinterest out! Thanks!
      I know what you mean about Facebook, believe me, all of the friends I have there are just peeps connected to this blog, and that’s about it! Facebook is a great tool, even I now realized that, but people give it a bad, bad image!
      TwitLonger is another app you can use to tweet longer stuff hahah,the only downside is you can’t tag people, so it’s really like writing on Facebook without being able to address it specifically to someone else.

      Take care my sugary friend!

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