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Sisterhood Award! And this one’s for you!

It’s that time again to give a big shout out to the awesome bloggers in the blogosphere! Why? Because they make blogging worthwhile! Please cheer for them and give them your love and support!

Finally, the time has come to share another award – the Sisterhood World of Bloggers Award,  bestowed by Nizy at! Regardless of how late this post is, please know that I am really grateful that you’ve thought of me and included me in your nominations. This is such an honor for someone like me who’s only been blogging for 5 months, but is already receiving so much warmth and love, enough to melt the North Pole! Please accept my sincerity and gratitude.  Blog awards is always an opportunity for me to give the biggest shout out to all the bloggers that made a big difference to my blogging journey.

So, without further adieu, here they are! (drum roll pleaseeeee)

In no particular order, the 7 nominees are:

Renee, your recent comment on awards post and how life gets busy at times, really stayed in me, hence I put an effort to finally put this award post together. And for that, I thank you.

Dee, I know you’ve been awarded this, but I thought, you definitely deserve to be given one from ME! sistah! ha ha. Why? Well, you inspire me, you make me laugh (and cry) and you really give me great ideas! And yes, RPI rules! LOL

KJ, you have a very understanding heart. You’re always willing to listen and also you interact with everybody without expecting anything in return. For that, I really enjoy your company, whether during our twitter chats, FB chats, or on our blogs. Thank you so much for mentioning me twice! on your blog.

Liss, where do I start? For the love and support you’ve showered me in a very short span of time we’ve known in the blogosphere, I can’t thank you enough! I do hope to meet you in the real world one day since we’re not really that far! Then our babies can play! 🙂

Angie, the Goddess of Cupcakes! I always pretend to get lost in her site just so I could ogle those mouthwatering cupcakes creation she has over there again, and again!! And Angie is now officially a JB gal – see this post to know why.

Lisa, a very sweet and supportive blogger! We share lots of interests when it comes to anime! hahah Yes, I still have what you guys called my inner child.  Thank you so much for all the tweets, Likes support on Facebook, and everywhere else we bump into each other!

Tianna, is uber kind and thoughtful. And I would never forget the gesture she did before when I won the giveaway! It was something worth remembering, and made me believe that there are still really nice people out there that would go the extra mile for you!

Now, the rule is to nominate seven others, and since I’ve been disobeying rules in my last post :-s, I want to be a good Momma Bean this time ;-). However, don’t have a frown-y face if I’ve not mentioned you here. Because, I still  have at least 7 more different awards coming your way! And I do take this seriously, and nominate those who have really made a difference, not only to me  but to my fellow bloggers, too!

And the seven secrets about myself – well, won’t be secrets anymore!

1. When I was in high school, my dream career was to become a newscaster!

2. I had a hair-dying disaster years ago that I accidentally turned my hair ombre style! It’s a trend now, but not before!

3. I’ve watched all Shrek movies, and pretty much know all the lines LOL (It’s because AJ loves them, honest!)

4. I could listen to Bruno Mars allll day!

5. I love kimchi!

6. I can’t wear heels anymore! I would just end up tripping over every step I make!

7. You can ask me a (nice) question 😉 😛

There you have it! Little things about me.

Now then, give more love and support to these wonderful bloggers, who will make blogging worthwhile for you! Check out their blogs!


33 thoughts on “Sisterhood Award! And this one’s for you!

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  2. awwwwwww blushed frugalista here!!! momma bean!! you know we sistas alright!! this is a very special award bc it means that its not only about the blog but also about the people making it and that makes it extra special! I humbly take it and send it back to you with tons of hugs!!!
    now: dont think i missed the ask me a question part. If you were given the chance to go back to a past era, who would you choose to be? 😉

    • awww, thanks Dee! I feel so happy I’m able to share the award with you, you really deserved it!

      about the question: hmmm.. hard one since I don’t know any important figures before or anyone for that matter that I would want to be… however, if I did have the chance to go back to the past, I still want to be me but just born in Colombia, so AJ’s Dad and I could meet a lot sooner hahahha – and obviously, I might see you there, too!

  3. Congratulations Donah 🙂 and thank you soooo very much for nominating me!! I’m blushing too 😉
    Will definitely pass the award on once I get a chance, I have two other awards to pass on too so I hope to get to them all soon.
    Having a champer jelly bean to celebrate 😉 cheers

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